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What does FOI mean?

FOI is a misunderstood acronym in the US as well as in Europe, and most everywhere else across the globe.

FOI does not simply mean Freedom of Information… but it means the Right to be an Informed Citizen. FOI means that the citizens — You and I – have the Right to access any information that was created using the Treasury, or any form of Public Wealth.

FOI means that we should have access to all Information that could make our lives better.

One can only imagine what type of information lay dormant inside the NASA, NOOA, DOD, US Army, Navy, Air Force, and the EU, and UN as well as the regional national government computers?

In semantics Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech, a fundamental human right recognized in international law, which is today understood more generally as freedom of expression in any medium, be it orally, in writing, print, through the Internet or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression.

Freedom of information also refers to the right to privacy in the context of the Internet and information technology. As with the right to freedom of expression, the right to privacy is a recognised human right and freedom of information acts as an extension to this right. Lastly, freedom of information can include opposition to patents, opposition to copyrights or opposition to intellectual property in general.  The international and United States Pirate Party have established political platforms based largely on freedom of information issues.

In 2010 Hillary Clinton, speaking on behalf of the United States, declared ‘we stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas’. In her ‘Remarks on Internet Freedom’ she also draws attention to how ‘even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable’, while reporting President Barack Obama’s pronouncement ‘the more freely information flows, the stronger societies become’

Of course that was before Edward Snowden through his extensive whistleblowing put the lie to the test… but the fact remains: ‘The more freely information flows, the stronger societies become’

Now I ask: Why is it that trillions of dollars are pumped into the departments of defence from the US and all other countries, every year?

Why is it that we don’t know where these investments lead in the way of information?

You would think that we have the right to know what is happening on our planet with regards to the scientific and technological breakthroughs that the worlds top scientists are making, wouldn’t you?

How can we ever have transparency when the NSA, along with all national security apparatuses, the CIA, and all the conglomerates that make up the security, military, industrial complex, continue to create perceptions that plunge you in a state of fear, change your awareness imperatives, and cause your occasional apathy, or “controlled” empathy, by psychologically manipulating your mind and emotions through feeding you false information and even by regulating your newsstream of main media and of your Facebook newsfeed and timeline, so they can control your emotions, and target your responses to all external stimuli?

You must have felt sick, when the Facebook run the “stealth” experiment designed to regulate your emotions. Far worse than Orwell or Huxley would have imagined, this dystopian experiment is still running on FB and is causing you to consume always more and more antidepressants and anti-schizoid drugs. Welcome to a “Soma” driven humanity always On always on Prozac and Paxil seeking to medicate imaginary illnesses.

Facebook is running not an experiment but a regular feature that is ruining your very Life. It is ruining your everyday reality and destroying your emotions. It is the News Media experience from the Rupert Murdoch controlled media that is now evolving over in your digital life and it controls you and your emotions in order to make you a pathetic human being as your Facebook does still through your “edited” and “directed” stream of news, views, events, and comments, so that you can have a predetermined response.

A pavlovian dog response through conditioning is what they want. Guess who is the ‘dog’  responding to the bell ringing always in a predictable FB pattern and see how you respond in all the prescribed ways.

Measure your emotional health and your state of awareness every time an aeroplane falls off the sky. Your response is measured elsewhere too and Facebook is a prime tool now to not only measure you reactions, but to regulate those  reactions as well, because they now control your emotions.

A far better and scientific way to control you than launching a totalitarian state. You can still sleep soundly at night thinking that you live in a Democracy.

By the way…

Do you now know who Pavlov’s dog is?

It’s “You” my friend.

The “You” that gets triggered each and every time the kind of news that ‘wakes-up” those “emotions” comes across your Facebook news feed.

Do you understand that?

You responded to the “bell” and you got triggered…. You thus became an automaton. A practical idiot.

So please watch your emotions when you see all these things going on… and become dispassionate. Regain your inner calm. Observe the observer…

Observe carefully, because you are the guinea pig on the FB where all the people are already used as products whether they like it or not.

Even your face mug is owned by the evil FB runners who see you as a token to be passed around endlessly from governments to control you, to advertisers to ply their wares to you and for all “nannies” official and unofficial to baby you to sleep.

That is the society that FB promotes across the world’s 1,3 Billion people who have an account at the evil Facemug network.

They create a state of heightened awareness to you in order to receive all the news that’s fit to unsettle you. To disturb you. To cause you to react in a predetermined way. And thus in a self feeding loop, they “create” events that justify a constant state of insecurity in your mind that leads to acceptance of war & mayhem, that in turn brings further insecurity and causes the subservience of our Democracy to their agenda — an agenda, that causes total curtailment of our Liberty?

So where is the FREEDOM in the Freedom of Information?

Where is my LIBERTY dude?

The bastards that perpetuate this travesty, obviously have a need to project insecurity in order to create a state of fear that requires “national security”

The infamous 9/11 for example, can also be seen as a false flag terrorist attack and a red herring that was allowed to proceed because it was seen as useful…

Naturally it was used to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and to create the largest American increase in Homeland and National Security the world has ever seen.

And this justified making almost all government data and information secret too. From an era of Enlightenment we went to an era of darkness. Alas, this has been the downfall of America too. Because this is the backbone of secrecy, it provides only one outcome. A tunnel vision that leads to further justification to keep scientific, technological and paradigm shifting developments and information concealed from the scientific community and the researchers and by extension to all of the human race.

Because the Security types only have a hammer and thus see everything as a nail…

And thus the terrorists seem to have won. Because they plunged us in a State of Darkness that they so aspire too… Look at them shooting a 14 year old girl Malala, and so many other young girls in Afghanistan to prevent them from reading and going to school to be educated.

Serious bastards want to keep all the human race in the dark but what about the rest of us beings of Light and Hope that seek more light and glory in the name of science and human advancement?

I have this to say:

Why turn off the Light?

We are better than that…

Or as Robert Kennedy used to say:

“The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweigh the dangers that are cited to justify them. There is a very grave danger, that an announced need for an increase need for security, will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of censorship and official secrecy. This is not what I intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control”    – JFK

It’s a rather serious matter because today according to our best estimates, more than half of all U.S. government records are classified. For an archivist seeking to preserve and understand our history, that means most of our history is kept secret from us, Think about that for a moment. 

And am not just saying this but any important authority on government & public data, on information systems, as well as those savvy enough on Big data, and Cloud knowledge architecture, support this estimate fully.

Now you might ask and shrug at the same time: Is this important to me?

I have this to say in response:

Is the free and unfettered access to the Internet important to you?

Is the freedom to visit a public library and do research on the subject of your education or special interest or even personal science, important to you?

Would you rather have all the information you can see edited without your knowledge?

Do you even know how little it is that you can see from the total that’s out there?

Now I’d like to ask you:

Do you know what type of information is hidden from You?




What information is hidden from You — Jon Public – is crucial to your Life.

Do you understand that?

Otherwise it wouldn’t be hidden from your eyes.

You get that?

So I believe that You will have to ask your government to turn the dial towards Liberty.

Basic Liberty demands Freedom of Information.

‘The more freely information flows, the stronger societies become’

That is what we call FOI


Now you are informed.

You can now stand up.

One amongst the masses of blind mice.

A visionary.

Come on go ahead, stand up and be counted amongst the leaders.

The pioneers.

The leaders amongst the very few who “know” the story of Life.

You are now a leader.

Live and lead like it.

God bless…

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | July 19, 2014

Democracy Redux & The Pursuit of Liberty

Here my friends, is an Author’s draft of my new book to be published this Autumn… with the thirteen early chapters and the outline of the whole.

Enjoy and share discreetly….

Book Title:

Meditations of Liberty seeking a balance with Democracy in a vastly diminished Modern World where human beings have regained their comfortable Serfdom…

Supporting Quotes:

“A much needed erudite treatise on the future of the pressing debate between Liberty & Democracy. A must read companion for leaders. Liberty trumps all”
–Paul Theroux

“This book offers the definitive debate between Liberty & Democracy in the European Continent’s quest for Prosperity, Security, and Growth, and it’s overall impact on the World”
–Richard Dawkins

“This is the seminal work on Democracy and Liberty, revisited today after 2,500 years of experiential application of this innovation of government. Government by the people, from the people and for the people, as seen from the perspective of the twin truths: Liberty & Democracy ”
–Anthony Giddens

“A Book whose time has come. In it Dr Kroko reflects the values of Liberty and Democracy in gutsy story telling as if Hemingway met Hunter Thompson and together took a savage Journey to the Heart of the dream of Liberty and Democracy. Pano helps us travel and see those difficult lives we lead when we are more Serfs than Free and when we forget that we are the guardians of our Future. An essential work-book for Leaders and Sustainable Society and Economy Philosophers alike. Well Done.”
-Jeffrey Sachs


This is a new book from Dr Kroko aimed at the leadership class of humanity. In it he presents a synopsis of thoughts, dialogues, meditations, and original economic pieces, on Democracy and Liberty.
It is a Philosophical and an economic handbook about the instructive current practice of LIBERTY VS DEMOCRACY as seen in the Economics of Europe, China, and the US, and told by a True Leader as Dr Kroko is described by Forbes and Economist magazines. Dr Pano Kroko is the current Chairman of the European Democratic Party, and acting Chairman of the Global Environmental Parliament, as well as a legendary Innovator, Entrepreneur, and Inventor of Personal Democracy and of Politics 2.0 for the twin truths of Liberty & Democracy.
Let’s read this book together in order to look with clear eyes, at the deficit of Liberty we have in this Modern Era and thus manage to understand where our current version of Democracy or lack thereof, has taken us.
If you are a leader, it is a necessity to read this book. Same is if you are a governor, or a governing bureaucrat, who is able to think freely and impact the current State of Liberty and Humanity.
And if you happen to live under a Democratic Rule in this world increasingly turning authoritarian, you are in luck because this book really helps you see the connections between Liberty’s and Democracy’s future, and guides you to action.
Reading this book you can actually become an endowed Leader and help lead your people out of the desert. But like Moses you must bring Liberty and Democracy together even if it takes forty years of wandering the deserts of selfless Leadership.
Follow Dr Kroko’s example and bring the two together, because they are intertwined. And when we think of the future of our world and the balance between Liberty & Democracy, these two are also interlinked in the practice of the Federal Experiment that is Europe today.
Dr Kroko says that he wrote this book because Humanity is suffering at present without enjoying the birthright of Liberty and the mature right of Democracy – is doomed.
But he confided to us that his real wish is to share his thoughts with the Leaders of today and tomorrow, fully hoping that the educated masters of the Art of Governance and Leadership, will know how to LEAD justly, how to balance the rules of Liberty and Democracy, and how to tread securely for an emergent tomorrow.
His advise to Leaders is to read this book with an Open Heart and an Open Mind, and to go out and lead by governing similarly, receiving much needed guidance from the heart.
As John Quincy Adams said: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more – you are a Leader”
This book is a guiding light for Leaders and for the practitioners of Democracy, but it is not a book for the wider audience of serfs, because the television addicted masses do not seem to have any interest in their long lost Liberty. And of course they have similarly forsaken their Democracy, having traded both of the Twin Values, for the pursuit of comfort in order to be able to watch the Reality unfold in their television sets.
And although this seminal work is easily read as simple “stories” parlayed in the midst of our Human Experience, it is clearly addressed to the Leaders, elected or unelected, professional or accidental, private or public, who can read between the lines and see the metaphors, aphorisms, and hidden messages addressed to the heart and spread out throughout this amazing book.
Generally this book is called a Leadership book, aimed at the Prime Ministers, at the Presidents, at the CEOs and the Chairmen, and towards all the Leaders of Government operations and organizations in all of our lives, in all sectors of society, and in the boardrooms of the corporate and political world.
Dr Kroko wrote this book in this form because of his strong belief in Liberty, being the birth right of every human being. And we remember this right that we had as children, although we forgot too easily. Liberty is a human right we all share but we also all too often surrender when we allow those inferiors who happen to govern us in fear, and through insecurity, and thus seek to curtail our own Liberty in order to allay their own primal fears. This is a never ending vicious cycle of diminishment for the LEADERS and the subjects alike. But above all it is a dimming of the Special Light human beings carry as the Enlightened species of this planet we call Earth and inhabit as our masterful home amongst the Stars.
Stardust born humans cannot be slaves. Liberty is the birthright and don’t you forget it. No Righteous Leader wants to lead slaves. Because at the end of the day, a leader of serfs is a bottom end slave too. A Leader who himself is unable to govern freely is the poorest slave of the lot. A slave to fear and paranoia and a person unable to govern justly.
Only a jailer seeks to govern slaves. And unfortunately today we have more jailers than Freedom loving human Leaders.
So read this book and refashion yourself as a leader of Free people, who seeks Liberty as part of our birthright and as the originating quality that can lead a Society towards Grace and Greatness.
And Dr kroko is adamant about this inalienable truth: “Democracy without Liberty is not worth living”
Simple as that.
The two are inseparable twins and need to be allowed to encompass our lives as such. For the good of both the Society and the Benevolent Leader. For the good of Democracy and Liberty.
Because you can’t have one without the other.
You can ignore Liberty at the expense of Democracy and both you and the citizens will be diminished to the point of slavery.
Similarly You can ignore Democracy at the expense of Liberty and create a government in order to govern over a society of selfish serfs.
Sooner or later it will be a dismal failure.
And in both cases You – the Leader will be at fault.
You will fail the people and society and you will diminish the light of all humanity. This Truth is self evident and you cannot claim ignorance, because the future does not forgive any Leader who claims ignorance.
The constant drift of our Democracies of Europe and America towards a totalitarian form of governance is evident in the surveillance we are all being put through each and every moment of our lives. The NSA debacle and the UK and Europe’s equivalents are enough to send chills down the spine of a dead Libertarian let alone this very much alive Liberty worker. As Edward Snowden the American whistleblower famous for blowing the whistle on the NSA, and now on America’s most wanted list says: “It may be that by watching everywhere we go, by watching everything we do, by analysing every word we say, by waiting and passing judgment over every association we make and every person we love, that we could uncover a terrorist plot, or we could discover more criminals. But is that the kind of society we want to live in? That is the definition of a security state.”
The world remains more dangerous than George Orwell imagined not because of the real threats but by the response of the leaders and our Security Apparatus to the imaginary fears they propagate in order to gain more capital and value from our societies. Understand this and then not only You’ll be a better leaders but you’ll also be able to understand Benjamin Franklin when he says that: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither”
This maxim holds true today for the leaders much more than for the followers. Still today those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither and they don’t deserve to be Leaders of Free people living in a Democracy either.
A Leader has to be an adept and able to adapt. Being an adept of the subtle art of intuitive flexible Leadership and able to adapt to leading with an open heart. Adaptation and flexibility go hand in hand.
And there is no more flexible human leadership endeavor than a fluid, upfront, and personal Democracy. This is my take on the Politics 2.0 and once we see ourselves, our Democracy, and our Liberty, with these new eyes – we’ll be able to Lead as well as Moses once did. From the heart and with the power of the Divine Sun guiding your steps forward under the light of the everlasting sun.
After reading this book, You shall be able to see the world anew as the poet always says.
“To see a world in a grain of sand. And a Heaven in a wild flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour.” –William Blake

Section A: State of Liberty reflects the State of Democracy

1) Europe needs to wake up and see what it is doing to Democracy and to the rest of the World
2) State of Fear
3) Is there Democracy where it started?
4) Is Europe a Democracy?
5) Democracy Now — Greece is Lost
6) ”Democracy is very fragile. Like a candle it’s never ever more than one gust of wind away from extinction. We don’t pass it on to our children in the bloodline. Instead every time and every generation must fight for it, protect it, and hand it to others to do the same.” –Pano Kroko
7) What Happened to Europe? Democracy and the bankers
8) Turkey’s Love changing the world for Democracy because of a bunch of trees…
9) 2 Democracy Anniversaries in Photographs 天安门周年
10) DEMOCRACY ALOUD — Begging out the VOTE — Oil Power Money — No Recession for Politics
11) On this Anniversary of Waterloo — Let’s think Liberty
12) Eurosceptics VS Europeans United
13) Habeas Corpus

Section B: The state of Democracy reflects the state of Liberty

14) Magna Carta

Section C: The State of Federal Europe today reflects the State of Liberty and Democracy


Section D:


Section E:


Section F:
“In my meandering walk through this life, I never found a better companion than Liberty” –Dr Pano Kroko

==== ==== ===== ===== ====== ======= ========= =========


Hey there,
Good news.
I’ve got a new book for you…
It’s called: DEMOCRACY REDUX “A debate on the future of the European Continent, Liberty, Democracy, and it’s impact on the World”
Dr Kroko wrote this book because Europe needs to wake up and see what it is doing to Democracy and Liberty, in the name of Economics, and what it’s impact is to the rest of the World.

A world thirsty for Liberty.

A world thirsty for Democracy.

A world seeking meaning and purpose in Life through Jobs, Hope and Opportunity.

In short, a world yearning to be freely and democratically governed, and purposefully driven …

And of course we want to share it with you so you can play with it’s ideas and get back to us with yours.
So keep on reading…
On Behalf of The Democracy Institute,
–Rudy Wallace.

Main Book:
“Man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains” –Jean Jacques Rousseau, French leading philosopher and writer whose novels and ideas inspired the leaders of the French Revolution [b.1712 – d.1778]

Europe needs to wake up and see what is doing to Democracy, Liberty and to the rest of the world

I’ve got some old timers friends of mine who get together in the local every afternoon — and don’t mince their words because they know the end is nigh. And they tell me their truth, without any bit of rancor and without mean feelings. They all have this to say about Europe, Liberty, and Democracy. They say this forcefully when they gang up on me and treat me like the junior student that needs to be schooled amidst the Grey Ghosts.
They drill into me this and ask me to take the fight to Brussels and Berlin, just as surely as they did some sixty plus years ago. The thing is they might be right. Some sixty-seven years ago, Churchill and De Gaulle huddled and conceived together of the United States of Europe.
This was on the eve of the Great European World War and they knew the challenges this world would face hence. Still, they had the smarts, the gumption, and the fortitude, to fight unflinchingly and win that war. And look what a mess we’ve done of it since and see where it is that we are now. We again are under the German bloody boots again throughout Europe in a grey nameless occupation called financialization through Germany’s European Occupation Loans.
Maybe as the old timers say, it’s time to don the kit, grab the arms, and join the unit, to go fight all over again…
Cause sixty years after the Schuman Declaration came into being, what is left today of the European ideal is shambles. Asses and ashes, with a whole lot of institutions built on top. That’s all…
Ahh … and topping the FKK cake is pudgy Angela swirling like a ballerina. Mind you the pudgy dancer on top is the cherry on an otherwise unremarkable black forest chocolate pudding representing Berlin’s hegemony with a bit of bestiality thrown in for good measure like the nuts in the pudding.
At the pub my old friends always say: We didn’t fight and shed blood to win the war against the bloody thick Krauts of the Third Reich, so that we have to fight the Fourth Reich once again.
I’ve got nothing to answer to this one.
I only say these are the fortunes of war and peace. Sometimes You lose the war in peacetime. And maybe the see-saw of history is like the football leagues. You don’t stay on top of the league year after year without having to earn the pole position each and every year through bitter contest and solid play.
So that’s how I appease the old timers, but with geezers like you — I haven’t got to spell it out. Because methinks you get it. But in the non sporting world, the world of politics and Leadership, the question remains: How come we have allowed this to happen to Europe today?
And perhaps more importantly, How come we have allowed this to happen to Democracy and her twin sister Liberty?
And what future does the European Union have?
What nasty future is to behold for Europe and it’s citizens now that together, they have fallen prey to the professional shills and shysters otherwise known as the Brussels bureaucrats and the Berlin sharks? Or what is Life going to be under the Euro-Krauts? As the Old Geezers want to call them…
Still without the old folks punditry, their memory is keen after we just witnessed the D-day remembrances and the vast poppy fields the Normandy cemeteries unfold. The very future of the European Common Market or the evolution of what the European Union was meant to be, has come to a crash. Now the very essence of Europe itself is open to question. And with it Democracy is opened to interpretation too.
So I have gathered the most intelligent folks and their arguments on this very uncertain Future and started a debate through the Democracy Institute for a decade of vigorously fought ideological battles, and then gathered the best arguments, and summarized them for you — in the hope that you’ll get involved.
And maybe You’ll get interested with a bit of enlightenment, and decide to get really involved in the fortunes of our Europe.
And that would mean that you’ll take a stance and either save it or blow it up. Your actions are going to be your call after reading this expose of the best minds and the best theses on Europe. Your understanding of Europe, your functioning within the maze, and your business & political decisions will be greatly enhanced — based on your understanding of this book.
It’s a Kaleidoscope of views and winning theses and as such you can read it effortlessly. There is no tunnel vision here. After You read the book, you’ll be well informed and erudite enough to best any politician or Eurocrat on the ideals and hopes of Europe. But above all else You will be able to discern the distant horizon and thus see where we are heading well before anyone else. And as You know information is power, ad that power is translated into whatever form of currency you want to manage. Political, social, economic or just plain old wisdom. So when time comes to vote for the future of Europe — you can certainly do the right thing. Whatever that is.
Either way we go, am going to be happy. Because am a bad Ass and truly believe in the wisdom of the crowds in a Democracy made up of well informed citizens. And that is a huge caveat, because most always the citizens are treated like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed manure [shit from the TV land]. These current daft politicians don’t trust you. And they fear you because the unelected Oligarchy doesn’t believe in Democracy. So am actively educating “you” the electorate in the hope that this book will become a best seller and thus we all start advocating it’s premise, and maybe change Europe and thus liberate our Democracy again to it’s founding destiny. As it stands now Europe has usurped this Democracy ideal and has done horrible things to it and in it’s name. Time to liberate this symbol once again from the clutches of the fascists who saw it as war loot and nothing more thus missing all it’s great powers.
The premise of the book is to liberate our Democracy from it’s moorings and let it soar to the skies taking us along with it. This premise being that we need far more Liberty and far more Democracy in Europe before we even claim to have a semblance of Democracy and we must revolt against this nonsense that Brussels represents today. We must do away with it all and right away allow people to decide whether they want in or out.
Let’s have a referendum not just in the UK and Britain but throughout Europe about our own prospects. We need this because the current Euro-Corruption and official amorality is killing us. And because the present day mess that Europe is it’s killing our friends also. And it’s killing all those aspirants to Democracy and Liberty around the world too.
As an example of this horrible impact the unelected Eurocrats have on all of us is this. In a practical manner the unelected European leaders claim to have a handle on doing what they do best: Corruption. The Van Rompuy idiot just said that he knows how the European people hate the idea of further expansion now but that He will go ahead anyway because He doesn’t care what people think…
Fancy that: The most idiotic unelected person the world has ever seen, says this … Methinks this guy is a comedian and yet he forgets that he looks and acts like a cross between Louie De Funes and Quasimodo. The scary thing is, he pretends to be serious. Or even scarier … He is.
With idiots like him and Barosso and all the other morons how can we construct a European society that will be more fair, more transparent, and more participative?
We will need to debate these questions.
Am known both for straight talking and for the perceptiveness of my analysis. But now I have a new book called: “A debate on the future of the European Continent and it’s impact on the World” and will peddle it to you via Amazon and the local high street bookshop. But if you are really good, I might just play Santa and drop it down your electronic chimney free of charge and with compliments to boot if you email me with a request for the book right here on the blog.
Because so far we’ve only contributed Two Milennia of conflict and Two major World Wars to the world … and am asking if it’s possible to contribute some peace too.
The book is a sharp and insightful analysis of Europe’s handling of the long history of conflict and dominance of various political actors, and travels all the way to the financial crisis and the controversial leadership of Germany’s Mama Bear: Angela Merkel.
To avoid the collapse of the unique European project in order to be able to provide a lasting Peace and Liberty — we need to refocus on the European ideals of Democracy within an open society, through the assurances of individual Freedoms, Human Rights, and Civil Rights for all the citizens. I argue in favour of a European Federal System that is free of the current corruption, free of the bureaucratic fascism, and full of Hope and Opportunity for all members by offering more solidarity throughout Europe and thus demanding more active involvement of its citizens.
So ask for this in your electronic bookshop: DEMOCRACY REDUX “A debate on the future of the European Continent, Liberty, Democracy, and it’s impact on the World”
And you’ll be wiser if not a tiny bit sadder, but there you have it. ——–
So if you have a friend who needs to read this book, do write to me to get an electronic book Gratis and then spread it around and read it carefully because it matters more than what you’ll ever know for your own Life and Livelihood.

State of Fear

Greece, the cradle of Democracy, has been going through a tough time these last few years…
A seven year long crisis that is not going away is sapping the strength of all people’s desire to live same as it sucks the marrow of their bones, and impoverishes the spirit.
Yet as the real hunger of poverty bites — the harshness is never shared with those who merit this austerity due to their own complicity in the opaque affairs of the Failed State of Greece, but is directed towards those lesser human beings, the weakest and the poorest ones, the citizens who are unemployed and defenseless, the refugees, the illegals, the ones without strong passport, and all those clearly innocent of any wrongdoing.
The injustice of it all make me want to cringe in sorrow and pain, because I remember from Civics class that “How we treat the vulnerable is how we define ourselves as a People.”  And how we affect the well being of others who “don’t matter” or who are weak enough to not be counted — is ultimately how we define ourselves as a species and what kind of divine retribution we should expect.
This last month saw at least 17 people dead when an overcrowded boat sank on the crossing from Libya to Italy, with many more still unaccounted for. This is just one of the many horror stories we hear & see where refugees drown in the dark wine-blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. We don’t know their names or their stories. They join the grim toll of perhaps 20,000 people over the last decade whose lives have ended trying to reach Europe for protection, aiming for a better life. But because of Italy’s free press we hear about all the sea tragedies that take place and involve refugees. In Greece with a muzzled press that is not the case …  Far too many cases of refugees perishing in the vast Aegean sea with the ten thousand islands, go wholly unreported.
With its conscience pricked by the deaths of more than 360 migrants near the island of Lampedusa (deaths that Pope Francis called “a disgrace”), the Italian Navy has begun a massive rescue operation called “Mare Nostrum” that is saving thousands of lives. It is criticized in some quarters as a “pull factor,” presumably because it removes death by drowning as a deterrent. And the European Commission has used its money and political clout to try to fix Greece’s broken asylum system, with some success, although abusive and prolonged detention remains the norm there.
But the basic philosophy of EU migration policy can be expressed simply: to keep them out, make life as unpleasant as possible for those who do arrive, get rid of them quickly if you can, and if you can’t, then detain them for as long as possible.
Thus Europe’s general stance offers plenty of “the spectacle of compassion” but nowhere near to a real adherence to Human Rights. A superficial adherence to European values concerning respect for rights, access to asylum, and humane treatment, masks a brutal reality driven by base politics and nowhere is this more evident than in poor Greece, where systematic abuses are the norm and represent the official policy of the country towards the lesser ones.
In this ancient country of hospitality and respect for the inviolate Right to Asylum — we’ve become modern barbarians under the pretense of protecting Europe from unwanted migrants. Enforcing Berlin’s policies the Greek government does the dirty work. It’s a form of extraordinary rendition with a summary sentence to a watery grave. Bad Policy for people who have met the nemesis of fates time and again. And if any people have experienced this they are the Greeks.
But it seems to me that their leaders now are not following these ancient norms. Well … rest assured we are watching and keeping score of the grim tally. Rest assured … Karma, and the laws of Fate & Nemesis, are also doing their bit. And you should know they are tough bitches — not to be trifled with.  Retribution stemming from your actions cannot be avoided any more than the laws of nature can be escaped. You can never find succor and comfort when You have denied that to others weak enough to fend for themselves. Try as You may, and see if you can escape the merited punishment, because when your actions negate Human principles, justice is always rendered. Your actions cause reactions in the physical world, and are as certain of attracting retribution — regardless of your station in Life — as jumping out of a skyscraper will certainly result in a mud-puddle with your name on it.  Try this and see if your exalted government position will allow you to defy the laws of Gravity.
But You’ve also got Free Will and the option to Be Great. Try this and see the wonderment and Joy flood your Being, and giving purpose to your Life. Do this because at the end of the day — that is all the Humanity we have…
And yet we squander it each and every day in ways big and small through the incessant Corruption that rules everyday Life in Greece.
Today the Greek government, in accordance with EU directives and official policy enforced by the ministers, and the police, make life “unlivable” for all refugees and political asylum seekers, in a clear, direct, and criminal violation of Human Rights. They must be called to Account at the Court of Human Rights promptly. This much is certain…

The head of the Greek police was secretly recorded recently as saying that “Asylum seekers who land in Greece must be made to reside in “unlivable” conditions before being “repatriated.”
The issue of migrants dying in the seas around Greece gained global attention in January, when a boat carrying asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Syria capsized in the Aegean while being towed by a Greek naval vessel. Twelve migrants drowned, and those who survived alleged that the Greek coastguard was attempting to tow them back towards Turkey instead of to a nearby Greek island, and that the naval officers purposefully allowed migrants to drown. The Greek navy denies the migrants’ allegations, but the UN, the EU and Amnesty have released statements expressing deep concern about the incident.
This sad and fully preventable event happened again and again in the months before and since. But it happened again in those few months that followed in one terrible instance having drowned more than 70 people in front of the boats of the Greek Coast Guard that was offering no help but stood by watching idly…
Murder by any name is still murder.

[Above is a photo of a Public Protest in downtown Athens from citizens gathered in order to defend the rights of asylum seekers in Greece. This protest was organized after the "Farmakonisi" asylum seekers' boat tragedy where scores of children and women drowned under the eyes of the Greek Coast Guard...}
Greek People gathered to demonstrate against the practice of torture by police wearing hoods, immigrants with toddlers in their arms drowning in the sea while the Port Authorities stand by enjoying the “spectacle” floodlit by the spotlights from their boats, and against the organized terror of the government against those weak enough to “swim” on their own — in sea or dry land alike.
It is in these evil terms reminiscent of Nazi Germany that “State Security” is defined in modern day Greece and it is not the result of isolated decisions made by those serving in the Security Forces. The orders come directly from the political leadership in Greece of 2013. A computer and video file that Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the UN and AJ4JD, have now on hand, reveals that all the torture suffered by political asylum seeking refugees, & immigrants — although denied by the Minister of Public Order, Nikos Dendias — not only happen regularly, but are the result of Government Policy and direct orders from the Head of the Greek Police, Nikos Papagiannopoulos. While the Greek Police General Nikos Papagiannopoulos was issuing the direct order ‘make their life unlivable’, the political leadership, along with the Prime Minister of the country, claimed that the torture chambers they have set up are simply centers for the repatriation of illegal immigrants.
In the last year at least 130 immigrants and may be as many as 700, have drowned in the Aegean under the eyes of the Coast Guard. Many more have drowned undocumented. Suddenly the Greek seas have filled with corpses, even though for years immigrants and Asylum seekers have taken the same route to Greece.
Why is it that more and more the persecuted people who are leaving their country due to bloody conflict, internecine war, civil, war or persecution, arrive dead in Greece?
Why is it that the 5 or 6 immigrant deaths in previous years have now become at least 130 and maybe 700 as many claim?  In many cases we  have received reports denouncing the Port Authorities and Coast Guard, for just standing by and watching them drown, having received orders not to intervene in order to create the image of a new harsh stance towards illegal immigration in Greece which will act as a deterrent for others who might try to enter the country…
Sadly amongst the dead there are always the children. The heavy halogen spotlight from the Port Authority’s craft illuminates the Coast Guard crews watching them drown in several mobile phone video clips we have on record. Those who are able to swim, and manage to survive and make it to dry land, are then tortured by hooded police, who plunder whatever they find. Gold, money, mobile phones are said to be the booty for those police officers who carry out ‘repatriation operations’.
There are hundreds of such incidents, but the response of the Ministry of Shipping and the Ministry of Public Order is: ‘Such things don’t happen. They are simply the accusations of those who want to give Greece a bad name.’ In the incidents we have kept track of, the facts are irrefutable and are confirmed by police officers who believe that the Police Force is no longer adhering to democratic means and legal procedures and encourages torturers and racists who are held up as carrying out ‘a national errand to save Greece from immigrants.’
That torture rooms for immigrants do exist is confirmed by a conversation between the Head of the Security Forces and some of the top men of the Greek Police. The meeting between Lieutenant General Papagiannopoulos and his men took place so that he could be informed about the problems that have arisen in the Greek Police, and the border guards — particularly with regard to the immigrants. Some of his men point out the inhumane and illegal treatment of immigrants, and demand that action be taken. The Head of the Police rejects what they say about civil rights and urges the police to make their lives hell. He says the following: ‘We must make their lives unlivable, in other words, so that whoever comes to this country knows that he will stay inside. He will not get out, so that when inside he will give us details of where he’s from, his identity, so that we can send him back, and not after three months outside, because otherwise we don’t do anything. We become the perfect destination for illegal immigrants.’
What is of particular interest is that the Head of the Greek Police appears to consider immigrants “en masse” as thieves and robbers, a theory adopted by the German Nazi party and recently also adopted by the criminal gang masquerading as a neo-Nazi political party “Golden Dawn” of Greece. This is the Nazi ideology which the head of Greek Police claims to reject, yet in his speech it is clearly evident as He states that detaining immigrants in camps is not absolutely necessary, but a political decision with the aim of mistreating those retained so that they won’t come back. The Lieutenant General says in a formulation that Nikos Michaloliakos (Leader of the neo-nazi fascist Golden Dawn party) might envy: ‘and me too, if they told me that in the country I went I’d stay three months there because I’ve got nowhere else in the world to go, and you’ll stay three months inside and then you’ll be free to steal, rob and do whatever you like, fine. That’s what we were after, further detention, because they can’t be kept for more than three months. It used to be nine months and then they made it eighteen months, for what reason? We must make their life unlivable.’
The Head of the Greek police explained this government policy to police officers in a calm & assured manner, without hesitation. He went on to state the Policy clearly, even when some of the officers objected on grounds of human rights violations. During the meeting a young police officer asks: ‘Sir, we are not only racists, we are also criminals. Sir, let me ask you, what have these people done to have to spend a year inside? Have they killed anyone? Have they committed a crime? These people are to be repatriated and they spend one year in detention centers without having killed anyone or committed a crime. If the worst criminal spent more than one month inside, he’d have eaten us alive.’
The Head of the Police is not put off by the protests and at some point simply repeats: ‘so what it boils down to is that with so many of them we have to build more detention centers. It’s a simple logic.’
By citing such racist and illegal tactics so openly in favour of making life unlivable for those who are protected by international agreements signed by Greece, even though he is not talking to a close circle of officers but to a wider group, it is evident that the Head of Police has political backing and is carrying out political decisions. Nor is it coincidental that the Port Authorities use the same methods of torture against immigrants even though they are not under the administration of Nikos Papagiannopoulos. Clearly there is a common political agenda from which orders are being issued, including denial and cover up of any incidents of torture that come to light.
The recent report by Amnesty International fully confirms the recent revelations. The government has indicated that it intends to establish another ‘legal system’ in place of international and Greek law. This ‘legal system’ is introducing Greeks to racist views, perceptions of ‘bad’ immigrants and is flirting with the idea of ‘Greek superiority and racial purity’. The Prime Minister himself said in a recent speech before the passing of the Budget in Parliament: ‘And I remind you that until recently, no one in European circles dared say the words illegal immigrant! Now along with other countries in the southern Mediterranean, we have made it a priority. And also by using deterrent tactics, which until today was also forbidden.’
Antonis Samaras is proud of the fact that he is implementing tactics that ‘until today were forbidden’, while he and his party systematically speak about ‘illegal immigrants’ and not just ‘immigrants’, creating the impression that it is foreign invaders and not immigrants who have left their homelands to escape danger to their lives. And he does this in a country that has sent immigrants all over the world and continues to do so today when scores of Greek immigrants flood the European capitals in search of work…
In the 2012 elections, Antonis Samaras was elected on the main slogan ‘let us go forward and take back our cities from illegal immigrants.’
In October 2013, after his meeting with the Prime Minister of Malta, the Greek Prime Minister said, ‘In Greece there are as many unemployed as there are illegal immigrants and that cannot continue.’ He openly echoed what Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and many other fascist leaders in Europe have also said, that unemployment is a result of immigration and unwanted elements of society.
The fact that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, and of Nikos Dendias Head of Public Order as an accessory before the fact — does not exonerate the Head of the Police from moral and criminal responsibilities with regard to the State Policy of torture of immigrants and encouraging his subordinates to commit barbaric and illegal acts. The same goes for all Police personnel and Coast Guard officers who engage in the criminal activities in violation of the law of the land and sea, and in clear subjugation of Human Rights.
Executing crimes while claiming to follow orders is no defense of country nor principle. It certainly does not constitute a defense for any police officer to follow an illegal order. German officers found this verily in the Nuremberg trials. It goes without saying that a police force that functions outside the law and humanitarian principles, using violence as a tool, a police force using habitual violence will not restrict its violence to the bodies of immigrants, even if this torture is extended in the name of so-called righteousness. Sooner or later, they will find other villains or internal enemies to afflict.
And that has become evident when they turn their attention to Greek Citizens whistle blowers against the Public Corruption who have been attacked, tortured and jailed in prisons and asylums under chemical lobotomy conditions. Conditions so harsh that these Greek Citizens were given Political Asylum from other countries of the European Union who have seen Greece devolve into the least Democratic and most Authoritarian State of Fear in the Union. A sad day indeed when Greece has reached the nadir of it’s loss of DIGNITY.
One may ask: What other terrible ignominy will follow? What ghosts will rise up and demand retribution? And whose head this karma will fall upon?
Pontius Pilate answered this some time ago clearly: ” May the blood of the innocent be upon you and upon Your children and your children’s children…”
Is that what we want?
But there is another way to deal with Crisis…
It’s the way to protect One’s DIGNITY by protecting the Human Rights of others…
One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized, and cruelly mocked — but it can never be taken away unless it is voluntarily surrendered…
I want you to learn to think, to ponder life, to make discoveries, to create. You have been gifted by God in unique ways. I want those to bloom. They can’t bloom in the shadow of fear.
They need life, real life, to bring them to light.
I want you to be confident in who you are. I want you to be able to look people in the eyes and speak life into them.
I want You to be able to look into the eyes of the people — the strangers and to see their soul. The common soul we all share. Look in their eyes and you can’t hate them because eyes are a window into their heart. You see what can’t be seen in the colour of the skin or in ideologies of hate. You can even see God if you try. The Indians say “Namastay…”
When I tell you say “No” to Hate, indifference, and terror — am giving you a gift. And I’m giving me a gift. It’s a gift of relationship. True human connection. It’s a precious treasure, because we only have each other.
This connection means everything to us. The Human Capital. The Human Rights. The Human Family. And all those people mean so much to me that I don’t want to miss another person going down in the dark sea…
I want all of you. The fullness of your humanity. I want to experience all the gifts that you will bring to this world. I want to truly experience your progress through Life and your innovations and contributions to our Common Future and our Shared Destiny. I want to see you making a family…
I want You and your children alive, and I can’t do that with you when there is an implicit murder between us.
You see it acts as a barrier of consciousness.
Instead, I want to see you animated with Joy of Goodness and purpose. I want to see your Life-force and see what brings life to those eyes. I want to watch the wonder and magic dance across your face as you discover the wonders of this world. In Peace. In Contentment. In Brotherhood. I want to watch you as you figure things out in your new country. I want to watch you process life, develop your thoughts. I want to know you, and I want to know your passions.
And maybe I’ll be given the right to watch you as you discover your God-given talents and gifts to make immense contributions to your new country.
That’s what I want…
A country made richer because of it’s immigrants.
A country made safer because of your safety.
A country made more human because of your humanity.
That’s what I want.
Yet when you hide behind a electric fence, or in a watery grave, or buried in a shallow tomb — I miss seeing your eyes.
I miss seeing your face… your beautiful faces — all of you.
And that’s Why am fighting for your RIGHTS, because my time with you….
– well –
it will be over in the blink of an eye.

The above was the prelude to my new book “DEMOCRACY REDUX” and it stays so in the electronic edition because it traverses the transom of propriety and procedural process.

This book is meant to invigorate Democracy not to make it palatable for the gentle folk. It best act as the cannon for a revolution and not as food for thought in the drawing rooms.

I want to educate the new generation of European Leaders to what democracy is and that is why this book is a snapshot of instances where we fail to see how far reaching the damage has been that we have allowed to enter the Body Politic by not attending to our Mother – DEMOCRACY.

The very Democracy that nourished us when we were down and out – unable to escape fascism.

This Democracy that is now ravaged with cancer, the cancer of Corruption is what we need to save and reinvigorate for our own sake.

But let's be practical here.

Am not asking you to do anything special for anyone else.

Don't do it for me.

Just do it for yourself and for your own children.

And let's hope that we are good tutors and we are able to teach them to respect Liberty, live in Equality in the eyes of the Law, and thrive within the practice of Democracy.

That's the best we can hope for our Future.

Because it is in our own selfish interest to save Democracy for the next generations and maybe we'll teach them to safeguard it for their children as well and in this oral tradition of activism we will attain this goal of transcendence from one generation to the next.
Is there Democracy where it started?

Democracy got started in Europe in the small hills of Athens inside the cave of the “Mouth” in Philopappou hill next to Acropolis where a bunch of dedicated Liberty lovers conspired for thirty seven years and before, from father to son and on again, all in order to overthrow the Oligarchy ruling over them and making their lives miserable and unlivable every moment of the day.
They succeeded and managed to do just that. They established a new form of government. By the people, from the people and for the people. A crowdsourced form of governing themselves. And they succeeded with this revolutionary idea to create a mighty state and launch the Golden Era of Athens and the Athenian alliance of hundreds of cities. It was this golden moment in human history that is unprecedented by any innovation since. Of course these momentous events took place more than Two thousand and five hundred years ago...
So we need to revisit and reinvent the basics. We need to get back to the roots and rekindle the fire burning in our loins forcefully against the creeping drift towards fascism and oligarchy that is the reason we need to remain vigilant ever.
Comparatively to the advent of Democracy, 2,500 years ago – the Democracy project is a baby. A ten year long study of the Democracy Institute that I had founded a couple of decades ago, and which asks the difficult questions nobody dares ask. Namely: Do we have Democracy now? And if so – and that is a big “IF” – where is it that our democracy is heading to? Which direction do we drift? Towards always less and less Liberty and less and less Equality in front of the law? Or towards a blatant form of populism and Demagoguery? Or maybe towards a sickness presented as the best Democracy that money can buy?
The Democracy project is apolitical, yet philosophical, and scientific in that we are discovering via experimentation and observation the Politics 2.0 and because we are trying to show the world, that the ever progressing humanity's aspirations are the true moving equilibrium of Politics, Economics, and Society.
This is where the arc of change propels us all forward on the Spectrum of Freedom and Democracy.
Liberty is our birthright and Democracy our Maturity. Yet without Economy and Social Justice we are nothing.
And yet instead of enjoying this birthright, and maturing towards a full fledged Democracy — our movement forward, is hampered by idiots micromanaging our reality through Media that presents us as living in the best possible moment whereas the reality is that often times we find ourselves living in a regressive world which through official corruption, oppression, secrecy, surveillance, and injustice is all we can get. Maybe the smart Mad Men of advertisement and Public relations and the News in the mass Media want to resign us in this Brave New World, but we know better. We know there is a Free World out there waiting for us the moment we choose to embrace Liberty and Democracy.
But we both know that we can't get there without a cultural revolution. You've seen Les Miserables... You know how change comes around.
Because if you trust the bastards running the show now, you'll not even live long enough to regret it. When we allow our Democracy to be eroded and our Liberties to slip and disappear in the interest of a State made of Fear – we lose our very own Life. End result is not just the steady slippage of our Liberty, but is the loss of basic Human Rights, Democracy, and people’s hope and dignity. Fear, doubt, and uncertainty is the stage of pre-death of any Democratic aspiration.
This oppressive state of mind, results in control mechanisms that have been so well entrenched, and are so well funded that even in these times of official austerity — the mechanisms for the enlargement of the secret surveillance, oppression, and militarization, of Citizen’s lives, have the Midas touch of all public procurement projects. In short this “Orwellian State” permeates society and stifles all dissent when comes time to spend money. But what is really insidious about this is that it stifles dissent and limits discourse to within allowable limits. Maybe that’s not important to you getting your news off the telly, but as it turns out, without dissent we have No Democracy.
You can forget about Liberty altogether cause you gave that up when you started watching the telly and accepting as gospel it’s mind-rot.
But as with all problems there are cures. Methinks, we need to start moving in the opposite direction slowly. And the way to see results is to cut the gold off the Monster and starve it to death. This Big Data reliant monster is Big money reliant and unable to feed itself without unlimited wealth. Like a cancer the best technique is to go on a fast. And maybe then we can see some results of the fast — rather fast.
One could rightfully ask that given the existence of bitter, base, and determined enemies, what’s wrong with having this much secret monitoring, surveillance, command & control systems with extensive prison facilities, to keep a close eye on them and control their excesses?
The thing is that all this “Orwellian State” apparatus is being used habitually against our own Liberties and against our Democracy first and then against Society in general, and lastly if there are any resources left it tracks some terrorists. Simply because society at large is unprepared for this assault on Liberty whereas terrorists are always on a stealth mode knowing that they are waging battle. So the general society unwittingly unleashed a Monster against itself and against our Democracy — thus depriving us of our basic Liberties through our own hand.
Well Done duffus.
And is not that this Orwellian State capacity is regularly being used against the enemy either. Judging by the constant failures of intelligence as is the case in Iraq and Afghanistan or in the 9/11 World Trade Center in New York, and the 7/7 London Subway Bombings — it clearly doesn’t work against a determined enemy.
I think mass surveillance systems are a bad idea because a surveillance and control society is one in which people understand that they are constantly monitored, and are given a very small space of acceptable discourse. Of course when people understand that they are constantly monitored they are more conformist, they are less willing to take up controversial positions, and that kind of mass conformity is incompatible with Democracy or Liberty.
The second reason is that mass surveillance creates a dramatic power imbalance between citizens and government. In a democracy the citizens are supposed to have all the power and the government is supposed to be the means by which the citizens exercise that power. But when you have a surveillance state, the state has all the power and citizens have very little. In a democratic society you should have a state with maximum transparency and maximum civil liberties for citizens. But in a surveillance state the exact opposite is true.
We are trying to push perception as far as we can, so we can create a vantage point to look back at ourselves with very different kinds of eyes – fresh eyes, if you will.
And we are trying to show, the historical moment that we are living in.
The secret world, the shadow of the world as we know it, has of course been with us for as long as human beings have organized themselves in societies. But the attacks on America and Europe, cruelly exposing the failings and limitations of the intelligence agencies, produced a bonanza of funding never before seen: the “black budget” of the US defense department, for example, has more than tripled since George W Bush became president and, according to information released by Edward Snowden, was $52bn in 2012. The secret world’s shadow is today far bigger and blacker than ever before – and by definition, we the public, whether in the US or the rest of the world, know next to nothing about it.
Surveillance, secrecy, and official oppression, go a long way at doing things undemocratically because without transparency and with the full on surveillance and control — we have a huge deficit of Democracy.
This undemocratic way of trying to organize human activities, has political, economic, legal, and governing aspects in a way of trying to do things whose goal is invisibility, silence, obscurity, and oppression.
In short totalitarianism.
The Democracy project as we said earlier, is apolitical.
But it is also philosophical.
And in that it is highly political.
We adore our Freedom. We espouse the ideals of Democracy. And above all else we cherish our Liberty.
So if you can live as that — come along.
And above all else we are a Human Rights project, in that we are trying to show the People, that an Orwellian State is not as the media present it — a world of Kayne and Kim — but it is a horrible and evil study in wholesale Oppression.
And that world in which official oppression, secrecy, and surveillance, have been so well entrenched, are ubiquitous, and are so extravagantly well funded that it is impossible to escape their reach and their cold death grip — is killing our Democracy.
So wake up and lend a hand to throw a spanner in the works and regain the Sun and start breathing FREE again.
Same as when we were born…
Is Europe a Democracy?

A question has been gnawing at me for a while…
As we are facing another European Parliamentary election we need to ask ourselves the following:
What is the European System Today, and is it a Democracy?
A thinking European Rousseau said  that “All men are born free, but everywhere they are in chains…”
And today the scientific consensus in an observation of the amorphous mélange of institutions that comprise the European Union as it stands today, may lead one to believe that is true today just as much – if not more – as the day Rousseau spoke thus.
My thoughts are also along these lines: In Europe today, indeed, we have some kind of a quasi-democratic form of government led by the economic power of Berlin and Frankfurt — but not a Democracy. Far from it…
Because in Europe today we seem to be having a giant Deficit of Democracy. Indeed we have some kind of Bureaucratic and Institutional Corruption of Democracy that is akin to a Dictatorship of the Northern tribes. Still I like to believe that we have freed ourselves from the limits of conventional national and parochial interests after the Second Great War — but in doing so we have enslaved ourselves to an Institutionally prescribed way of being that is again led by Berlin’s deep state interests.
An artificial arteriosclerosis has set in Europe today stifling Democracy and General Freedom. This is the purpose of the system. The Germanic system that is keen to restrict all freedoms and democratic functions and instead direct them to convergent and predictable ends.  Thus the European Project is no different than the Fourth Reich in the hearts and minds of the Germans who don’t trust democracy and people’s rights. But what is it in the hearts and minds of all the other freedom loving Europeans?
That question is the one we have to answer together…
Today, though we appear to have more freedom, and far more choices, than the time of the Third Reich of old, we are actually far more contained and severely confined to a few minor iterations of institutional freedoms, always hampered by the Orwellian Bureaucracy and steady Loss of Democracy.
The Democratic Deficit of Europe today is so large that we can hardly speak of Democracy when both Van Rompuy and Barosso are appointed puppets of the powerful puppet masters in Berlin and Frankfurt.
True Democracy requires eschewing the infinite salamization of our Liberty and revolting against the islamization of our right to the Pursuit of happiness. We need to stand up and fight against the Colonization of our Hopes and Dreams that is currently done through the German and Northern European Uniformity Doctrine and through the unyielding Cartesian ideology…
We best rebel and fight for our ideals and shed blood for our Democracy because are all in this together and right now we are experiencing just the tip of the iceberg and only a small portion of the infinite variety of truly repugnant terrors this Crisis of Leadership of Europe has wrought.
It’s now time to rethink and refashion our Democracy because our future hangs from it and because it is only through discovering the essence of our Principles by going back to our ROOTS — we can hope to be free. Free from the shackles of the total German uniform that looks like a straight jacket to most of us who are not inclined to march in lockstep every time a crazed yet charismatic leader orders us so.
The current drive towards sameness, orderliness, efficiency, uniformity, and towards the management of Peoples as industrial assets, always leads to bloodshed and terror. And this certainly is not a Democracy no matter what distance you go to, and what pains You suffer to call it so. Doublespeak was never so sweet as when coming from the mouths of European bureaucrats and assorted Berlin lackeys…
Instead we should think as Free Peoples of Europe, as Democratic economic agents, and as human beings, and thus celebrate our uniqueness and originality. We can exercise this code of conduct by enjoying our freedoms, as we respect the rights of others. and then we can all come along to fight for a Democracy and a Demos greater than ourselves.
The Democratic Deficit must be cured before we can have any kind of European Integration.
And it is only through the Federalist ideals and a European Federation of independent nations that we will come out of this deep dark wood we’ve lost ourselves into these last few years since the inception of the European project.
It is only through this Freedom of Belief, Liberty of Will, and Independent Thinking & Action, that we can develop the vital perspective to understand all, respect all, and embrace the differences — thus finding the ability to create a Europe worthy of sharing
Democracy Now — Greece is Lost

Ancient Athens, when seen across the hill from Acropolis, is but a small piece of barren land. Yet this exactly, is the miracle to behold. A miraculous achievement of a little city governed by a Free and determined People, as head of a Commonwealth of free city states, that spawned the arts, sciences, and all the wondrous achievements and inventions at the start of our Western World.
Athens 25 hundred years ago it was a heady time of synthesis and creation, based on a simple political innovation called Democracy. And it took root in the Hill across from Acropolis. A hill named Philopappou and was practiced on an open air parliament on top of the hill called Pnyx.
Government by the people, for the people, and from the people is still called by it’s Greek name – Democracy – in all the Free States governed by Free Peoples across the world. This innovation married with simple rules led to the emergence and creation of our Western Civilization and it was simple in and of itself enough, to fulfill the requirements of creating this miracle.
But what are the ingredients or prerequisites of democracy?
The Anatomy of Democracy leads me to see 3 simple rules that absolutely need to be followed. 3 things that are unalterable if a Democratic republic can be successful as a Democracy or a failed state as modern Greece now appears to be.
3 Absolute Rules that need to be always followed: Justice, legal equality, and meritocracy. These three simple qualities alone suffice. But we should follow them as cardinal rules in order to succeed.
Let’s take it one by one.
Justice is represented best by the collective efforts of a Democratic People in a society that is collective and individual at the same time. And the just Demos allows for just contributions towards all according to their need and capacity. Justice is the highest form of Democracy. It is a just and almost religious ethic, and it all adds up to a well functioning Democratic state and a winsome Republic. Collective effort means that every citizen is expected to participate with all his strength, yet, this does not mean that everyone has the same opportunities nor carries the same burden. If citizen A has twice the power of citizen B — he must lift double weight to the collective effort. If the opposite happens, there is no justice. This applies to taxation, representation and the same applies to penalties, which must always be proportionate to the offense and applied judiciously to the offenders, not to punish and exact revenge, but to educate and reform.
Equality in front of the law is the simple glue of Democracy. Cleisthenes the father of Democracy spoke thus, and it has to be so because according to Pericles, who really put Democracy on steroids and produced the Golden Era of this Public Administration — it is the key ingredient. He says regarding equality: In a democracy all citizens are equal before the law and the first to have to obey the law are the rulers. All citizens have to respect the laws, not by fear, but out of respect.
Meritocracy is the rising up of the Individual which means that any office or position shall be filled by the ablest person, because only then the best public and private citizens serve the needs of the community. Nepotism, and political climbing, regardless of their personal value do not fit in democratic societies. Furthermore, there is no democracy without merit, which is the basic feature of any democratic state.
Given the principles of justice, fairness and equality in the eyes of the law, and meritocracy, we can see now how these simple rules created the miracle of Athenian democracy. Democracy, was the idea that the Athenian citizens never abstained from their duty to run for office, expose themselves to fighting elections, and always voting, as well as polling in every opportunity. They talked about politics and leaving matters to their leaders was unthinkable because it would mean leaving the fate of their country in the hands of an oligarchy. At the same time, according to Aristotle, a well-governed democratic state and demagoguery are mutually incompatible concepts and where demagogues exist — law and justice are not the supreme authority.
We conclude therefore that the glory and prosperity of the Athenian state attributed to democracy, was only achieved because justice, equality in front of the law, and meritocracy, were the rule of the day. This and eventually the maximum level of civic participation as an act of responsibility, propelled Democracy to the forefront as the crowning achievement of the Human Spirit, that led rise to all other traits of our Civilization today.
Let us now see if and how the above applies to the current Greek democracy.
Sadly we look and can’t find any of the three rules functioning.
And yet this is a good exercise because we looked hard, only to find the reasons that led us to the present day COLLAPSE.
In the context of justice: Guilty Citizens prosecuted for crimes or sentenced to imprisonment for several years are seen free sitting around drinking their coffee in expensive Athenian haunts undisturbed. Famous drug dealers acquitted in bought courts, when small time debtors and entrepreneurs who owe small amounts to the unyielding state are imprisoned as Victorian era debtors, in the last remaining debtors prison in Europe today.
In the area of ​​tax justice, the weak bear the burden of “the crisis” and the rich and powerful having enjoyed the benefits of their tax evasion — carry no burden whatsoever. The tax code justifies anything the corrupt tax men and tax women can swindle. The whole tax effort is not comprehensive and each citizen is trying, with whatever means available to escape the injustice this unjust system hurls in all directions.
The hope is that if there was a just tax system administering justice, each of the Greek Citizens in a common effort to exit from the crisis — would have lifted the weight he deserved in unison.
As regards meritocracy, leaders don’t emerge depending on their abilities, where there is nepotism. Where the meritocracy gets shattered we have idiots ruling because thus it befits the money and client state elites, leading to the offices of state being occupied by people mostly incompetent, not ambitious problem solvers, and folks prone to corruption. This is damaging and unsafe for the State and the Civil Service, because inadequate executives always choose ‘poorer’ inferiors, to cover up their own inadequacies and thus bankrupt the whole sector and government in an interminable vicious circle leading on an ever accelerating downward spiral. Thus the contribution to society is poor and the goal of development – and much more welfare – becomes an elusive dream. And if somewhere someone competent evades the Lilliputian system, they take the appropriate care to smear, slander, isolate, devalue his contribution, sack the project, and ultimately drive him out — thus justifying the removal of this ‘systemic risk.’
As for demagogy, this has become a national pastime, being the prevailing false political speech, exaggerations, and meaningless promises. So, according to Aristotle, democracy has given way to populism, which ally propaganda influences, and guides the electorate in the wrong for the public benefit options of a Democracy gone to the dogs.
Therefore, what we call democracy deficit is lack of political, social, and fiscal justice, a meritocracy deficit, and strong demagoguery. And the larger the deficit of democracy, as that is proven by the catalyzed institutions and violated laws — it increases the power, the influence, and the abundance of the oligarchy.
If these three values, justice, legal equality, and meritocracy were present, we would have had a real democracy and abstaining from the common practices would be a crime for any citizen. But today people largely believe that their vote is ineffective, and from being the highest expression of Democracy it turns into a liability act as it is seen as an endorsement of the practice of the corrupt political parties. This is reasonable assumption since the political parties rule as oligarchs, despite the apparent conflicts, contradictions and disagreements, because they have agreed to jointly manage an oligarchic regime, where the state wealth is the loot to be gained as the spoils of power. The thinking citizens rightfully say that current politicians hurry democracy and that the citizen’s vote in favour of rapists and pillagers of institutions and laws is not an act of responsibility.
Instead, they believe that abstinence is an act of respect for institutions manipulated by demagogues who aim to preserve a rogue rampant injustice, cronyism, lawlessness and demagoguery. Others, again, react even more strongly, supporting with their vote those extreme forces, who seek to destabilize, destroy institutions rather than focus on indirect and gradual cures of the political ills of Democracy. Sort of like the old remedy of when head hurts – you cut head…
The conclusion reached is that the current crisis is a crisis of Justice, legal equality, meritocracy, institutions, values, and vision. The current crisis is political, cultural, social and economic.
This is a national crisis – and as such it should be treated with the utmost of care.
To even have a hope of recovery and to overcome this national crisis requires a national plan, the guardian of which should be a new citizen entity. A vector will appear soon, if not tomorrow, and will give reason national, social, patriotic, capable of enlisting all healthy democratic forces in a common national goal.
I presume that JUSTICE is just such a goal.
This newfangled citizen led non-political organization will be moving in two arcs. Firstly, it should support a welfare state that provides quality health services, education, welfare and safety, and security — free to all citizens residing in the country, workers or unemployed nationals or foreigners, legal or otherwise, without distinction. The most important feature, however is the establishment of a democratic arc where the values ​​and institutions of justice, fairness, merit and participation, will be placed as top priority, and will embody the foundation on which we can built this national recovery plan to get the country out of the crisis. Because if we could serve the fundamental principles of democracy described above and if we restored the raped and pillaged institutions, the exit from the economic crisis will be swift.
But who will undertake to lead this effort?
Surely, there are remarkable people who have what it takes.
But they are hiding behind the curtains fearing the coming Armageddon.
Reality is we know of some folks who have what it takes, because they have the right stuff, the personal quality, the diligence, the focus in honesty, democratic action, and understand the political path to get us out of the impasse and the morass.
Let us summon the courage and their virtues for all of us.
You can join them and be one of them at the organization site

”Democracy is very fragile. Like a candle it’s never ever more than one gust of wind away from extinction. We don’t pass it on to our children in the bloodline. Instead everyone, everytime, and every generation, must fight for it, protect it, and hand it to others to do the same.” –Pano Kroko

”Democracy is very fragile.
Like a candle it’s never ever more than one gust of wind away from extinction.
We don’t pass it on to our children in the bloodline.
Instead everytime and every generation must fight for it, protect it, and hand it to others to do the same.”
–Pano Kroko
What Happened to Europe? Democracy and the bankers

What Happened to Europe?
Democracy and the decisions of bankers.
A discussion with Amartya Sen
“What Happened to Europe? Democracy and the Decisions of Bankers” Essay by Amartya Sen, offered as a lecture to the Bank for International Settlements in the June 2012 meeting.
Amartya Sen teaches economics and philosophy at Harvard University and received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998. He is the author, most recently, of the book, “The Idea of Justice” published by Harvard University Press.
ABOUT FIFTY YEARS AGO, in 1961, Jean-Paul Sartre complained about the state of Europe. “Europe is springing leaks everywhere,” he wrote. He went on to remark that “it simply is that in the past we made history and now history is being made of us.” Sartre was undoubtedly too pessimistic. Many major achievements of great significance have occurred in the last half a century in Europe, since Sartre’s lament, including the emergence of the European Union, the reunification of Germany, the extension of democracy to Eastern Europe, the consolidation and improvement of national health services and of the welfare state, the legalization and enforcement of human rights and the establishment of a common climate change and renewable energy policy. All this went with a rapidly expanding European economy, which comprehensively re-built and massively expanded its industrial base, social services and infrastructure, which had been devastated during World War II.
Of course bumps along this road were inevitable but things are better now than they were ever before.
There is indeed a long-run historical contrast to which Sartre could have pointed. For centuries preceding World War II, a lot of world history was actually made in Europe. And this generated much admiration, mixed with some fear, around the world. But the situation changed rapidly in the second half of the twentieth century. When I first arrived in Cambridge as a student from India in the early 1950s, I remember asking whether there were any lectures given on the economic history of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. I was told that there were indeed such lectures—and that they were given for a paper called “Expansion of Europe.” That view of the non-European world would seem a little archaic now, not merely because the grand European empires have ended, but also because the balance of political prominence and economic strength has radically changed in the world. Europe is no longer larger than life.
There is, of course, nothing particularly remarkable—or lamentable—in the changing role of the different regions of the world. This has happened again and again. What is really striking is not the historical re-balancing of the different parts of the world, but the mess that Europe has managed to get into in the last decade or so, particularly over the last couple of years. There is a lot of discussion right now—appropriately enough—about how Europe is going to liberate itself from its financial disarray, economic misery, and political chaos. “What to do now” is certainly an important issue today, but “what not to do” is no less important in looking at Europe’s immediate past. This is so not just because past mistakes are relevant in deciding on what to do in Europe (even though what has been done cannot be readily undone—there is no automatic translation from past follies into present rectifications), but also because the negative lessons are essential if we are to avoid similar adversities in the rest of the world.
Europe in recent years has lost it’s way. Much of what has gone wrong is simple bankers greed and another tulip bubble in the form of state sovereign debt gone wrong. We shall be analyzing this in three broad subjects: the challenge of European unity; the requirements of democracy; and the demands of sound economic policy. These are all related to each other, analytically as well as empirically.
The unification of Europe is an old dream. It is not quite as ancient as it is sometimes suggested — the dream is not of classical antiquity. Alexander and other ancient Greeks were less interested in chatting with Goths, Vikings, Angles, and Saxons than they were in conversing with ancient Iranians, Bactrians, and Indians, and Julius Caesar and Mark Antony identified more readily with ancient Egyptians than with Europeans located to the north of Rome. But Europe went through successive waves of cultural and political integration, greatly helped by the powerful spread of Christianity; and by 1464 King George of Poděbrady in Bohemia was talking about pan-European unity. He was followed by many others in the centuries to come, and by the eighteenth century, even George Washington wrote to the Marquis de La Fayette that “one day, on the model of the United States of America, a United States of Europe will come into being.”
But it was the terrible sequence of the two World Wars in the twentieth century, with its floods of European blood, which firmly established the urgent need for political unity in Europe. As Auden wrote in early 1939, on the eve of World War II:
In the nightmare of the dark
All the dogs of Europe bark,
And the living nations wait,
Each sequestered in its hate.
The events that followed only confirmed the poet’s worst expectations. The terrible fear of a repeat of what European countries had seen in the World Wars continued to haunt a great many Europeans. It is important in this context to appreciate that the movement for European unification began as a crusade for political unity, rather than for financial unification and a common currency.
The birth of the European federalist movement was motivated strongly by wanting a political unity free from self destructive wars, as the content both of the Ventotene Manifesto in 1941 and the Milan declaration of 1943 brings out very clearly. There was no hostility to economic integration and not even to a financial union; but the uppermost priority was not banking and currency. It was peace and goodwill and a gradually evolving political integration. The fact that political unification has fallen way behind financial incorporation was a later development, and the problems generated by that oddly chosen sequencing are not irrelevant to understanding the present economic crisis in Europe.
One point is particularly important to note in this historical context, especially since it is often missed. The problems created in the euro zone by going for the integration of currency and a monetary union without the prior supportive presence of a closer political union and a fiscal union extend well beyond economic mishaps into social adversities in the relations between people in different European countries. Anger and frustration, in many different forms, have generated tension among countries with different fortunes within the euro zone, and have also empowered extremist politics of a kind that Europe expected to leave behind.
There is nothing particularly surprising about the problems of balance of payments and other economic adversities that many of the European countries––Greece, Spain, Portugal—have faced, given the inflexibility of the euro zone restrictions on exchange rate adjustment and monetary policies. The consequent crises and rescues involving demands for draconian cuts in public services have also frayed people’s tempers on both sides of the divide. They have strongly exacerbated internecine disaffections within Europe, as is clear from the political rhetoric coming in recent days in very different forms, from the north as well as the south of Europe—with pejorative anger targeted at objects of contempt that vary from “lazy Greeks” to “imperial Germans.”
The often-invoked “analogy” with German sacrifices to achieve the unification of East and West Germany clouds at least some European thinking, and is thoroughly misleading. This is partly because the sense of national unity that prompted the German sacrifice does not exist now between the different European nations, and also because the sacrifice in that remarkable exercise of national unity fell mostly on the richer part of Germany in the west, not on the poorer areas as is being demanded now from many of the afflicted European countries, from Greece to Spain.
The costs of failed economic policies extend well beyond the statistics of unemployment, real income, and poverty (important as they are). The grand vision of a union with a cementing sense of European unity is itself threatened by what is taking place in the economic arena. Those who advocated the “unity of a European currency” as a “first step” toward a united Europe have in fact pushed much of Europe into an entirely counterproductive direction for achieving European unity. There is, of course, no danger of a return to 1939, but, to use Auden’s analogy of the “dogs of Europe,” barking from sequestered regional bases of resentment and contempt does immense harm to the cause of cultivating European amity and unity.
I TURN NOW TO DEMOCRACY. The founders of European unity whose ideas led the European movement wanted a “united democratic Europe.” The Europe that emerged from World War II had learned certain things from bitter experience that it was not going to forget. Perhaps the foremost idea was the importance of democracy, giving each person not only a vote but also a voice. If democracy in the form of regular elections is firmly instituted in the constitutions of most European countries, the commitment to have preparatory public discussion before making large policy decisions is no less ingrained in contemporary European values. Walter Bagehot defined democracy as “government by discussion”—following a line of political analysis that John Stuart Mill had done much to clarify and to champion—and the visionary leaders initiating the quest for European unity never wavered in this dedication.
Some of the policies that were chosen by the financial leaders and economic powers of Europe were certainly mistimed, if not downright mistaken; but even if the policy decisions taken by the financial experts were exactly correct and rightly timed, an important question of democratic process would have remained. The decimation of something as fundamental as the public services that are essential pillars of the European welfare state could not be appropriately left to the unilateral judgments of central bankers and financial experts (not to mention the error-prone rating agencies), without public reasoning and the informed consent of the people of the countries involved. It is true, of course, that financial institutions are extremely important for the success and failure of economies, but if their views are to have democratic legitimacy, and not amount to technocratic rule, then they must be subject to a process of evolving public discussion and persuasion, involving arguments, counter-arguments, and counter-counter-arguments.
If democracy has been one of the strong commitments with which Europe emerged in the 1940s, an understanding of the necessity of social security and the avoidance of intense social deprivation was surely another. Even if savage cuts in the foundations of the European systems of social justice had been financially inescapable (I do not believe that they were), there was still a need to persuade people that this is indeed the case, rather than trying to carry out such cuts by fiat. The disdain for the public could hardly have been more transparent in many of the chosen ways of European policy-making.
Quite aside from the question of democratic legitimacy, there is also an important issue here of political practicality—the practice of the “art of the possible” that politics is meant to be. People could be denied their voices, but with democratic institutions they could not be denied their votes in periodic elections. The people excluded from taking part in the process of policy-making could not be politically silenced, and in election after election the incumbent governments carrying out the dictates of the financial superpowers have been deeply threatened and sometimes summarily removed. And voting rights without effective policy voices have also made it very difficult for practical solutions to emerge, with appropriate attention to well-reflected priorities and to acceptable compromises.
Public reasoning is not only crucial for democratic legitimacy, it is essential for a better public epistemology that would allow the consideration of divergent perspectives. It is also required for more effective practical reasoning. It can bring out what particular demands and protests can be restrained in interactive public reasoning, in line with scrutinized priorities between a cluster of quite distinct demands. This involves a process of “give and take” which many political analysts, from Adam Smith and the Marquis de Condorcet in the eighteenth century to Frank Knight and James Buchanan in our time, have made us appreciate better.
AND WHAT ABOUT the soundness of Europe’s economic policy-making? There are two issues that arise immediately: the viability of the common European currency, the euro; and the policy of austerity—chosen by or imposed upon—European countries in financial difficulty. On the first question, most of the attention has tended to be concentrated on the short run survival of the euro, through providing liquidity to the troubled countries, by one means or another. Many alternative
rescue efforts are being considered right now, such as new bailout packages helped by the financially stronger countries, or the floating of guaranteed euro bonds, or the purchase of Greek, Spanish, and other high-interest bonds from troubled countries by Germany (thereby earning high interest, without much risk, so long as the euro survives in its present form). Many of these “rescue” proposals are certainly worth considering and may prove useful, but none of the proposals address—or are meant to address—the long-run viability problem arising from the inflexibility of the exchange rate through the shared euro, even as countries with relatively lower productivity growth (such as Greece and Spain and Italy) fall behind other countries in the euro zone in terms of competitiveness in trade. A country such as Greece may find that it has increasingly less it can sell abroad at the fixed exchange rate of the euro, unless what is not done by exchange rate adjustment is brought about by the brutal process of cutting wage rates—even in terms of the national currency—to an extent that would not be otherwise necessary.
In the absence of exchange rate adjustments, competitiveness for the countries falling behind can indeed be recovered through sharp wage cuts and other ways of cutting earnings, thereby reducing living standards more drastically than would be otherwise necessary. This would yield much extra suffering and an understandable resistance. There would also be political resistance to the other “solution” through increased migration of the population—for example, from Greece to Germany. A unified currency in a politically united federal country (such as in the United States of America) survives through means (such as substantial population movements and significant transfers) that are not available to a politically disunited Europe. Sooner or later the difficult question of the long run viability of the euro would have to be addressed, even if the rescue plans are completely successful in preventing a breakdown of the euro in the short run.
HOW EFFECTIVE is austerity, or drastically cutting public expenditures, in steering the countries in difficulty out of their immediate problem of excessive deficits and huge debts? It is difficult to see austerity as a soundly reasoned economic solution to the European malaise today. And it may not even be a good way of reducing public deficits.
The policy package demanded by the financial leadership of Europe has been, despite its rhetoric, severely anti-growth. The economic growth of the euro zone has been undermined dramatically, and the GDP there has been falling rather than growing—so much so that the recent report that there was zero growth in the euro zone in the first quarter of 2012 has been widely greeted as “good news.” If Germany is taken out of the total, the result would be continued bad news of falling output for the rest of the euro zone. Spain, Portugal, and Italy continued to decline in these months, and while Greece tempered its free fall from a previous negative 6 percent in 2011, the Greek economy has lost nearly a quarter of its production since 2008. While the economies and the people involved have suffered, the deficits have been quite resistant. The earning of public revenue is impeded by dampened—or negative—economic growth, and this directly cuts down the state’s ability to cut deficits.
There is plenty of evidence in the history of the world that indicates that the most effective way of cutting deficits is to resist recession and to combine deficit reduction with rapid economic growth. The huge deficits after World War II largely disappeared with fast economic growth in the postwar years. Something similar happened during the eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, when Clinton began with a huge deficit and ended with basically none. The much-praised reduction of the Swedish budget deficit between 1994 and 1998 occurred in a period of fairly rapid growth of GDP. The situation is very different today for many countries asked to cut deficits that are having zero or negative growth rates under an imposed discipline of austerity heaped on a recession.
That austerity is a counterproductive economic policy in a situation of economic recession can be seen, rightly, as a “Keynesian critique.” Keynes did argue—and persuasively—that to cut public expenditure when an economy has unused productive capacity as well as unemployment owing to a deficiency of effective demand would tend to have the effect of slowing down the economy further and increasing—rather than decreasing—unemployment. Keynes certainly deserves much credit for making that rather basic point clear even to policymakers, irrespective of their politics, and he also provided what I would call a sketch of a theory of explaining how all this can be nicely captured within a general understanding of economic interdependences between different activities (emphasizing in particular the fact that someone’s expenditure is another person’s income). I am certainly supportive of this Keynesian argument, and also of Paul Krugman’s efforts in cogently developing and propagating this important perspective, and in questioning the policy of massive austerity in Europe.
But I would also argue that the unsuitability of the policy of austerity is only partly due to Keynesian reasons. Where we have to go well beyond Keynes is in asking what public expenditure is for—other than for just strengthening effective demand, no matter what its content. As it happens, European resistance to savage cuts in public services and to indiscriminate austerity is not based only, or primarily, on Keynesian reasoning. The resistance is based also on a constructive point about the importance of public services—a perspective that is of great economic as well as political interest in Europe.
THERE IS A CENTRAL ISSUE of social justice involved here—that of reducing rather than enhancing injustice. The public services are valued for what they actually provide to people, especially to vulnerable people, and this is something for which Europe had fought. Savage cuts in these services undermine what had emerged as a social commitment in Europe at the end of World War II, which led to the birth of the welfare state and the national health services in a period of rapid social change in the continent, setting a great example of public responsibility from which the rest of the world—from East Asia to Latin America—would learn.
In order to understand the inadequacy of Keynes as a guide to solving the European economic crisis, we have to ask: what kind of an economist was Keynes in terms of his vision of a good society? Keynes did say—famously, and accurately enough—that paying laborers to dig holes and then to fill them up can be a very good thing, because of its impact on increasing effective demand to combat a recession or a depression. This is fine as far as it goes, but Keynes had extremely little to say on what social commitments a state should have—what public expenditure should be for, other than for just strengthening market demand through state intervention.
Keynes showed little concern about economic inequality, and was extraordinarily reticent on the horrors of poverty and deprivation. He had little interest in externalities and the environment, and neglected altogether the subject that his rival and adversary A. C. Pigou concentrated on, which was The Economics of Welfare, the title of Pigou’s most famous—and certainly most profound—book. It was the allegedly right-wing Pigou who initiated the measurement of economic inequality, spent time on analyzing the nature and causes of poverty, wrote extensively on externalities and on environmental degradation, and stressed the need for public economics to aim at remedying the allocational errors of the market economy.
So the need to question current financial policies in Europe arises for economic reasons that go well beyond Keynes (while incorporating some important ideas of Keynes), in addition to the political and social reasons to which I have also tried to point. This skepticism does not in any way question the need to recognize the importance of reducing, on an appropriate timetable, the burden of public debt. But good economics is not only about what to aim at, but also about what can be effective, and how and when.
If we add to this economic argument the long-term concern in Europe about some form of social justice and the more immediate political worry about the undermining of the European sense of solidarity, we can see what a disaster the recent European financial policies have been. The case for resisting the savage cuts in public services can hardly be ignored. This is not because the commitment to social justice must always be paramount, but surely it must be a serious concern that cannot simply be discarded by bankers and financial leaders. There is, of course, always a need for rational scrutiny and examination of what a country can afford and what it cannot—taking into account all the relevant factors, including the changing age distribution of the population. But this is not the same question as checking what a country can afford with inefficient economic and financial management, with fuzzy thinking on exchange rates and market demands and economic competitiveness.
The guiding principle has to be, rather, what Adam Smith specified with clarity in The Wealth of Nations: how to work for a good functioning of the economy to be able to provide the public services that people agree are needed. Sound political economy, Smith argued, has to have “two distinct objects”: “first, to provide a plentiful revenue or subsistence for the people, or more properly to enable them to provide such a revenue or subsistence for themselves; and secondly, to supply the state or commonwealth with a revenue sufficient for the public services.” Achieving the latter is just as much the goal of good economics as achieving the former.
Finally, and very importantly, the cause of necessary economic reforms has not been served by confounding that necessity with the policy of austerity. Indeed, serious consideration of the kinds of reform that are needed has been hampered, rather than aided, by the loss of clarity about the distinction between reform of bad administrative arrangements (such as people evading taxes, government servants using favoritism, banks being exempt from necessary discipline, or—for that matter—preserving a nonviable system of early retiring ages), and austerity in the form of ruthless cuts in public services and basic social security. The requirements for alleged financial discipline have tended to amalgamate the two, even though any analysis of social justice would view policies for necessary reform in an altogether different way from drastic cuts in important public services. Even if that distinction may have been lost in rather crude financial thinking, opportunities for adequate public reasoning, in “government by discussion,” could have brought out its relevance clearly enough.
Europe has been extraordinarily important for the world, which has learned so much from it. It can remain globally important by setting its own house in order—economically, politically, and socially. The first step is to understand properly, with some clarity, the policy challenges that Europe faces today. A failure to do so will reverberate far beyond Europe’s own borders.
Amartya Sen teaches economics and philosophy at Harvard University and received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998. He is the author, most recently, of The Idea of Justice (Harvard University Press). A version of this essay was given as a lecture at the Bank for International Settlements in June.
The real war fought today in battlefield Europe, is a cultural one.
It is a war that pits the clear principles of Democracy and Political Union against the constant harping of those praying to the false prophets of markets and money, as the “Raison d’ Etre” of Europe.
It is the old conflict between false idols and real ones.
It is our choice to be more political and less Mercantile still maintaining a healthy balance — or not and tilt all the way to being the servants and supplicants of Markets and money elites.
Choosing our priestly class wisely will get us out of this mess.
Because what we choose to believe in and act upon is our choice, and it will determine the future.
At the end of the day, we choose how we define ourselves.
We can become again dark age peasants and bazaar dwellers and give power to the mullahs of the markets and end up like theocratic Iran with the golden calf as our God and the Bazaar people in power, or we can follow the example of the ancient shining city of light and go on practicing a form of enlightened Democracy as was practiced for a thousand years across form Acropolis in ancient Athens.
That is the real litmus test for Europe
Turkey’s Love changing the world for Democracy because of a bunch of trees…
The idea of the wholesale destruction of the Gezi park in middle of Istanbul, in order to built a Grand Mosque and a giant shopping mall is incredibly daft.
Of course huge protests erupted and I gave a speech under police cordon here but the three thousand people listening had fun. Here the protesters brought a huge piano in the middle of the Taksim square… next to Gezi park to continue their revelry.
You can watch the video…here:
And Mr Erdogan the current Sultan and the authoritarian government started escalating the peaceful protests into a conflict situation. They were so arrogant that they called on the mothers of the Gezi park protesters to come and take their children away, because they warned them if you do not take them, some hazardous and very bad things may happen to them…
Guess what happened next:
Thousands of mothers came to Taksim and they created a love and protection chain around them!
No fear from anything, just committed to love and freedom.
Something extraordinary is happening in spite of everything, my eyes are full of tears. Gas bombs are coming to the Gezi park and the protesters are planting trees and flowers, cleaning the garbage that is created, singing. In the park everything is free, no money. Everybody is offering others, sharing.. All different groups with conflicting ideologies and life views, enemy football teams are together, saying we are sisters and brothers. I hope this innocent movement out of love is not politicized or provoked or used badly…
A nation is awakening,
People are awakening.
God is awakening…
And I am so proud to be here…
~ Aylin Kafalı Deniz
2 Democracy Anniversaries in Photographs 天安门周年


GEZI PARK this week…

Seems to me that the trees of Democracy need to be watered often with copious amounts of blood…
Am Sorry it’s got to be this way.
Any similarities between the two events are completely accidental…
but collaborative governance proves it’s value thus.
DEMOCRACY ALOUD — Begging out the VOTE — Oil Power Money — No Recession for Politics

Coming for my regular bi-monthly, working sojourn through New York and Washington DC, is always an eye opener because of my participation in the incredibly stimulating conversation and debate about the current workings of our Democracy and the Future shape of it.
Am fortunate and Thankful being amongst the great Thinkers and practitioners of the Art of Politics and the awesome learnings about the Great Democracy this country represents. Lately the Presidential Election Campaign Finance issue has been dominating the Agenda. Rightfully so. And nowhere is this discussion more potent than in Washington’s beltway of Power and in Manhattan’s Wall Street — beltway of Finance. Being in New York is always thrilling and a growth experience. Hearing the various voices for or against issues and political ideology and personal economic choices is the “Conversation” du jour and is a more fascinating feast, than any dish the famous Chefs of New York City can serve out in their upscale eateries around here in Manhattan.
Because there is a serious effort at usurping our Democracy going on right NOW.
And this is no fallow conspiracy theory but simple Politics. Simple Economic Theory Politics, blended with High Finance and the old school politics of “begging” out the vote…  “Begging out” in the marketplace. Yet how is this “marketplace begging machine” gets oiled in order to keep working smoothly, is another matter altogether and not much thought is given to that here in the suave dinner parties of the rich and powerful…
Oil for “Political Money” and “Political Money” for Oil is a Realpolitik axiom as old as the oil industry itself. Oil Politics dates back to the first oil discoveries in Pennsylvania and the rise in power of the Rockefellers, the other oil men and the JP Morgan’s ilk, and their commensurate rise of political influence, rising right along with their wealth in a fairly virtuous cycle. By now Oil Politics, is a well understood medium of exchange, financing a well oiled machine through the immense profits generated — most of them overseas and untaxed – by the BIG OIL COMPANIES, pooling together their resources and influence and thus having a huge and shadowy impact on the elections cycle of the United States. An asymmetrical impact when fighting the election for the most important post of Leadership across the world…
In the past, the oil barons, had a clearly understood political, patriotic and public benefit agenda and fought for it as self made men loyal to the Free Enterprise Democracy. Free Minds — Free Markets. Success all around and great economic growth ensued. And in that past, all the Oil barons were honourable Americans.
Clearly, that’s not the case anymore. Not all current big oil men and the Big Oil Companies, are as virtuous as those titans of Free Enterprise of yore. And the aims and legacy of the current decision making leaders in the Energy business and the oil industry executives’ isn’t anywhere near as altruistic and philanthropic as the carefully crafted legacy of these old school great men of  Capitalism and market driven success. Mainly because the current minions have it too easy being fat cat bureaucrats, with all kinds of supports, aren’t owners and their name isn’t on the shingle above the door. And even in the rare case when it is – they tend to be a far more pedestrian lowly and sickly slick bazaar breed of oilmen. Still they are mostly foreigners and not even allowed to vote in the United States as the case might be for most all of the executives of the world’s biggest Oil companies. Yet they can buy your elections… Because they are brought in by treacherous power hungry Quislings.
In this instance, the Koch brothers. And we know this because this weekend, the Koch brothers are holding “secret” conference, with hundreds of anonymous “Oil business donors” from all around the world, in an attempt to assemble their unlimited Super PAC Big Oil Power Money and use these monies in order to buy the American People’s Presidential elections.
Sadly, I have not been invited.
That shouldn’t be allowed to happen…
How things have changed…
The thing is …
Times haven’t really changed that much.
And buying political influence on the Hill, with oil money is still done rather extensively.  Back in the 2000 election it was US oil money. But now the game has been opened up to foreign oil money too. And now is done mainly with foreign oil money and you can thank the convening powers of the Koch brothers and of the Super Big PACs. Not because of the Free Speech protection offered by the Supreme Court’s decision on “Citizens United” but rather the willingness of the Super PAC assemblers to use dirty Oil Power Money capital to do the dirty deed.
In this case we’ll examine the risk of these foreign generated Oil money, buying the whole of the United States Democracy and the White House to boot. Much like back in the year 2000, only now the game is opened up to foreign adventurism to buy that pad on the Hill to call home away from home. Just like a pied-a-terre in Manhattan would be for most of us — except that here is your freedom that’s up for sale.
But let’s get there slowly…
Still we like to comfort & delude ourselves with blaming side issues and looking at side shows.
IE – Just see how David Axelrod, President Obama’s political strategist, recently stoked a common misconception about the 2012 political campaign finance, by blaming the Supreme Court for empowering 21st-century “robber barons trying to take over the government” and in doing so caused a further erosion of the Public Finance option and the need to reform campaign finance… Because nobody in their right mind living in America thinks that the electoral process is well run and the finance of candidates fighting elections, and issues is transparent, well thought out and democratic. That being said, the current US great recession is still reeling the populace around the barrel of uncertainty, and seeing so many billions of dollars wasted in pointless electoral banter is seen as a sacrifice of good capital in these moments of crisis.
And as Europe sinks deeper into its crisis, and fears grow about the slowdown in China and in all the other emerging economies, America’s crisis is integrated to the rest of the world. Because the economic ties to the rest of the world are coming to look like restraints rather than supports and this has a bearing into the upcoming Presidential election just as much as political campaign finance rules have. Because vast amounts of this cash come from overseas via a convoluted path that has allowed the choosing of the American President to be influenced by many more people and special interests than just the American people, their votes and their wallets.
So follow the money and see where it emanates from…
And that’s the clue that the worldwide campaign finance of Democratic Parliamentary candidates is interconnected, due to the integration of the US and the rest of the world’s economy into the global matrix of Finance, Political economy and the worldwide intelligent village. So today, we are all responsible — in some fashion — for the choosing of the next US President, same as the US Foreign Office [ie Dept. of State] was and maybe is responsible to some degree, for the choosing of political leaders around the world or at least for those within the US dominated alliances of NATO and ASEAN countries and beyond. Well, so is Democracy working for us, and it is truly working for some of us more than what for others. But that is how the Democratic process works — inefficient, sometimes unjust and all the time susceptible to corruption. Still, an integrated economic world naturally integrates it’s political machinations in order to function at it’s potent best too. An imperfect world yet far from dystopian, is run in a Democratic process where available. Because Democracy far from perfect is still the best system of political governance we’ve come up with so far. And although the increased integration of the world economy is the central factor in the synchronized global downturn of 2007-10, and for some countries still reeling into the recession now in 2012, things have gotten even more intense and insecure. Because now the outlook for the US economy, the world’s largest, is admittedly very important for every other country, but by the same token the US is increasingly dependent on the rest of the world and that co-dependency spells good news and bad news alike. For Politics and for the Economy.
With US unemployment stubbornly high, the internationalization of the US economy is also becoming a central issue for November’s presidential election. President Obama’s team has been attacking Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, for having “sent jobs overseas” while working in private equity at Bain Capital and making poor judgment decisions.
But that explanation does not account for another development that probably has been just as influential in these pivotal elections, as the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in creating the flood of money into the election process. Namely, the demise of the public financing system for elections. Both Democrats and Republicans have abandoned it and now the system of Public Campaign Finance and all associated Reforms, are dead. Their demise was was hastened by Mr. Obama’s decision four years ago, to abandon it… and instead seek money form the voters and all sundry. This has led to an enormous explosion of Finance wars that mimic the defense spending competition of the old Cold War. A conflict that bankrupted the old Soviet East and subsequently the West as well was this war of attrition end result.
So far, Mr. Obama, Mitt Romney and their respective parties have raised more than $1.2 billion in this Financial war of attrition. This alone is five times the amount raised by all “super PACs” combined, as they race frantically for the cash they need to pay for television advertising, sophisticated technology and old-fashioned get-out-the-vote efforts. But the immense capital from the BIG OIL COMPANIES is just now entering the game. Because Oil Company money from all the International oil companies and their subsidiaries is just now getting into the American Political Game.
The Citizens United decision that Democrats condemn, was a clear signal that the Supreme Court takes a dim view of campaign finance restrictions. And of Campaign Finance Reform too. Really sending this hot potato back to the Legislature but telling them in No uncertain terms that there will be NO NEW RESTRICTIONS ON FREE SPEECH. PERIOD. THAT IS WHAT THE CITIZENS UNITED DECISION IS ALL ABOUT. Scotus is right. I know you’ll find this difficult to digest but am certain on this issue. FREE SPEECH NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED… and the Supremes served us well here again.
And after all, it is only a minority factor in the surge of money running into politics, and its effects have been less profound than often portrayed. Still the SCOTUS decision loosened the conditions under which corporations and unions can back candidates, publicly or privately. Yet organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which since the ruling can use undisclosed donations to advocate victory or defeat of specific candidates, could previously use such donations to influence elections under the veil of “issue advocacy.”
The Citizens United decision was cited in a separate 2010 Supreme Court ruling, VS the FEC, which made clear that individuals can pool unlimited donations in political committees that operate independently of candidates. But wealthy people like Sheldon Adelson, who recently gave $10 million to a super PAC backing Mr. Romney, have enjoyed the right to spend unlimited sums on their own campaign advocacy since the Supreme Court’s 1976 ruling in Buckley VS Valeo.
Citizens United “is an effective rhetorical tool” for opponents of the decision, said Robert Bauer, Mr. Obama’s former White House counsel. But he plays down its importance in the creation of super PACs that followed the decision.
“People have lumped a lot of issues together under the banner of Citizens United,” said Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat who is active on campaign finance issues. Still, he argues that the 2010 decision “changed the psychology” of campaign finance to produce an “anything-goes atmosphere.”
But the largest sums have been raised through the regulated system that now drives the campaign schedules of Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, as well as those of candidates for the House and Senate. Mr. Obama set the standard with the $745 million he raised in 2008 after opting not to participate in the post-Watergate public financing system, under which candidates received taxpayer funds in return for accepting limits on their spending.
In a partisan country locked in a polarizing campaign, there is no shortage of much discussed divisions: religious and secular, the 99 percent and the 1 percent, red America and blue America.
But you can make a strong case that one dividing line has actually received too little attention and it’s the battle line between young and old. The chasm we used to call it or the generation gap. We draw this at the age of 65, 50 or 40. Wherever the line is, the people on either side of it end up looking very different, both economically and politically. The generation gap may not be a pop culture staple, as it was in the 1960s, but it is probably wider than it has been at any time since then.
Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, younger and older adults voted in largely similar ways, with a majority of each supporting the winner in every presidential election. Sometime around 2004, though, older voters began moving right, while younger voters shifted left. This year, polls suggest that Mitt Romney will win a landslide among the over-65 crowd and that President Obama will do likewise among those under 40.
And that reflects the insular way the economy looks like too. Because the US has traditionally been seen as a relatively closed economy, but that is no more true today, that it ever was. The US was always a Mercantile power and that is where the POWER comes from… Look at the song of the Marines sent to Tripoli in Libya two hundred years ago to protect the American Mercantile and foreign shipping interests…
Always the US had been an export nation and one with the highest productivity among it’s peers. An international power since it’s conception with the sword to match the almighty dollar. Yet since the late 20th century, the US mainline economy, has become significantly more open on just about every measure. When globalisation became a hot topic in the 1990s, it often seemed that it was affecting only poor countries and former members of the Soviet bloc. However, the US was globalizing faster than all of them at the same time.
The simplest measure of economic openness – exports and imports as a share of gross domestic product – is about 30 per cent, in line with the global average, having risen about 10 percentage points over the past two decades.
That is not only because of a widening of the trade deficit: exports as well as imports have risen.
Some of the measures of financial integration are even more striking. Bank lending, the ownership of US securities, and corporate assets and earnings, are now all significantly more international than they were.
Foreign direct investment and takeovers, in both economic and political issues and both within and out, of the US have boomed and blossomed in recent years… There has also been an immigration increase to match the great influx of people in the 1860s-1920s. And that is another way our world’s Democratic nations bond together. Free flows of People…
Democracy is precious, but also pernicious and catchy.
Just ask Aung San Suu Kyi whom I just heard speak at the Parliament in Westminster Palace in London, and you’ll see how important Democracy can be for those who haven’t got it…
Because Burma after it’s independence in 1947 could go either way.
And it did.
As it often happens it went the wrong way … into 50 years of military dictatorships lasting from 1962 to now.
Just hear how Aung Suu Kyi describes this process in her own words addressing the oldest continuously run Parliament in the world  – the Westminster House of Parliament:
“Following Burma’s independence in 1948, our Parliamentary system was of course based on that of the UK. The era became known, in Burmese, as the Parliamentary Era- a name which by the mere necessity of its application speaks of the unfortunate changes which followed. Our Parliamentary Era, which lasted- more or less- until 1962, could not be said to have been perfect. But it was certainly the most progressive and promising period until now in the short history of independent Burma. It was at this time that Burma was considered the nation most likely to succeed in South East Asia. Things did not, however, go entirely to plan. They often don’t, in Burma, and indeed in the rest of the world.
Now, once again, we have an opportunity to reestablish true democracy in Burma. It is an opportunity for which we have waited many decades. If we do not use this opportunity, if we do not get things right this time round, it may be several decades more before a similar opportunity arises again.
And so it is for that reason that I ask Britain, as one of the oldest Parliamentary democracies, to consider what it can do to help build the sound institutions needed to support our nascent Parliamentary democracy.”  ….
“This journey out of Burma has not been a sentimental pilgrimage to the past, but an exploration of the new opportunities at hand for the people of Burma. I have been struck, throughout my trip, by how extraordinarily warmhearted and open the world has been to us. To experience this first hand, after so long physically separated from this world, has been very moving. Countries that geographically are distant, have shown that they are close to Burma in what really matters: they are close to the aspirations of the Burmese people. We are brought into proximity through our shared values- and no geographical distance, no human-made barriers, can stand in our way.”
“During the years of my house arrest it was not just the BBC and other broadcasting stations that kept me in touch with the world outside.  It was the music of Mozart and Ravi Shankar, and the biographies of men and women of different races and religions, that convinced me I would never be alone in my struggle.  The prizes and honours I received were not so much a personal tribute, as a recognition of the basic humanity that unites one isolated person to the rest of the world.”
“During our dark days in the 1990s, a friend sent me a poem by Arthur Hugh Clough.  It begins ‘Say not the struggle nought availeth…’.  I understand  that Winston Churchill, one of the greatest Parliamentarians the world has known, used the poem himself as a plea for the USA to step in against Nazi Germany.  Today, I want to make a rather different point: that we can work together, combining political wisdom from East and West, to bring the light of democratic values to all peoples, in Burma and beyond.  I will just read the final verse:
And not by eastern windows only,
When daylight comes, comes in the light,
In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly,
But westward, look, the land is bright.
I would like to emphasise in conclusion that this is the most important time for Burma, that this is the moment of our greatest need- and so I would ask that our friends, both here in Britain and beyond, participate and support Burma’s efforts towards the establishment of a truly democratic and just society.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to address the members of one of the oldest democratic institutions in the world.  Thank you for letting me into your midst.  My country has not yet entered the ranks of truly democratic societies, but I’m confident we will get there before too long, with your help.”
Amazing Energy this diminutive woman has, and I wish her Godspeed and Good luck.
For her work is great and uplifting a whole country isn’t always easy.
Yet she’s got the requisite energy to do just that.
And energy is the one area where everyone is alone. Even the US has managed to disengage itself slightly from the rest of the world, in this field, as the boom in shale gas and oil production has cut imports way down. Self Sufficiency is still a far dream, but that is a dream at best because the US has no native Energy policy either. This is due to the special interest lobbies. As my friend T-Boone Pickens says, the Koch petroleum industries amongst others are the main culprits behind the failure of the political process of the US to have a robust national Energy policy…
And the same Koch Petroleum Industry and their namesake KOCH brothers are just now convening the usual suspects and all of the BIG OIL COMPANIES into their own Super PACs. They are creating the supper pool of international Big Oil Companies to influence American Elections. Just like inviting the Red Coats to protect George Washington’s fledging Democracy. It s a purely traitorous act. Because they are creating a multinational new breed of Super PAC for their super conservative Oil business friends, in order to raise untold zillions of fresh money and throw the lot into the current Presidential Political Campaign. They have one mission alone. They spend all that money in order to defeat Obama and end all the policies that they don’t like. Of course working with Romney must be a Love-fest for the Koch brothers and their cronies as they dig their heads in the sand. Just see the daft law North Carolina passed to stop the sea level rising by making it illegal… Making nature’s reaction to our follies illegal is very smart indeed…
Anybody out there?
And that’s how the international multinational BIG OIL COMPANIES pollute the vaunted American Democratic Electoral System. Seems like a throwback to the days when the big oil companies STAGED COUP D’ETAT AFTER COUP D’ ETAT AROUND THE WORLD, like in removing Mossadek in Iran, in Burma assassinating Aung Suu Kyi father and running a dictatorship for fifty long years, killing Lumumba, killing Allende and installing Pinochet in Chile, Nigeria, Iraq, and so many more examples of BIG OIL MONEY fostering dictatorships in all the oil rich nations around the world. Often times with the blessing of the State Department under the guise of fighting communism…
So now the BIG OIL COMPANIES want to buy this American Presidential Election too…
Nothing strange in this one after the disastrous eight year rule of Cheney’s bush and the deleterious effect it had in all of the world’s economies. Let alone the American Economy that it sank to it’s lowest ebb since the years preceding the Civil War.
Is this now a case of the chicken coming home to roost?
So even here, the US remains tied to the rest of the world economy and is likely to become more so, because oil is a global commodity and operates within a resource priced market, so the price is set principally by the international balance of supply and demand. There is a 12 per cent discount for US domestic crude compared to international prices, because shortages of pipeline capacity created bottlenecks, but that is likely to close over time.
As the economic ties between the US and the rest of the world tighten, the consequences are complex and difficult to disentangle. Economies that trade more with each other are more likely to move into recession and recovery together, but some of the implications of capital market integration may work the other way. If a slowdown in Europe or Asia encourages capital to flow into the US, for example, it could help to support American economic growth and also support the Presidential candidate that this money wants to see standing behind the “Resolute” in the oval office.
On balance, greater economic integration seems to increase the synchronization of countries’ economic and democratic cycles. The latest evidence from the US, including the weakness of the stock market over the past three months, faltering manufacturing output, and a dip in exports in April, may be early warning signs of the impact of the latest problems in Europe and Asia and also spell a worrisome trend for Mitt Romney because he is seen as the anti Quantitative Easement and anti job creation, guy out there. And that attitude doesn’t help the world’s economy, same as it hinders the native economy of these United States.
In a turbulent world, the possibility of US economic and political self-reliance is a comforting thought for many Americans. Yet it appears unlikely to exist IN THIS ERA OF INTERCONNECTED FINANCIAL FLOWS STEMMING TOWARDS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.
Good Luck to us all.
Over the past couple of decades, the US has become significantly more integrated into the rest of the world economy. That shift has brought great benefits, in terms of US companies’ diversification and access to faster-growing emerging economies, the productivity gains brought about by increased specialization, and the spur to innovation created by larger markets and greater competition.
And with elections looming there is a whole advertising industry looking to benefit from this boost in the arms of the economy that the Presidential elections provide. And there is no shortage of money here. Nor is there any reason to expect a slowdown. Neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. Romney plans to take the $92 million per candidate on offer from public financing for this general election season, and combined they have raised less than $10 million for spending on the general election, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. More than 95 percent of their receipts so far are for use only through the late-summer nominating conventions, meaning they still have far to go to fill their general election bank accounts.
Fred Wertheimer, a longtime advocate of campaign finance-law changes, predicts that $6 billion will be spent on races for Congress and the presidency by Election Day. Of that, he said, $5 billion will come from contributions that are publicly disclosed and limited by federal law, as opposed to the unregulated money flowing into outside groups.
So here is an industry that suffers no Recession…
Just remember DEMOCRACY IS FRAGILE and can’t hurt too much. It’s like a flower and Burma’s spin to the Oil masters who assigned dictators for fifty years is just such an indication of backwards “growth.”
Half a Century of Negative Growth. Only an oil dictatorship can accomplish this… Even Mugabe in Zimbabwe did better than this…
Dirty Oil money polluting the American Presidential Election can have far more devastating effects for the US economy.
Because it can have serious horrible consequences for the Earth as a whole.
It can cause malaise for all the Peoples of this Earth, and for the Planet and for Democracy itself.
All these are far more important than the US economy or even the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and all assorted oil spills combined along with the death of Democracy itself.
Oil Political Money is the biggest Power out there and needs to be harnessed for the good. For the Common Good…
Serious Shit this one…
Mr President, America, Honorable Legislators & People of America,
PLEASE — Beware of Argives bearing gifts.
On this Anniversary of Waterloo — Let’s think Liberty

Am quite ambivalent of which ideological side to claim as Victorious in the battle of Waterloo but in popular culture there is no argument that in recognition of Napoleon’s defeat on the bloody battlefield in Belgium near Brussels; “to meet one’s Waterloo” has entered the colloquial language as a phrase signifying a great test with a final and decisive outcome – generally one resulting in failure and proving vincibility for something or someone who had seemed unbeatable.
So for my purposes and respecting my allegiance to friends and colleagues on both sides of the channel on this anniversary of the battle of Waterloo — I’d like to invite all of us to think of Democracy and Liberty. And this thought is largely due to the fact that am participating in the Liberty 2014 conference in London that stands as #Liberty2014 in the digital sphere. And am also immersed in London Tech Week that allows me to look at the great concepts of our Age through the lens of the modern cutting edge era.
And as the shared economy grows on one end — so the backlash reverberates and the Democratic deficit is increasing across the world today.
Liberty is again under attack and thus am reminded of the very reason why the rise of Individual rights, Human Rights, and Civil Rights, is indisputably the Winner of the conflict of Waterloo. As both sides lost their thin veneer of claim to divine rule, the legitimacy of the State lost ground and the concept of individual Liberty, Freedom, and Parliamentary Democracy, came to the front.
This is evoked because after all major conflicts, the re-examination of the Social Contract leads to a new settlement, and a new Equilibrium in Society. So the bigger the battle — the bigger the movement of the needle. And thus the Battle of Waterloo indeed moved things forth in a very big way. Both England and France benefited mightily and today’s advances in Shared Economy and Technology represent another Waterloo for old Statist influences albeit the Governing oppressors around the world have not yet felt the ground shifting under their feet. That the tremors will come soon is certain. Whether there will be any of them left in a few years is highly uncertain…
So again in my usual time travel sequence I bring the clock forward to the other Big War, the Second World War that was nearing the end when an otherwise unknown economist wrote a seminal book that really didn’t have much truck with the war, but had everything to do with the ideology that brought about the war. The National Socialists of Germany under Adolf Hitler as modern day barbarians destroyed and rearranged Europe in ways reminiscent of Napoleon but without the positive aspects nor the vastly civilizing influence of the Bonaparte.
So the unassuming economist Hayek came into the world stage with a small book named: “The Road to Serfdom” and this book does justice to its monumental status in the history of the Human Struggle against Totalitarianism.
It is Hayek’s spirit that helps us all in the battle against the history of State oppression and in our struggle for Freedom and Liberal ideas, with open Minds. Hayek’s book: The Road to Freedom, was a surge of Free people / free markets, capitalist ideas that are singularly responsible for launching an important debate on the relationship between the state and the individual where political and economic freedoms are concerned.
All of You, who know me as a champion of Freedom and Liberty — and there is a clear distinction between the two — inevitably recognize the Hayek spirit in my work. But what You don’t recognize is that equality and equanimity are central themes of my struggle as well. I don’t believe in unbridled market forces but in Free and Open Markets same as in Free and Open Societies and above all else I believe in Free and Open individuals reaching their potential in Democratic Societies where the are at Liberty to reach their potential in an environment of Freedom, Hope and Opportunity.
Equality of Opportunity is foremost in my mind when I bring the aftermath of the Second World War and the Free Speech of Hayek towards the Liberty of Equal Rights for All people when I say this: Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy, are the rights we won after the bloody Second World War and the terrible toll in lives, that the National Socialists brought to the world — by wanting to enforce a faulty ideology to our world and to our Peoples.
On “The Road to Serfdom” is a stop gap book written by the Austrian-born economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek (1899–1992) between 1940–1943, in which he “warned of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning”, and where he argues that the abandonment of individualism and classical liberalism inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, the creation of an oppressive society, the tyranny of a dictator and the serfdom of the individual.
Hayek challenged the general view among his era’s academics that fascism was a capitalist reaction against socialism, instead arguing that fascism, national socialism, and socialism — all had common roots in central economic planning and the power of the state over the individual.
On that note, Hayek became an important influence in the post war Democracy, Liberty, and Open Market/Open minds world debate. And the book set a new standard for what it means to be a dissident in a world of intellectual conformity. It collected around it a new breed of Liberty minded philosophers, economists and politicos. They gathered and huddled together in early Think tanks,and Don rooms in Oxford and Cambridge, same as they did in Princeton and Harvard, and they all exchanged notes and found the movement as a blast of fresh air to warm their hearts and allow them to breathe. The new adherents to Liberty saw far and were able to detect the negative trends after the war and raised their voice and warned of a new form of despotism coming up. They saw this State Oppression as enacted after the war in the name of liberation. And though this book appeared in 1944, at the tail end of the war it was to have it’s remarkable impact felt mostly today, because no modern thinker can consider himself well-schooled in modern Economics, Policy, Social and Political ideas, without having absorbed its lessons.
What Hayek saw, and what most all his contemporaries missed, was that every step away from the free minds & free markets; toward central government planning and state controls, represents a grave loss of individual Liberty. Statism clearly brings a compromise of human freedom generally and is unquestioningly a step toward a form of dictatorship. This is absolutely true in all times and in all places of human history. We’ve seen it in ancient times and we see it today. Yet there is a balance to be had in order to run the state. And that is the true search for the Holy Grail. Hayek in my mind, and history bears this out — demonstrated rather well, this argument against every claim that government control was really only a means of increasing social well-being.
He clearly demonstrated that government planning would make society less livable, more brutal, more despotic. State sponsored Socialism in all its forms is contrary to freedom and Liberty.
Nazism, or otherwise scientifically called National Socialism — he wrote, is not different in kind from Communism. Furthermore, he showed that the very forms of government that England and America were supposedly fighting abroad were being enacted at home, if under a different guise. Corporate Oligarchy, concentration of power, and Lobby Corruption, he said, are further steps down this road that can only end in the abolition of effective liberty for everyone. And so is the industrial military complex that leads us to war … a weed that destroys the garden of Liberty, Freedom and Democracy — where far too many people have sacrificed their lives to have the flowers of Liberty blossom tenfold.
Capitalism, he wrote, is the only system of economics compatible with human dignity, prosperity, and liberty. To the extent we move away from that system, we empower the worst people in society to manage what they do not understand.
I trust that you would agree upon re-reading the book “The Road to Serfdom” that the beauty of this book is it’s ideas that not only offer analysis but a debating society style of discourse which is unrelenting and passionate. Even today, the book remains a source of controversy and I’ve often used it to bolster my rhetoric style and win debate after debate over the years.
And I win the debates because all the Statists, Socialists, pseudo-humanitarians, Communists, and all those who imagine themselves to be against dictatorship, yet want to micromanage Society — cannot abide Hayek’s argument, or my rhetoric and leadership practice. Yet my opponents never stop attempting to refute me… All in vain… As for the Statists — they hate my guts… But that’s another ball of wax.
Some other Social extremists on the other end of the spectrum, deep conservatives of the foggy bottom, also find themselves disappointed with Hayek, claimed that He did not go far enough, and made too many compromises in the course of his arguments…
They prove my point that wing nuts on both sides of the political divide, staying clear away from the golden middle are just that. Nuts.
But that is the genius of Hayek and our small group of Liberty and Democracy fighters. Nobody is fully satisfied with his explanation and serene observation of the incoming serfdom of the citizen and yet when you see the NSA having the biggest budget than any other agency of the state of the US it fully illuminates the point. And that makes me think that He was just right. A very Solomon like approach to Economics and Politics is what we need today to parse the needs and wants, the gets and gives of all segments of the political and socio-economic spectrum.
Still for, anyone who loves liberty this is a gospel book and one cannot but feel a sense of gratitude that this book exists and remains an important part of the current debate today that we celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Waterloo and we remember Liberty as the suffering quality in each and every conflict that pits state against state.
Someday we’ll learn this lesson in Europe and we’ll stop fighting but I don’t see this happening in our lifetime.
Hayek served humanity with this work of thought and inspiration, offering it to a world that desperately needed to hear its message, after a devastating and destabilizing World War and also today where we are building resilience to avoid falling in the same ditch that brought about the serious imbalances that caused the two worldwide Wars of attrition.
Eurosceptics vs Europeans United

Eurosceptics United vs European Federalists …
Now that’s a World Cup match I’d like to see played out on the Darwinian playing field and count the score…
Or in pugilistic terms: A fragmented and Eurosceptic Britain would never again punch above its weight on the world stage and will follow the exit of Scotland if Scotland leaves, the Union.
Britain’s influence follows it’s ebb and flow of success on the world stage and the strength of the Empire – real or imagined.
An English academic asked a Scottish Academic what is an Englishman and the answer might surprise you:
“An Englishman is a man who lives on an island in the North Sea governed by Scotsmen”.
He then asked why the Scots want to give up this power over their historic foe?
To which He answered: I guess they will be voting “No” because of the D-Day anniversary. Now we all have been reading some of the contemporary writing of the leading American and British politicians and Generals, and the interesting thing to note is that the leading British soldiers such as Field Marshal Brooke, were from Northern Ireland, and many more from Scotland, and from the other members of the commonwealth, than old Blightey.
I think this goes to the issue that the strength of the UK has always rested on contributions made by each of its constituent nations. Another is the transition in the relationship between Britain and the US as the war wore on. At the start, the British had the expertise and set the agenda. This was to the chagrin of most senior members of the American military – who felt that the British looked down their nose at them. But Roosevelt appears to have appreciated that the US army was not ready to take on the Wehrmacht.
Only after George Marshall created, virtually from nothing, a huge army, and it went through a baptism of fire in North Africa, was it able to fight the German army more or less on an equal footing. Of course it can be argued from beginning to end the Germany army was superior to the other combatants and were it not for Hitler’s blundering both the Policy, and the Diplomacy, as well as his crazy death wish by sending whole Peoples to the gallows and the gas chambers — the outcome could easily have been different.  However, once the contribution of the US substantially exceeded that of Britain, not surprisingly the Americans started to call the shots. The timing of this transition was good because the British insisted in 1942 that a cross-channel invasion would be premature (and they were right) and thus they supported a second front in North Africa and Italy to relieve the pressure on the Soviets.
Thus the credit for the war tilting should be in North African and then Italy and Greece. Still most US senior military leaders thought this was an excuse to keep the Suez Canal, the life-line of the British Empire, safe. And they were probably right. Churchill made no bones about it that he was not prepared to see the British Empire dismantled.
Yet by 1944, the British were unable to resist any longer the American and Soviet demands for a wholesale invasion of Europe from across the channel. By then the US was ready and its industrial capacity had been fully harnessed to the extent that it out-produced all the other countries involved in WWII combined. In his history of WWII, Churchill plays down US and British disagreements and suggests that both countries were bound and determined to liberate Europe as soon as possible. And that they did magnificently. Now that’s a footsie game worth following and this was the original World Cup. Ahem … excuse me: World War. Still History is worth studying because the lesson should not be lost with the generational change of the guard.
Remembering this as both a British/Scottish/Greek/European, and an American citizen, I fervently hope that Scotland does not vote to separate and abandon the fertile United Kingdom especially now acting hastily on sentimental reasons. From my own unique cultural experience, am here to tell you that both Scottish and Greek Peoples are alike and run hot or cold with anger and passion. They both have their national drink that overrides all passions and their national game and dress. Both Peoples are fiercely independent and brutal in their anger and myopic approach to logical processes when drunk on their local elixir or on their local version of nationalism gone wild. If you have played a close contact game of golf with a Scotsman juiced on the malted water of the river — you know too well what am talking about.
Still the abundant and overwhelmingly beautiful prose and poetry of these ancient and enlightened Peoples allows me a glimmer of hope that in this instance both of these sentimental Peoples will vote with their head and will not allow their fiery passions to throw the baby out with the bath water. Robert Burns said this: “My love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June: My love is like the melody that’s sweetly played in tune. … ”
When I last spoke in Edinburgh about the issue of Scottish Independence, I was clearly asking my Sottish brethren, who have a lot of Byzantine blood in them, to be patient. I simply said to the assembled clan-leaders and the Greats of Scotland that is best to await a few more years. Be patient, because in ten to fifteen years we will all be part of a Federal Europe of 87 regions and not of the old Common Market of the 28 nationalities. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who served as prime minister from 1999 to 2001, has said that “the Balkanization of the British Isles is something we are not looking forward to because Scotland will have to start from scratch.” But if Scotland stays put and enlarges it’s role; then Scotland in ten years’ time, will be not only on an equal footing with England, but on par with France, and Germany — and that is worth waiting for.
Mark my words. I said in Edinburgh: “The time is now to build your region and integrate further with the Unions. Now is the time for Scotland to become more militant in favour of a European federation. Let us see Scotland lead the United Kingdom, dragging old England by pulling from the hair, headfirst into the Age of European Federalism. Kicking and screaming, England will love it. That’s how it always happened and that’s how You give old Nigel a stroke and drive a stake through the heart of the UKIP Dracula.
That is the future my friends. That is a future worth fighting for. So Go Ahead. Fight for it. Don’t go to a distant and murky past. You can’t afford it in the first place. Your education will suffer and your deer hunts will not be enough for supper. Your fluorocarbons are not enough to built you an army. And as for renewables you cannot even buy you a solar heater — so go with the flow. Stand together with the rest of us, and everything will work out fine. In the end we’ll all be happy together. And in the long run we’ll all be dead anyway, so what the hell matters?
Make no mistake – be patient.
United we stand – Divided we fall.
Fall into our own sword as this case might be…
So let’s be smart and avoid this horrid auto-goal. A selfie of that kind is not befitting an ancient people and a wise enlightened nation. Let’s not disembowel ourselves and instead let’s go the other direction. Let’s become more. More intertwined. More abundant. More resilient and more robust. Let’s become more United. More united in the big Europe of ours> Let us guide Scotland to become better through a better Europe and a stronger Union. Let’s forget about ancient animosities and let’s not start walking the wrong way and bring an earthquake that will devour all of our efforts and alienate us from all those around us…
I know that’s not what You are thinking but as the Law of Unintended consequences takes effect you shall be powerless to repair the dam. Your plans are not to breach the dam but still. Catastrophes ensue out of “what the hell” attitudes. Or even out of well thought out plans. Same as Robert, the national poet says: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.”
So I beseech you: Let’s think this thing through carefully because if we don’t the naysayers, the negativists and all of our enemies will rejoice. Furthermore, I don’t think the “yes” supporters have really thought out the consequences. Scotland today is still the Enlightened Leader and it has double representation both in the UK parliament and in its own parliament with jurisdiction over local matters. I cannot help but ask what more do you want?
You know that if Scotland votes for independence — you lose your EU membership, and Britain would soon leave the EU as well. That is because should Scotland vote for independence, and/or Eurosceptics win the day in any eventual EU plebiscite, this would not only deal a body blow to the international influence of the United Kingdom, but could even place the continued union between England, Northern Ireland and Wales in jeopardy. And the two issues could feed into each other. This is because Scots, in general, are more favourable toward continued membership of the EU than the English, who account for a majority of Britain’s population. Thus, if Scotland votes for independence, and doesn’t take part in a subsequent EU plebiscite, it becomes more likely that – in a close vote – Britain would leave the EU.
But I have to say this again. We can do well in this country together. I know and you know that a little love goes a long way. So give me some loving here and lay still for a while longer. But you have to agree to love or else this Union will not work. So pray tell — what more is it that you want? If it is more Europe that you want — then wait a decade and a separate seat in the EU is likely to be granted to you, as an independent region. But you separate now it will be twenty years before you can get readmitted into the European Union and that’s for starters. Look at the Balkans and Ukraine where they are today. Instead Scotland should focus on playing it’s strengths. Become a best run European region. Adopt and promote the Gaelic language and all the glory that makes Scotland great. Because Scotland is great as a European region far more than a region of the UK and the Commonwealth. But it was the UK that brought you into the Union and thus your position is assured. Scotland is a darling in a Europe of many languages. We spend 800 million euros in translation services alone, we can surely afford to fit Gaelic into the pot.
So leaving the United Kingdom and by extension the European Union now would be stupid. It’s tantamount to a suicide. A pact with the Devil, and a regressive political move. That’s all I’ve got to say… Barack Obama also said this. He expressed his support for a “strong, robust and united” Britain. He is clear on his preference for a “no” vote in the Scottish independence referendum in September. He gave us comfort as he spoke that the “United Kingdom has been an extraordinary partner to us.”
But am not holding my breath that you will act reasonably, serenely and rationally because as I well know from long experience with both  Peoples I hang with — Greeks & Scots, the enlightened mind goes for a holiday when the angry mind goes to vote fortified with the sweet single malt or the anise flavoured water of life. You sing the national anthem and throw caution to the wind while going commando jumping over the parapet to stitch the enemy.
Whoever that enemy might be…
Problem is, sometimes there is no enemy but yourself.
And stitching yourself is not only painful — it’s suicide.
Scottish brothers and Sisters — please listen to the better Angels of your heart.
And then do what you want.
As for the Old England …
Am not too worried.
The English are resourceful beyond compare. They’ll come up with creative solutions to plug the hole that Scotland will leave behind. Surely they will miss the fun and games but employment will be boosted having to rebuilt the old Hadrian wall. And that national game “Golf” you are not getting it back. As for the Scotch whiskey — you might as well forget it. It’s all what the English drink these days and it might as well be called “English whiskey” in a couple of generations because they are better marketeers.
One alternative to the UK after the Scottish devolution, could be a more advanced federalization of the United Kingdom, or what’s left of it.. with the other European sceptic countries. The piglets, the periphery, the south, or even the Ukraine and all other ones from the Maghreb to the Middle east and Turkey. A veritable hodgepodge of festering resentment and dissatisfaction not unlike the average Ukip voter and Nigel with the German dominatrix Haus-Frau to boot.
Or maybe England should focus on the Atlantic role of the UK, in-between the US and the EU. This with an advanced European Federalization, might be an alternative to UK’s full membership to the Federal European Union — although scarily acrobatic.
Or maybe a better role for England and the remaining United kingdom is a renewed Commonwealth with it’s attendant drive for a fuller integration of the Bric economies if not a distant nations federalization.
Yet whatever Great Britain does, as the UK or as England and Allies, or as the Commonwealth, it’s going to be a cataclysmic shift economically — but it is essential to both the EU and the US to maintain England as a go between. That’s what the special relationship is all about.
And maybe this is the sweet spot where England should thrive. As it could be for the Long Now, because alone might have a hard time to remain credible in this transitional position.
But make no mistake England will come back to Europe… and the world stage swimmingly.
As for all those other countries, conquered and adopted when England was heading the British Empire — they can find a renewed role within a larger framework of an ascendant European Federation of which England and Scotland could come to be the prodigal sons.
Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus…
Learn about this because the only way to protect your Democracy and your RIGHTS is to know what these rights are.
Otherwise You have No Democracy and No Rights either.
So Habeas Corpus is a Request for instant Judicial Review of any deprivation of yours or other people’s Liberty.
A writ of habeas corpus is a court order of the highest power that requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge and into a court.
The principles of habeas corpus are deeply enshrined in any lawful State and especially in a Republic and a Democracy.
If you live in a Democracy, then rest assured that Habeas Corpus ensures that a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention immediately — that is, detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence.
It has historically been the most important legal instrument safeguarding civil rights and individual freedom against arbitrary state action, arrest, and imprisonment. It is the only serious bulwark of protecting the individual and communal Human Rights from the excruciating oppression of Totalitarianism.
But You have to know about it and use it.
Today in a democracy Habeas Corpus has evolved and has been extended to non-police authorities, and not just personal matters, as in the 1898 Queen’s Bench case of Ex Parte Dorothy Hopkins, which has successfully been utilized more recently in India to liberate a woman from a Muslim madrasa. So Habeas Corpus applies across the board to all forms of unlawful confinement such as debtor’s prisons, asylums, wards, military gaols, immigration camps, local police cells, refugee and IDP camps, mental hospitals, rendition centres, secret jails, tax court holding pens, family held individuals, students held in “schools” against their will, [Medresses] boarding schools, religious schools, monasteries, cults, etc. Thus all unlawfully captive people can regain their freedom under the provisions of the Habeas Corpus Writ.
A writ of “Habeas Corpus” also known as the “Great Writ” is a summons with the force of the Highest Supreme Court order, and is addressed to any prison official, police person, and persons of any Authority to imprison and hold people — “custodians” from the Sovereign, down to the Prime Minister, President, Ministers, functionaries, military personnel and bureaucrats, of any level and of any country. A Writ of Habeas Corpus requires that a prisoner be taken before a court to be seen by a judge and to have the case and cause of imprisonment reviewed immediately. Failure of any authority to obey this Habeas Corpus Great Writ disqualifies them from office.
When the “Habeas Corpus” writ is served to the “custodian” — be it a jailer, police, military, and civil official with power to hold people — it requires immediate action. That action is that they present proof of authority and justification, bringing the “prisoner” in front of a sitting Judge, thus allowing the court to determine whether the “custodian” has lawful authority to detain the prisoner. If the custodian is acting beyond his authority, then the prisoner must be released immediately and the custodian be reprimanded. Additionally any prisoner, or another person acting on his or her behalf, not only a lawyer, but any citizen, may petition the court, or a judge, for a writ of habeas corpus.
One reason for the writ to be sought by a person other than the prisoner is that the detainee might be held incommunicado, drugged, gagged, or under duress, or in secret jails, or asylums, or in “clinics” or in local village police stations, or in work camps, or in military barracks, and thus held under rather adverse circumstances, and unable to be reached or communicated with. That is the reason why all the remedies of Habeas Corpus apply always, and must be observed.
All lawful states and jurisdictions across the world, provide a similar remedy for those unlawfully detained. That is the case with functioning countries, except for the totalitarian, communist, and fascist regimes. Hitler’s Germany for example, was famous for abolishing Habeas Corpus with the curt Führer calling the Habeas Corpus an English innovation and dismissing it immediately as soon as he came into power.
Yet history showed us that this ancient innovation of Habeas Corpus is the most useful bulwark of Liberty because it clearly demarcates a Democracy from a Fascist totalitarian regime, and thus separates the bastards of statecraft from the well born and well bred Democratic citizen leaders.
Make no mistake “habeas corpus” or “Amparo de libertad” as is called in some Spanish-speaking nations, best serves as remedy against unlawful imprisonment for the ‘protection of Liberty’ and offers the supreme guarantee of Democratic Freedoms and Personal Liberty.
We have observed in history that when you violate the Habeas Corpus, you shred Democracy and have no claim to lawful authority. Governing bodies, elected and non elected officials who disregard the Habeas Corpus rights of the people are subject to international arrest and can be brought to Justice because of their blatant violation of Human Rights. Such is the strength of this Great Writ that even people like Cheney and Bush had to observe it at the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
The right to petition for a writ of habeas corpus has long been celebrated as the most efficient safeguard of the liberty of the subject citizens and all other people in a lawful society. The noted international jurist Albert Venn Dicey wrote that the British Habeas Corpus Acts “declare no principle and define no rights, but they are for practical purposes worth a hundred constitutional articles guaranteeing individual liberty”
Now You might rightfully ask why is Pano harping away about Habeas Corpus?
Well … that is a good question and a valid point.
Here is the answer:
I was invited to a Conference held by the Greek Stock Exchange to promote institutional investment in the stricken country under the PR tag line Growth for Greece.
The CEO of the exchange is someone I know and respect for many years and consider a friend and I also want to help rally sustainable investment of the massive scale to tip the balance towards a Green Economy.  Mind you Greece is the only country in the world that suffers it’s seventh year of a horrible economic depression with no end on sight. Of course there is no end because Greece is at present under a German administered economic Austerity plan that is no different than any other Nazi inspired solution. People eat from the garbage bins literally and a small tiny minority is lording it over them by collaborating with the Germans. The country and it’s people suffer under a renewed occupation of the economic kind, that has resulted in this ancient country becoming a vast debtor’s prison where the once free citizens do not enjoy even the basic rights of Habeas Corpus and where confiscation of property and even bank deposits happen without any judgment by the courts.
So a person can be and does get arrested and thrown in debtor’s prison for a debt to the state of a few hundred euros. Imagine that Dickensian fate for a human being, a father of family to be thrown to jail for a small debt to the state. A small debt arising out of onerous and unjust taxation that in Greece of today with most people being unemployed — one cannot afford to pay. You surely understand that in the case of the Greek people you would do the same thing. You would also first try to feed your children and then if you have any money try to pay the tax man. But in 2014, this is the German efficiency machine in action. The Greek collaborateurs arrest people and confiscate their property with not a moment’s thought as if the people are animals with nor rights. As if that is not enough, the collaborationist Greek government further trashes the human rights of the people by announcing that they are able to lawfully confiscate the bank deposits of citizens without even a simple notification towards the affected people. And as history happens — I was reading this in the Greek newspaper of record “Kathimerini” while listening to the neo-Gauleiter of Greece, Mr Horst Reichenbach strutting about the stage and showing diagrams of fiction about an economic recovery that isn’t coming any time soon…. very much in Fuhrer mode and in English spoken with a German cadence.
This being the weekend, I had flown over from London via Brussels and Rome, where I had a series of Democracy related meetings, and had arrived in a stifling hot Athens — not in the best of moods. I headed to the seaside hotel venue of the conference and in good spirit I attempted to participate in the proceedings — all the while scanning the Italian, French, and Greek papers for signs of life. And then this moffo German mini-Führer starts spouting inanities and nonsense and am thinking that I have been transported to either a Charlie Chaplin movie in an alternate universe or I am lucid dreaming of the German Nazi era replayed in modern times.
Pinched myself hard next to the balls to wake up and I pained seriously awake recognizing that it’s not a dream but the Greek reality of 2014. To prove the point that the poor country is under German occupation on the official program the first man to address the gathered attendees on the podium was indeed the Defacto leader of the country the German Horst Reichenbach, head of the Task Force for Greece. He is the modern era equivalent of the German Gauleiter of the Nazis who ruled Greece with a convenient Collaborateur government during the WWII German occupation period. Same like today, where a collaborationist government acts on behalf of the Germans and against the interests the Greek people by destroying both Democracy and Human Rights as well as Greek society and all the Laws.
But back then it was war and the Greeks had lost. And the German National Socialist party under Adolf Hitler ruled Greece with an iron fist, through the local Gauleiter and the Wehrmacht assisted by Gestapo. The German occupation forces stole the country’s wealth, plundered all the food deposits, and even took the small national emergency grain deposits, and thus launched the Greek people into a horrible famine.
Still back then and after the war, the Greek official collaborators, the Tsolakoglou government with Papandreou as their adviser and the German Gauleiter of the Nazis, were never held responsible after the war and the Greek collaborateurs and the black marketeers intrinsically connected to the German criminal occupiers still live in Kolonaki ruling the country with their wealthy society families as Papandreou himself became a Prime minister and made certain, that his son and grandson, also ruled Greece as Prime ministers and collectively and cumulatively launched the place into the complete and utter chaos and misery it is today. It’s notable that many Greek Democrats who spoke up and objected to the unlawful provisions found themselves in the trains to Auschwitz where they met their death in the gas shower chambers due to the Greek Black market government arresting them and passing them over to the German Gestapo for further ‘processing” in to the German extermination camps.
History is the school of statecraft and will repeat itself again and again, because the Greek criminals were not tried for their war time crimes against humanity and they did not have to answer for the Million plus Greek people who starved to death. When a million people die from hunger and starvation during your reign — You’ve got something to answer for. In Greece they made the old Papandreou a Prime Minister… And that failure of justice is perpetuated today because this current coalition government thinks with a certain degree of value that they will not get prosecuted ever for their crimes against humanity.They feel they shall not have to answer for the ten thousand suicides per year due to unemployment and for the proud Greek men dying from  a broken heart when they can’t feed their families. All in the interest of the euro and the small class of today’s Black Marketeers who enrich themselves through this German led crisis and current famine. An this spirit of injustice is perpetuated, only because the Greek people themselves instead of rebuilding their society and awarding justice and honour where these were due — they launched their own civil war right after the second bloody world war. No time for Justice.No time for Society and Social justice — it will catch up with you.
And here is a view of the Great Famine during the second World War German occupation years: The Great Famine (Greek: Μεγάλος Λιμός) was a period of mass starvation during the Axis occupation of Greece, during World War II (1941–1944). The local population suffered greatly during this period, while the Axis Powers initiated a policy of large scale plunder and requisitioning of all the food supplies and emergency grain storage for the use of the Wermacht.   Moreover, the requisitions of the national emergency food deposits together with the blockade of Greece, the ruined state of the country’s infrastructure and the emergence of a powerful and well-connected with the collaborateur Greek government and with the German occupiers, black market, resulted in the Great Famine of Greece. The Great Famine, with the mortality rate reaching a peak of One Million people during the winter of 1941–1942.The great suffering and the pressure of the Greek Diaspora eventually forced the lifting of the blockade, and from the summer of 1942, the International Red Cross was able to distribute supplies; however, the situation remained grim until the end of the German occupation and the liberation of the country by the Allied Anglo-American forces.
Of course during Hitler’s World War Two from 1940-1945 the Greek collaborators were the only ones who were able to see and enjoy economic growth in the ravaged country while their countrymen were rounded up, held, tortured, and either sent to Auschwitz or summarily executed. The rest of the people had only fear, famine, and hunger, as their constant companion. No Habeas Corpus then, and no rights of any kind were given to the Greek patriots who simply strived to feed their families or did what was necessary to find a loaf of bread. Forget about those who fought to liberate their country — they were all summarily executed. Sending people to jail and certain death, without even the summary perfunctory Gauleiter military tribunals — was the norm from 1941 to 1945. And that was an evolution of the Greek Metaxas dictatorship government that preceded the war years and had paved the way for the Axis powers ascent and appetite to dominate Greece.
This seven year occupation today we are witnessing in 2014, is probably the modern era equivalent of that WWII occupation Great famine. Only now as History gets repeated the plan is a bit more subtle. First the causes of general depression, are to be found in the violent integration into the Euro-Zone and then the “assassination” of the people economically and the drive to unemployment and feelings of lack of self worth, that lead in a vicious circle of depression and eventually suicide. Whole people can commit suicide. Through Corruption, and Loss of Sovereignty, whole people can and do commit suicide. herodotus the ancient historian tells the stories of hundreds of these whole nations that are not with us anymore because they collectively lost the will to live as independent nations. Whole Peoples jumped off the proverbial cliff of history. So the modern Masters of the Universe the Germans have a clear plan to subjugate the Greek people once and for all.
I saw clear evidence of this yesterday morning hearing Mr Reichenbach explain away the unexplainable. The way to destroy a whole nation is easy and if anyone has tried to do this scientifically is the Germans. They built a network of twenty five thousand factories, camps, and processing centres, just in order to exterminate a race of people, along with the Democrats and the undesirables of Europe. They learned that game by practicing well and often. They worked at it ever since they assisted the Turks and officiated in the extermination of the Armenian people and later the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler famously said: ” Who remembers the Armenians now?”
So the German high command is at it now against the Greeks. Deprive them of their self-worth and they will all go terminally depressed and jump off the cliff massively. Spreading division, discord, and depression, cause despair. Then people jump. It’s easy to drive a whole nation to suicide when you control everything including the food supply. Undernourished people seldom rebel and the highly excitable Greeks are easily medicated. Depressed and anxious people can’t mount a defence either. So the game is up. Once you do this to the people — the society will obey whatever You order as is the case with the collaborateurs in Greek government today and then whatever happens — you can blame it on the people all over again. Driving people to suicide is not nice but it is not a provable crime either. And if some people are still revolting against this reality — then you can place them in debtor’s prison so you can scare them enough to not have a voice to object to your crimes.
But some of us have both Memory and the balls to Lead people to rebellion against this dismal fate. It is not “Fait Accompli” because history is not written until much later, and we also remember the Armenian people as both heroes and victims of a historical crime of genocide.
In the Nyremberg trials of the Nazi war criminals we had ample evidence of the involvement of the German High Command and of the Officer Corps in assisting Attaturk and the Neo-Turks in exterminating the Armenian people. And it was this disturbing science that gave them the requisite knowledge to be able to erect their death camp network and exterminate 9 million people in the short years of their ill gotten power.
Where were the Good Germans then?

The WWII occupation years saw vast famine in Greece due to the German plunder of all food supplies. Here are corpses of Greek people collected from the streets each and every morning with the garbage trucks of the day…
That was another era that Greece and the Greek people had been subjected to severe austerity by the Germans and their local collaborators and that resulted in a serious famine that exterminated a total of 15% of the population of the country between 1941-1945. Somewhere around One million and a half of the Greek people perished because of the German caused famine that the WWII occupation brought. But today in 2014, this modern era of occupation was brought about by the occupation loans made to prop up the German collaborationist government that operates like the Black Marketeers of yesterday. They transact in the Greek state and plunder anything of value as their own.  The same names are all evident from the one hundred Greek families that were colaborateurs of the Germans and still today are. From Papandreou to Latsis, the politicians, and the bankers, they are all implicated in the modern plunder.
Yet today, it seems that the Greek people will demand justice and will surely get it…  if only because the climate of fear is subsiding and the new voices are heard and after all no occupation lasts for ever. Winds of change are breezing and today’s Greek government collaborateurs are going to be found guilty of a whole lot of crimes and when the dust settles they will be sharing cells in the same European jails where Milosevic once stood trial in Den Hague.
So now today in the year of the Lord 2014, am witnessing this Neo-Nazi German Gauleiter ruling Greece, Mr Horst Reichenbach opening up the stage on the Conference about Growth in Greece. This thing happening in 2014 — is Deja Vu all over again. Am rubbing my eyes thinking it’s some kind of a parallel Universe and maybe my constant flying has sent me in a nightmare of major proportions  … but it’s for real. Mr Horst Reichenbach,  speaking with the unmistaken authority of an occupier, in front of the leading audience of Greece’s business world, he explains with colourful slides the situation. He is showing in earnest the German-hued “facts and figures” and he summarizes the problems with the country and it’s people, and then proceeds with the German solutions about the Greek Economy. Something like the Final Solution — he is telling people do not worry about your fate and the unemployment of 58% because the same is true of the situation throughout Europe … more or less. And then he will direct the people into the Gas chambers telling them it’s a good place to get a warm water shower.
What baloney…
And people believe him and even look up to him and his Greek cronies for advise, help, and support.
Damn near impossible to decide whether to walk away or throw a chair at him. Yet the better angels of my heart prevail and I walk away to go for a swim. The sea is angry and the waves roll in and sharply vomit their foam at the bulwark. And am thinking of the forces of Nature and of how to take this fight to Berlin by sharing with you the Human Rights issues that surround this Greek Tragedy of an occupation government ruled by collaborators who do the bidding of Berlin’s emissary by suspending the basic rights of the Greek people. Tragedy it is because the present day Greek government while drowning in a sea of corruption and collaboration is truly repugnant when they not only encourage this travesty of justice but they sell out the country as a whole.  Am certain that this government Ministers and their collaborators should all be investigated and tried in the Tribunal for Human Rights of Europe. Some of the more serious and egregious acts of treason and corruption should be tried in the European Court of Justice because the Greek government personnel do not even care to act or address the hundreds of large corruption cases involving the banks and the government and their conspiracy to defraud the people of Greece and deny them their independence and their Democracy — even though they have been appraised of these cases by the whistleblowers organization
Yet the crony corruption is so devastating that this story from the papers proves the point beyond doubt.  I read in the local Greek paper yesterday that not only the Debtor’s prisons are alive and well and people can go to jail without a hearing of any sort because they owe this foreign occupation government above a thousand Euros, but that they can also have their bank deposits confiscated without any notice. And am astounded at this lack of the due process of law. Astounded and dismayed…
And people in Greece, do go to jail although we all know that Debtor’s prison has been abolished since we came into the Enlightenment of the 18th century and into the full maturity of Human Rights after the Second World War upon the signature of the new Magna Carta of Human Rights by all the Democratic Peoples of this Earth.
Still today debtors’ prisons for people who are unable to pay debts exist as an ongoing governmental institution in Greece — the only country of European Union that allows for this. These type of prisons have been used as a form of enslavement and coercion since ancient times. In the Victorian era and until the mid 19th century, debtors’ prisons were a common way to deal with unpaid debt in Western Europe. Today, through increasing access to Habeas Corpus protections, Human Rights considerations, and leniency brought through the use of bankruptcy laws — they have been rendered irrelevant over most of the world.
Yet today, debtors’ prisons exist as of June 2014, and persist in rare and undemocratic countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Greece, and Russia. But apparently under the Germans the whole of Greece has become a vast Debtor’s prison and with nary any protection from Habeas Corpus…
Debtors’ prisons are not only an anachronism but the surest way to recognize the failure of Democracy and Human Rights in a country.
According to the Council of Europe, and in article 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights [#Protocol 4], civil imprisonment and expulsion for debts are strictly prohibited. Furthermore Protocol 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights prohibits the imprisonment of people for breach of a contract.
The only member of the Eurozone that has neither signed nor ratified this protocol, is Greece.
And what reasonable institutional investor or Democratic entity will be willing to perform these hoops to come to Greece and play with this bunch of fascist morons is a great big question mark. Maybe the only ones interested are the Chinese and other totalitarian regimes who are not overly concerned with Human Rights and Democracy because they don’t have any. You see powerful words conveying strong ideas of human concepts like Freedom, Democracy, Habeas Corpus, Magna Carta, Liberty, and Social Justice, and many more are all banned completely in China. Not only they do not exist in the Dictionary, but they are also banned from the daily discussion amongst people, and you cannot even find them in the internet since this is also heavily censored and those words completely erased…  Forget about Tiananmen Square, this banning of words, represent a complete reincarnation of what the book 1984 from George Orwell described.
Still this is what China is today that never had Democracy and they don’t know what Liberty is.
But for Greece the cradle of Democracy to have fallen so low?
Am stunned.
So as Greece and it’s people march inexorably on the road to Serfdom — am revolting and asking you to stand with us.
Care to join me?
For those of you still wandering — Habeas Corpus, means “you may have the body” in the old Latin…
Yet it has nonetheless evolved to mean “You can have the body and only under lawful detainment and No You cannot have the Spirit.” This at least according to a celebrated advocate no less than Nelson Mandela who as a friend confided to me the meaning he attached to the many Habeas Corpus writs he executed on behalf of many of his comrades and colleagues as well as on behalf of ordinary folk in South Africa.
Nelson Mandela had long run-ins with the Apartheid government of fascist South Africa and spent almost thirty years in the various jails of the Regime always advocating and practising the Art of the Law.
A law he respected fully especially when he revolted against “unjust laws” enacted by an Apartheid government and he spent all of his youth in trying to change these laws and bring about a Democracy.
Mandela succeeded in bringing about this Democracy and he further always respected the law especially when he came out of jail to become the President of South Africa winning a landslide during the first democratic elections this country ever held.
Today South Africa is the only true Democracy of Africa and a model for the rest of the world with growth and prosperity shared by all it’s people and the benefits of Democracy shared far and wide regardless of the colour of your skin. Something that the Greek people do not enjoy in the year 2014 and especially as a quasi independent state inside the United States of Europe…

What a bloody SHAME…














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Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | July 17, 2014

Modest Views on Modern Era Economics

In the back of social change lie many atavistic forces.

Climate, natural resources, agriculture, industry, finance, consumption, social norms, government, services and manufacture, all serve to set in operation movements, influences, and trends, that tend to change people’s lives in ways small and large. Slow and fast.

Sharply rising income and wealth inequalities characterize the new centers of capitalism as well as the old. Globalization and distributed capitalism’s deepening inequality throughout the world, likewise spread the usual effects of such inequality. Rampant unchecked speculation of resources, real-estate bubbles, gross conspicuous consumption by the wealthy and the diminishing upper middle class, vile political and banking corruption, and so on — drive the opposite societal teams to frothing contest.

A remarkable historical parallel to this latest stage of capitalism suggests where it is leading us. After the 16th century, the contradictions of European feudalism led it to transform a centuries-old localized, decentralized manor system. Force served as midwife in amalgamating many feudal manors and gave birth to a few nation-states organized around highly centralized, absolute feudal monarchies (such as Britain, France, Spain and Prussia). That centralization process gave feudalism more decades of life. But it also generated those extremes of wealth and poverty exemplified by the palace at Versailles,and the Marie Antoinette lifestyle [see early Kim Kardashian] versus the abject slums of pre-revolutionary Paris.

You see today these disparities everywhere, and those extremes are the signs and the causes that have provoked revolutions against feudalism that eventually yielded that system’s demise.

One has to think of today’s extremes produced by a globalizing capitalism  — Detroit versus San Francisco, Manhattan versus the Bronx, Germany versus Greece, China’s new billionaires versus many millions of poor workers and peasants, —  where they might be leading us…

Surely CHANGE is upon us.

But what kind of change?

Change comes in all shapes and colours, like kitty cats. A tabby, a ginger, and a black & white one. Yet sometimes change comes like a tiger — a rather large cat — roaming through your house.

That can be slightly unsettling. The big cat chasing you that is…

We accept change when it is the glacial and mostly technological type as well as the diminutive social type of change, that we all accept as good for the middle classes and a boon to the economy, until such time that it doesn’t serve us any more.

Yet when radical change happens, like the proverbial tiger running after us inside our own house — it is always first a throwback to an “ancien regime” of fight and flight simplistic behaviour, instead of considering cooly the progressive evolutionary leaps, we need to take as smart agents of the species. Saving your life and slaying the tiger is the first order of the day and we are not thinking about building a better house with home theatres, swimming pools, and escape hatches and safety pods for when large predatory cats come inside from the wild.

We simply run for the exits cradling the pitchfork — if you have such ancient gardening instruments handily hanging in the back of the garden shed. Or maybe you start carrying around the large rolling pin hiding in the pantry.

But these are your options. And these two elemental directional forces are at work here too in our modern economic lives. Take Flight or Stay and Fight.

What would you do?

Would you adopt the flight of Capital to safe harbours, as a sound policy?

Or you prefer to put down stakes and join the fight of Labour to save their own harbour?

Two distinct and contradictory if not downright inimical perspectives govern the debate, and Life choices of our modern era and they both come from surprisingly similar quarters:

1) On the one hand we have the theorists that the problem rests with Labour. Namely that what really happened in our recent modern era, was that the unskilled and semi-skilled labour in Western Europe, Japan and specially in the United States, overplayed their hand vs capital.

The vaunted 40-hr work weeks, overtime pay, somewhat higher wages, and vacation pay, and health insurance and benefits, were all fine and healthy. But they couldn’t resist themselves, specially in the US with 4 decades of Democratic controlled Congress to run into excess. So it became impossible to fire union workers. They had inflexible work rules. They had feathered pensions that were unsustainable. They had to be paid in job banks even when they were not needed for work.

Therefore, Capital found a solution in global trade and is in the process of implementing it – and mind you, we are just in the second or third inning. If your job is to put 5 bolts on an assembly line on some item (washing machine, or car) in front of you, that job has a given market value. If it can be done at $1/hr in China, $2/hr in Mexico, $10/hr in South Carolina, it can’t (for long) be forced to be done at $28/hr in Michigan. They rationalize that You can slow down the inevitable, just like the Soviet Union hung on for 4 decades — past it’s expiration date… But eventually there will be a convergence of unskilled and semi-skilled wages worldwide – with adjustments for location (proximity to markets), energy costs, needed language skills, etc. Meanwhile, capital that had to be (mostly) deployed locally, can now be deployed globally. A travel agent used to apply capital to serve and profit from a few hundred customers in a neighborhood. Priceline, Expedia, Travellocity, etc can deploy capital to serve a global audience, with no local presence, therefore being able to hire at the absolutely most cost-effective labour markets.  That is why concentration of income and capital is happening and will continue. Capital is profiting from global markets while at the same time arbitraging for lower wages and costs globally. All else (taxation, immigration, etc) is noise…

2) The labour perspective is that we’ve gone too far and already see signs of imminent collapse that are enumerated as the vast unemployment pools, the  rising and large percentage of hungry people, the complete lack of congressional action to address this (the last Farm Bill gave tens of billion in subsidies to the private agricultural monopolies while cutting four billion in food stamps), the inequality rising to levels which have historically always led to revolution, the rise of demagogues, populism, and increased tribalism and fragmentation of our society, the unequal application of the law to incarcerate minorities at the highest rate on the planet since in the US we have 4% of population and 25% of prisoners, and the rise of a class of super-rich who control our governments and look upon workers as inferior subhumans.
This unchecked corporatism and financialization which continues to maximize profits at the expense of workers when their wages are the fuel that drives our economy, coupled with the rise of financial behemoths who are picking over the bones of worker assets and future income will bring a French type of Revolution to America and Europe all over again. And Labour claims that our economic system can only survive if worker wages rise to track productivity. This was the case from 1945 to 1972 and the unions were a big part of everyone’s success by ensuring this. Since 1972 wages have flattened while productivity has continued to rise which has imposed a four-decade tightening of an economic vise on the working class. Today corporate earnings are at historic highs and payrolls at historic lows as a percentage of GDP. We are bound to quickly encounter economic/political collapse unless we reverse this. Unions are one way, tax and redistribute another. labour prefers federal limits on a corporation’s earnings to wages ratio based on their prior history.

There is of course a lot of noise in this debate….

But we need to see the light.

We need to discern the TRUTH between these two adversely advocating stories, because none of them are entirely true — when observed through the microscope of economic sentiment.

One thing is certain CHANGE must come sooner rather than later.

It is therefore part of Good Governance, Proper Public Administration, and Elemental Leadership, to observe, deduce, and adjust all these forces in such a fashion that changes are balanced and rational experience is not left at the mercy of varying conditions of change.

But the economic life of a whole People, is so complicated that complete adjustment is beyond human power.  Individual people all around tend to agree that a stock market crash is right around the corner. People never understood how wealth can evaporate into thin air like we have seen in 2008-09.  The assumption by middle class people is that if it can vanish into thin air, than it wasn’t real to begin with.

Now you have the real economy with real wealth that is hurting, yet the finance sector with gains apparently pulled out of thin air is booming. How can you sustain an economy on phantom wealth? It all doesn’t make sense to the middle class people, and needless to say they don’t have any money in the stock market. So who is driving the bubble of equity valuations?

A self serving oligopoly. A tiny percentage of the 1%. Much like communism where the Middle Class was squeezed silly. The decimation of the American Middle Class is intentional and not accidental. The AMC has been the fuel for the US economic engine. If the fuel (AMC) evaporates, then who is going to fuel the engine? Is American Big Business wanting to replace American consumers with non American consumers?

In Bangladesh when I go to visit, I see those sweatshops workers having mobile cellphones, LCD televisions, bank accounts, and are able to buy and wear local designer clothes, they can definitely afford to eat 3 times a day, go watch movies after work, and send their kids to foreign countries for higher education and then they even dream of owning a car and buying a decent home….

Well then isn’t this is how capitalism works? Narrowing down to jobs moving overseas is a poor excuse, for the reason American and European consumers are dead, because for too long they have voted with their feet, their supermarket choices of what they are buying every day, their consumption of news and entertainment, and through their wallet — always placidly bestowing the power to let the uber-greedy 1%  to have too much power and wealth, and now that the 1% are in control of every thing, people are discovering that they are kind a like serfs. Modern day serfdom is when you give up your Liberty to become a pawn in a stitched up game. Kind a like communism in the good old Soviet days. You have no rights and you know it….

Of course am inclined to ask: What would be the benefit at home and abroad of going back to serfdom unless we embark on a global system of Good Governance and we use this period of malaise as the journey time and the penalty to suffer while we sue for a long lasting global Peace?

But nobody is thinking at this level of systems complexity yet…

The Emergence of this kind of Life has not occurred to the leaders yet.

Therefore, if we are dragged into a global hierarchical system Pell mell with utter lack of logic on the part of Big Politics, Big Finance and Big Business, we shall fail miserably.

People will not follow that and mob rule will ensue and that will set us back Millennia. It might come a time when the Dark Ages would look like a picnic and heads will be carried on poles through the streets a la the French Revolution… with the guillotine working overtime. Not a good prospect to see… and certainly not the route to Enlightenment.

Whereas if we can educate people and ask them to come along… nudge them through behavioural economics; then we might win their hearts and minds –  albeit reluctantly.

At the root of the problem though, is still our political system and to fix the economic system first we must fix the former. In other words if money can buy our elected officials we will never experience democracy at work because the influence will stop any reform of the banking system that is at the root of this problem because the banker-wankers control the economy and the laws that govern them. The banks have to be regulated back to what they were under Glass Steagall Act, or suffer another collapse…

A still deeper problem is the very idea of economic growth, which is seen by the people today as a typical fiction based on turning something “worthless” into something “valuable” by fiat. Bubbles are an overt example. More subtle are the false economies created by bad accounting, such as what happens when profits are privatized and costs are socialized, giving the appearance of “wealth creation” in what is actually a zero-sum game. Or the cases, where value is simply moved from where it was, to where it can be guarded as private property. In both these cases, “wealth creation” is really just theft from the Commons. Commons can be natural resources, the earth, the trees, the atmosphere, the air, the water, the land and food.

Viewed globally over long spans of time, sustained economic growth — particularly exponential growth, which is what x-percent annual growth means — is physically impossible.

Wealth destruction must, in the end, exactly equal wealth creation.

Any apparent exceptions to that are at root some form of bad accounting. We get away with bad accounting when the only things to complain about the forest you are cutting down and turning into TP, soggy newsprint, paper goods, cardboard boxes, etc — are the ancient trees, the spotted owls, special threatened species and primitive people habitat, and unusual frogs.

Complaints arise only from the NIMBYs when the logger shows up in your “back yard” to cut down your trees. When the cutting reaches a scale where it impacts the carbon cycle of the global atmosphere, which affects even the wealthiest capitalists’ ability to breathe, the neglected “externalities” in the economic equations become overwhelming, and give lie to the fiction of “wealth creation.”

Seems to me that unfortunately we will have the General Collapse before anything is done because the government is being systematically neutered by the people who are benefiting from lack of oversight.

Since governments are store bought — then the people deserve what they get.


People who want Liberty & Democracy are now called anti capitalists or big government supporters. .

Across the 19th and 20th centuries, expanding populations eventually required capitalism’s concentrated industrial centers to draw raw materials, foods and laborers from beyond their original national boundaries. Accordingly, formal and informal colonialism transformed large parts of Europe and much of Asia, Latin America and Africa. They became the “underdeveloped” global countryside for the “advanced” industrial capitalist centers.”

Expanding populations eventually required some form of colonialism. Same as today. Are you ready for the Mars colonies yet ?

Ever-expanding capital accumulation that is at the heart of capitalism which “requires” colonialist exploitation of the periphery cannot be contained in Earth any longer, because the logic failure is this: If the populations in the old centers had not expanded, wouldn’t the periphery still have been exploited by capitalists for raw materials, land, labour, arbitrage and general expansion?  Isn’t that the dynamic of the accumulation of capital — expansion where ever possible regardless of anything else?

Even reluctant old-center capitalists in the late 20th century flocked to the periphery to profit from the exploitation of ‘cheap’ labour. So was the case with exploitative colonialism of the early 19th and 20th centuries, similarly about expanding capital accumulation and not something that was determined by population expansion.

Capitalism was not designed or adopted based on its effectiveness at serving society. It may now be framed as such, claimed to be “the best system ever tried”, but the fact is, capitalism is destroying itself, and probably humanity in the process. Not only does it depend on inequality, which is socially unsustainable, it also depends on the exploitation of resources, which is ecologically unsustainable.

Capitalism is outstanding at making products available, and most of the rebuttals to anti-capitalist arguments basically center around this idea–that because we (the richer countries among the rest of the world) have more products than we did 100 years ago, everything is just fine and life will continue, business as usual. Supposedly, capitalism is great because we are all rational, self-maximizing, greedy individuals and the system is able to harness that rational self-maximizing greedy individualism, and turn it into rational community-maximizing efficient communitarianism using the invisible wizard hand. However, capitalism is clearly just an upgrade to feudalism, a way to justify existing hierarchies and strengthen them.

There is no reformist solution to this problem. We can’t just redistribute wealth or create a better welfare state. The situation we are in now, or one which is basically the same, will always happen. The capitalist class will always put themselves far above the working class, whether the capitalist class is composed of private organizations, state organizations, or what have you. Private ownership, individualism, quid pro quo exchange, and all other basic elements of the trade-based paradigm are the real problem. Until we rid ourselves of trade and egoist self-interest, we are forever going to be a society of Bill Murrays, and Ayn Rands, all caught in this same loop, wondering why it’s happening.

Yet unbeknownst to us, the real Libertarian Revolution is coming whether we like it or not.

But what we do will make the difference if this is going to be an Evolutionary Adaptation or a radical transformation. And the difference between the two is like night and day. Huge and bloody important to choose the light of day…

It does not matter what economic system we choose to employ (feudalism, communism, or capitalism) if our basic class structure is not deconstructed from the administrators, the wealthy, and the workers. This recurring and absolute class structure is the source of inequality for each economic system utilized throughout human history. Here we see the effects of dominance and submission inherent in our biology: alpha and beta. While it is true some folk are good at leading and some at supporting, this should not translate into absolute hierarchies of value.

Yes, true leaders are better and far more useful and rare, than supporters, thus they should receive larger benefits of mutual enterprise, and their wills should be incontrovertible. Yet we cannot administer collective social, economic, physical, pain for these transgressions. Because we have done this in all economic structures throughout time, and we have created the inequality that has dogged and doomed all human civilizations for millennia.

And maybe now we are better than that. So are we finally ready to see this and move beyond this destructive dynamic?

Therefore when we embark on a speculation of what comes next, we see a couple of choices. Either we embark on a voluntary narrowing of the growing economic disparities — or we are FORCED towards the narrowing of the growing economic inequalities.

If capitalism is to work it needs consumers and a strong middle class. If American and European good jobs are moved to Asian sweatshops, then who are going to be the consumers? Long term this seems to be irrational. Henry Ford paid his workers enough to be able to afford to buy the cars they were building.

The genie is out of the bottle and the FEELING along with the KNOWLEDGE of what is happening will be a driving factor.

The chasm cannot be widened without communications and communications opens the potential for change as more people learn about this.

Ultimately I suspect that there will be efforts to suppress the revolutionary  knowledge of extreme iniquity, and to divert attention from the disparities of living wealth. Much like the Roman Coliseum — those “games” are being played out on “reality TV” and in the Mundial soccer fields, and along all the other entertaining bread and circuses.  And all that is provided with a thousand channels of shit on demand, but poverty leads people to drop the unnecessary and entertainment access is another one of those that things that are income based, and therefore easily dismissed.

In the long run the disparity is unsustainable. The question then is will it smooth out earlier by cooperation and good stewardship – or will it smooth out later by chaos and disaster?

Poverty in itself is seldom the cause of revolution. It is the sense of inequality in the distribution of wealth that breeds discontent. When wealth increases and
at the same time tends to become monopolized in some class or group,
this discontent is always keen.

And, above all, when the rich are indifferent to the inequalities which economic change increases, and when the burdens of the economic life are not lifted from those least able to bear them, the consciousness of inequality grows into enmity.

And now the second wave of corporate tax free domicility hits, we are woken up to a new reality. When Google, Apple, Microsoft and all majors like Exxon, Mobil, Chevron and all favour tax avoidance regimes we smirk at the erstwhile profits and corporate gains, but as a rash of corporations like Walgreen hurry to relocate overseas through tax-inversions, we need to examine the local market effect on the abandoned community that benefits from their tax base along with the consequences of global capitalism’s lack of touch with the Moral Sentiment.

We need to get back in touch because originally globalization meant above all a sudden increase in the global supply of labour power, yielding an historically unprecedented buyers’ market for labour. By relocating production facilities out of their old centers, capitalists drastically cut labour costs and increased production.

Globalization distributed capitalism’s deepening inequality throughout the world. It likewise spread the usual effects of such inequality: speculation, real-estate bubbles, gross conspicuous consumption by the rich, political corruption and so on. …But it also generated those extremes of wealth and poverty exemplified by the palace at Versailles versus the abject slums of pre-revolutionary Paris.

Everywhere, those extremes provoked revolutions against feudalism that eventually yielded that system’s demise. Today’s extremes produced by a globalizing capitalism — Detroit versus San Francisco, Manhattan versus the Bronx, Germany versus Greece, China’s new billionaires versus many millions of poor workers and peasants — where might they be leading us?

Today’s wildly padded corporate balances derived from speculation are not “real” in the old sense of the word.

They are simply a gamble with no promise of any return. What Wall St. has not taken into consideration is the fact that foreign markets have not seen the kind of growth which would be equivalent to those markets abandoned in the U.S. Because so many good-paying jobs were lost in the U.S., that market has collapsed.

But what about being rather proactive and through studying complexity and chaos we place simple forward rules to allow the emergence of Great Society through the stresses that this present debate and societal pressure cooker yields?

Am thinking of the evolution towards the Personal Democracy that I advocate and also towards the “Dry Feet Democracy” that arose in the lowland countries of the Netherlands and specifically Amsterdam and other Dutch cities of happy children and content adults.  In both cases it is a consensus based “polder model” that is so far meta from the American notion of Laissez-Faire capitalism as Detroit is from the Moon. It is not just about welfare and public housing, or food and agriculture, but it is about the sharing economy and the Liberty at hand. Am basically observing the Dutch system because I knew that building a city in lowlands “below sea level” gave rise to strong “Commons” and an efficient government and happy children.

The Dutch government supports child bearing. It supports young families. It even sends you vacation money. They mandate that everyone gets a minimum of four weeks vacation per year. They offer universal health care without the labyrinthine system of deductions, and encumbrances we accept as necessary.

You will need to really understand the social benefits and the high productivity of the Dutch people and the highly effective and efficient system in order to make sense of why the 52% tax rate in the Netherlands is actually a better deal than what we have in the US and in the UK. Also, it helps if you understand that this is capitalism at it’s best and we need to rectify our lockstepping and negative labeling of that type of Government Commons system as socialism.

We need this kind of Personal Democracy and Direct Rule of Commons.


Capitalism as unbridled rapacious exploitation has come to an end.

The rear guard of course does not see this but the Vanguard has already admitted as much. And after all — things that begin, must have a middle and an end. For this style of system to “exit stage left” is not just the Director’s orders, but simple historical necessity, and habit at the end of the play. Any Play and any living thing has a beginning,a middle and an end.

Today, we’ve fallen out of balance. We lapsed in our controls. We’ve been asleep on the switch and therefore we lost count of the trains derailed.

And today, maintaining disequilibrium although desirable to few, terrible to many and painful to most of us is considered proper government policy.

Yet am here to tell you that maintaining disequilibrium is unnatural, and cannot last long.

It is far easier to help a young elephant stand up than to try to support a dying one from falling down. In the latter case chances are you will be crushed under the falling pachyderm and they’ll need a crane to just retrieve your flattened self world view…

So let’s abandon the Flat Earth belief and get a new view that will help us cope with change and progress as we need to adjust massively and quickly.

Because today’s inequity can only be tolerated until it becomes unbearable.

So instead of maintaining the paradox, and living through a suspension of disbelief, we need to adopt a new paradigm because what develops from becoming balanced can be a better future for all.

A better Future for all…

All that are still living — shall benefit — that is.

Because in the long run we’ll all be dead.




And this leads me to believe that what we are about to witness is a stock market crash. That depression may last until a new market has developed in the areas which benefited most from moving production overseas.

It could take an entire generation to develop new buying habits.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | July 15, 2014

My Start Up Mood in Five easy pieces and a Hero sandwich

Startups come and go…

After fostering a few hundreds of those — I can safely say that regardless of whatever the future holds, it seems certain that the key to success lies in getting three things straight.

1) The right framers, founders, executives bring on a gigantic Vision. It could all be just one person, or a couple, or best a three person team, yet they have to be the right ones to support the Big picture and translate this to a palpable Vision for the people.

2) Getting the Start Up founders and all core team members and by osmosis the whole company to see the Vision, to visualize together the same dream, and to sign up to the same goals, aims, and outcomes.

3) Create a mood of Love within the Start Up so the people love to be there and sign up ton execute Herculean tasks in support of the VISION

4) Always maintaining a culture of cooperation and common goals, along with long-term policies to support those aims.

5) Teamwork: Just as Germany won the Mundial 2014 on the simple premise of cooperation and creative development of opportunity for others in the team to exploit and score — so it is with a young company. Create and harvest opportunity as a team and make passes to all the others in order to circumvent obstacles and opponents all the way to the goal line,

Teamwork is key as seen in the recent World Cup 2014 matches where the German team run circles around the competition. And as the meme bouncing around social media today says, the reason why the youthful Germany won, is because although Argentina had the best players in the word including Lionel Messi — Germany had a team.

However we should not overlook the value of the Hero coupled with the team. Much like Ulysses could not have done much without enlisting his band of marines to journey with hi far and wide — so the Start Up leader and CEO cannot by themselves do much without sandwiching themselves into a wonderful sandwich bun slathered with mayo, ketchup and mustard.

And although most CEOs describe themselves as Heroes, for my purposes I’ll call them “The meat” or the “the Hot dog” or the “Reality” in that we all are just the meat in the hero sandwich and without the bread — we are nothing.

 So make sure the meat is good, but especially that the bread is fresh, strong, and absorbent, as the team has to hold the integrity of the enterprise together,  and the trimmings as the adornments to the Hero sandwich, without getting soggy, and falling apart.

Building a great start up is no Subway sandwich but rather a high street vendor doing his best to build a real Hero Sandwich.

Amplifying the metaphor of the Hero founder, we see in popular literature the Monomyth, or the hero’s journey, as a basic pattern that its proponents argue is found in many narratives from around the world and it describes the Start Up journey to a T. Of course in my narrative the “T” stands for the Team and Teamwork and we should keep that in mind when the leader holds the Trophy in front of the world. The unsung warriors are the team members and the sailors that mann the oars and the winged sails of the vessel called Enterprise. 

 Still the Odyssey was written by poets long in years who saw the Hero Ulysses as the personification of the Gods and their all too human conflicts and greatness all bound up in the play of light and shadow the One man — The Hero represents. Ulysses emerges victorious through his widely distributed voyages across the earth’s seas and lands, as a pattern that describes the heroic and cunning nature, and the bravery of the leader, and the sacrifice he makes of himself and of others. And above all else of his ability to get the companions to perform feats greater than themselves, because of his leadership.  So Homer and all other poets always spoke of the Great Cunning leader, but they always sung along with Ulysses the names and the praises of his companions too. And although many of his friends, mariners, companions, and lovers all have difficulties and many perish — we see that He always tried to save them from their erstwhile fates. Homer describes the fate of all the lesser men but never tells of what ever became of Ulysses. His ultimate journey is shrouded in mystery as it should be. He could be still alive walking and probably sailing the dark wine seas to this day amongst us. And sometimes when sailing this part of the world — I feel as I might have seen him.

Or maybe he masquerades as one of my companions too. Because a Great leader knows when to be a team mate too. And often times this rotation of duties is what preserves the quality and functionality of the TEAM. 

That is why we don’t hear the end of the journey of Ulysses from the poet. He lives still amongst us. Forever we can count on his engineering help. He is not just immortal as many others because he conquered death, but we never even know how he did it. No other hero than Ulysses had this high honour. The myth is strong as a captains storm cloak with him. It serves him and us rather well. It preserves our sanity for he has discovered the spring of eternal life. Perhaps…

So there is hope for the rest of us. Isn’t this salvation what Christian Religion all about too? Conquering of Death. Albeit the Christian story is a bit too operatic the imagery is similar. The team of the Apostles, the divine Hero, and the companions of whom we know all their names and their shortfalls, and ultimate fate, but we also know their greatness and their sacrifice. We have always the sailors of Jesus to support him, but we just fail to talk about them because they were many of them and the Hero Jesus story is far too precious — to lose focus.

And although the Leader, the Christ, the CEO is the protagonist, you can’t have a Hero story without the Team and the numerous team members. They were always there. They are the ones that made the journey possible, and without the Companions No Odyssey would ever have been undertaken, No Hero would have been lifted up onto the cross and no CEO would have deserved a penny in a golden parachute.

So if we can only remember Captain Kirk from the Spaceship Enterprise, is not because there were not other worthy companions, but simply because our memory is selectively poor, and the good Captain serves as a relational database trigger to flood our brains with the faces, and the voices, and the many achievements, of the space faring voyagers. These modern era travelling Marines who came to accept their journey as a great metaphor of saving the Earth — they are the real heroes of the journey.

The Captain is the conductor of the orchestra so they can all play beautiful music together. He is the figurehead. The Hot dog in the bun, The hero in the Hero sandwich and as such he has to be celebrated as a nod to the whole Companion Journey into the unknown that each and every worthy Start Up represents.

Homer sang the journey of the Hero Ulysses as poem of Great Companionship but also as the personal tale of the great Captain. If he were alive in our times — he could have written the Myth of the CEO of a great Start Up that went on to conquer the world.

James Joyce wrote Ulysses in more modern times, almost as such a description of the Great Hero. The Leader. All too human and yet Divine too. It was a convoluted, epic, human, and yet divine narrative as such is the nature of the Hero. This is the symbolism of today’s warrior king, the great generals, the Napoleon, the Alexander, the Nelson, the start up CEO, and in peace time the soccer team leader who replaces the warrior in the popular imagination. And this is the very reason why these Hero-leaders all merit the large pay and deserve the extraordinary honours they receive as well as the exorbitant compensation for personifying the Hero of the story. They give meaning to Life for the rest. They show us purpose and are the figureheads to ply the waters, open up the deep dark seas to the unknown, navigate space’s frontiers and are willingly the meat in the hero sandwich to be eaten and consumed by mere mortals as the body and blood of the Gods. Meat after all is the tastiest, most nutritional, and ultimately the most expensive ingredient by far, in the hero sandwich, and it’s got to be good — otherwise all else doesn’t matter. That’s why we pay Big Bucks to the Good CEOs. Because without them — you’ve got no sandwich.

And in Life as usual — You get what you pay for…

Got it?

Last century Joseph Campbell, borrowed the term “Monomyth” from James Joyce’s massive work “Ulysses” and went on to stun the people with his observation on the Hero myth as all too real in all cultures.

And as expected Joseph Campbell took the story to new heights and he wrote that numerous myths from disparate times, regions, and religions, share fundamental structures and stages, which he summarized in his boo: “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”

I suggest that his is an instructive book for all CEOs who want to become Great because ultimately nobody is born great. We all become great through the process of observation, education, and the constant practice of Leadership.

Still in the stories a hero ventures forth from the world of common day, amongst companions, into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow men.

That’s Leadership.

Campbell and other scholars, such as Erich Neumann, describe narratives of Buddha, Moses, and Christ in terms of the “Monomyth” and Campbell argues that classic myths from many cultures follow this basic pattern. Notice that all of these Leaders had a team of dedicated companions to support them.


Start Up Entrepreneur Myth of Hero's Journey














But it’s good to remember that for every Hero that returned from the journey there are probably another 100 or One Thousand or more that never made it back.

That’s why the Big Bucks. The heroes that return are extraordinary and deserve all the accolades since all the others before them failed to make and seriously lost their lives or whatever held them together. Their minds, their families, their bodies, their companions, etc. Only the very few that are strong enough and favoured by Fortune are lucky to come back and be called “The Hero,” The leader, The CEO…

To illustrate this point here are some reasonably fresh statistics of the attrition rate on the journey to a successful Start Up. In the Start Uppy world of recent leadership accelerators incubators, we have Paul Graham describing the process in a start-up “mood chart” that explains the failure rates of Start Ups.

Depending who you talk to … at least 2/3rds fold soonest, and up to 97% of all startups fail to reach business sustainability.

Good to remember that The TEAM and The Teamwork are the key to both success and failure.The critical ingredient and the Real Hero personified in one person is the team.

Put the Right Team in place and a leader will emerge to lead them to prosperity and sustainability. Without a team nothing ever happens.

Get that.

Put a team of dedicated individuals into the edge of existence and allow for simple rules to guide them through Chaos into Complexity and Emergence.

make sure they have apprenticed to someone Great or have access to your leader, hero, Mythic CEO, to help them ahead.

The Team success rests not only on the number of apprenticeships offered but on the demand for them. This requires an increase in the skills base of apprenticeship candidates, to make them more appealing to Leaders and to give prospective apprentices some hands-on experience in the start up industries that might appeal to them. Domain expertise is important but not vital…

Traditionally, under the ability to pro-actively select the work on offer, to practice endlessly, and the high likelihood of succesful and rewarding exit — enabled these game changers, to put newly acquired skills and resources to use on completion and this repeated process ensures the system’s popularity for decades and underpinned the rise and rise of the Silicon Valley Start Up vector.

Yet, as any worthwhile team, and Ulysses knew from the start when they took to the dark wine Sea — past success cannot be allowed to breed complacency.

As VCs and as leaders we do this Heroic journey of our own and we also lead and foster teams as humble team mates.

And in many cases we just spot the talent and we have to seed them with Great Start Up ideas and let them go on their journey boldly into the unknown.

Then you can sit back and watch. Unlikely for us but.. having put a team of dedicated individuals into the edge of existence and allowing through simple rules for Emergent Life to happen and to guide them through Chaos and Complexity into Emergence.

This way you can let the fun and games begin…


Start Up Mood Ring


Very important to note that this Start Up process can take 3-15 years

Start Up Tech Diagram







In this version of the start-up “mood chart” … at least 2/3 of startups fail to escape gravity and to reach business sustainability.

Apparently 97% of all Start Ups, same as the ones coming from accelerators, and even the best of breed Y Combinators’ startups — don’t succeed.  Yet those in the remaining 3% that do succeed — meaning they reach business sustainability, are more than enough to cover costs and overheads. Throughout the Venture Capital industry, the startups that reach profitability + liquidity investment returns to founders and all investors, are less than 5%.

That means only 1 out of 20 companies succeeds.  And yet these successful startups pay the venture partners, the accelerators, and the founders well enough — and compensate for all the other companies that don’t succeed at these metrics.


Dr Kroko


Now you are entitled to ask, Why?

Why people play this game as I do, when the returns are so uncertain?

Why do we do it in the first place?

Because it is very much a perilous journey.

And like Ulysses’ travels at sea — it’s adventuresome…

And because it makes you a Hero when you sponsor and fashion heroes as well.

Yet we can ask further Whys?

Why experienced silicon valley entrepreneurs, VCs & angel investors do this willingly and risk so much?

Because risk capital needs to find risk.

Why does a Hero leader foster other new heroes?

Because this is the process of Life.

How do we refine the process?

By teaching young promising heroes the apprenticeship way of creating StartUp leaders. We create great CEOs every day and some of them are created from the failed companies as the learnings from a failure are far far greater than the lessons from an easy win. Look at Ulysses voyage for once and see how many battles he lost, how many weird ladies he slept with, how many strange fruits he ate, and how many wrong paths he took — to finally find his way to Ithaca.

It’s an interesting read… and as heroes we like that. The thing with leaders, is that we all like living on the edge. We understand that Life is happening at the edge of Chaos. And this is what makes life interesting, and allows for the emergence of greatness.

And with simple rules, we have game. We have techniques. And practices that minimize risk by spreading the bets around and fostering this growth. Heady scientific stuff and the best positioning around…

That is why we recommend a portfolio of at least 12 and up to 20, “Good Startups” in order to help find “that one” team or if you’re lucky enough to find “the two teams” that create successes.

It’s important to note that this process can take 3-15 years per company whereas the funding cycles of VC funds are usually 7 year terms. 

PPS: Charts and info are supplied by Paul Graham of Y Combinator, Fred Wilson of Union Square ventures, David Rose, Dave McClure, Steve Blank, Reese Jones and me…

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | July 13, 2014

5 ways to avoid an Economic Drama


Drama is delicious in Greek.

In other languages — not so much.

In the current economic shoehorning that Greece is going through — it is definitely High Drama enacted in German…

Much like the Ring of Nimbelugen performed by young girls without the heavy Gothic scenery.

T really put it into perspective this Dramatic Opera is like Brazil playing in the Mundial against Germany and having no defence. A dozen goals later… and lost in translation the Greeks are facing an individual bankruptcy as persons, as families, as communities — all so they can claim the “country” as a whole avoided the bankruptcy — and they face collective punishment and enslavement for the next seven generations.

Consequently — not so very good drama… to live through.

The original economic restructuring plan foresaw the TROIKA supporting the Greek Economy to escape bankruptcy by lending money to the stricken country under the proviso that through dramatic reforms the government will be closing the deficit with 30% taxation increase and 70% reductions from the bloated Soviet style public sector.

All that was good on paper but in practise the opposite ratio appeared. 

The Government tried to close the black hole by overtaxing the productive economy for the 70% and only focusing on reducing the public sector expenses by 30%. This includes the expenditure restraint and efforts to arrest tax evasion.

Apparently the Greek Government either doesn’t know how to read or doesn’t know arithmetic and cannot count. At any rate they applied the rescue plan upside down.

And then they claim to not understand why there is no growth in the economy…

Because they are plain clapboard idiots.

Since we all know that it is insanity to try to increase revenue through overtaxation of the only productive element of the country — the private sector.

And right about now, this featured taxation target resource is finite and has reached its limits.

The critical phrase, If you do not collect money you will not be able to share,” summarizes the philosophy of the vast majority of our political system.

They dare not think that there is possibility to limit unnecessary expenditures of government and limiting the public sector or rationalizing the sharing” They still prefer to share the spoils and the loot amongst their families and friends in a typical African tribal fashion.

What can you say?

The two main parties burned almost a Trillion Euros of foreign aid and European framework budgets — over the space of forty years, and have got nothing to show for it except gigantic corruption within the country and some enormous swelling bank accounts hidden in exotic places for the leading politicians.

These bastards simply moved the country to Africa and now play the game like aboriginal strong men feasting on missionaries and nuns. Fresh meat slow cooked in the big pot. Eating their own children…

A particularly potent game — only fit for cannibals. 

You ask why?


What the hell do you expect from a bunch of morons running the country?

And the people themselves who have allowed corruption to reach unprecedented levels — they are responsible.

Isn’t it obvious?

Or not?


Dr Kroko


What am saying as rationalization to avoid this Drama is this:

1) Let’s limit the public sector largesse towards it’s own crowd.

2) Let us consider doing only the “just” sharing…

3) The “Social sharing” has to be targeted in support of those segments of society that really need help. The gravelly ill. The invalids. The seniors and the children. That’s it.

4) Lower Taxation to a flat rate of Ten Percent to become competitive and get the companies to do great things again and to limit unemployment.

5) Root out the Evil of Corruption by fighting aggressively this Cancer of the Body Politic. Immediately Economic Benefits will follow and the Economic Development will jump-start when we lower the Corruption threshold.

But if the politicians were to do this — then how would they be re-elected? 

So they call for a “party” of benefits for their friends, their tribals, and for their clients.

After all it’s a client state and they know it.

The country is devastated and these folks are partying on.

But what sense does it make you govern a country so devastated?

How come such a beautiful country deserves suchasshul” politicians fighting for their enrichment and endless political survival against the survival of the country and the people who are already beaten down and close to the point of breaking with 10,000 suicides?

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Liberation Economics

Liberation Economy is a branch of Economics that I founded in the Ecumenical human belief that we are all in this together.

And so should be held as a principle that our Economics should not be the main reason to divide us.

We were able to discern the flash points in our experience, by examining our history, and digging deep in our philosophy– and we address these one by one as the story of man unfolds.

The pursuit of Liberty is the prime reason for our existence.

The arrival at Meaning is the second.

Purpose is the third and soon…

Additionally we will examine all other reasons…

But Great as all of these are — the Free Will to Move is first.


Freedom connotes no borders, no visas, no passports and no prohibition to find us stopped on the wrong side of a border.

The close interpretation of this Free Will principle is clearly aligned with the Free Movement doctrine that attests to the Liberty and Free Will endowed upon man.

In turn this idea gave rise to the Economic Theory of Open Borders.

And this theory holds fast against attacks, by trivialist economists, because upon careful analysis it has been proven that a policy allowing Freedom of Movement for all human Beings and declaring Open Borders would by the way, eliminate global poverty.

Truly eliminate famine, starvation, malnutrition and privation throughout the world.

The Open Borders Policy — if implemented — would significantly reduce inequality, and also more than double the World’s  GDP — all within a very short time.

Think about the WTO and examine how in the short 30 years of it’s existence the World Trade Organization has fostered smart changes in our global GDP that allowed us to triple it’s value.

And although the WTO only dealt with goods and services — it radically altered global tariffs, regulations, customs taxation, hindrances to international commerce, and thus opened whole countries to competition and to the world.

The so called globalization is far short of what the name suggest, because if my suitcases can go to Myanmar but myself am prevented from travelling there — I’ll let you guess, which one is the most important cargo…

Free Will Movement and Liberation Economics, is to up all barriers to trade, and human movement. It’s a studious approach to Liberty. It’s a way to implement decisions and alter policies to reflect total freedom of movement of people, goods, and services.

If my ideas herewith can travel throughout the globe and be read by everyone who has an Internet connection — what purpose does it serve to prevent me from teaching to them directly?

Think of this…

Yet for the idea that we can double and even triple global GDP by opening up borders to the movement and the Free Flow of people let’s assume, for the sake of the argument, that these estimates are broadly correct.

If this is correct — can you think of any other policy whose potential impact has been measured along one or more of these dimensions?

Do you see the profound effect of this single reform?

Do you know of any other policy that could have such a profound global effect on poverty, inequality and GDP ?

And which policy initiative — even the Millennial Goals — could be compared to the tremendous potential of the OBLE?


Because the OBLE = Open Borders Liberation Economics, is scalable and instantly effective.

Of course me and my colleagues are constantly persecuted for our heretical ideas….

Be that as it may:



Dr Kroko


“Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets”.

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you”.

Matthew 5:11-12

There is nothing New under the Sun.

Today, Scotland, Catalonia, Greece, Pannonia, and even part of Belgium and Alsace-Lorraine, all want to secede from the European Union — same as the great big states of Texas and Florida want to escape from the United States of America.

Is this a purely historical or ideological confluence of events that lead parts of the nascent Unions to seek independence and devolution?

Of course the Union of the American states predates the European Union by a couple of centuries but the learnings have propelled the EU into a faster integration institutional building than the US experienced in it’s early years.

Of course Europe same as the American States had to go through the cathartic wars before the people could open up their eyes and see that War is the father of us all and best we get together if we want this errant father to stop beating upon us all too frequently and with bloody vengeance.

So we invest in history and see…

What can we learn from this?

Have we seen this play staged before this time in human history?

Methinks … Yes.

It’s times like these that we must take a referendum of People’s opinions on the matter with comprehensive polls run by an educated populace.

In order to add to the benefit of this population so that the decision will be truly democratic and well informed we best remember the outcome of similar secession movements of the past…

So let’s travel back to the time of the signing of the American Union coming into being having just been liberated from the British Crown in 1776.

A momentous event in human history.

Before Thomas Jefferson, the author of America’s July 4, 1776 Declaration of Secession from the British empire, became a lifelong advocate of both the voluntary UNION — a union of the free, independent, and sovereign states — and of the right of secession, he was a humanitarian advocate of liberal government and the right of association as a free formed homeland.

Jefferson was adamant on this. And this is what he said in his first inaugural address in 1801: “If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left to combat it.”

But what he said in his first inaugural address in 1801, pales by comparison to his powerful reply on a January 29, 1804 letter to Dr. Joseph Priestley, who had asked Jefferson his opinion of the New England secession movement that was gaining momentum. This is what the Great Jefferson wrote: “Whether we remain in one confederacy, or form into Atlantic and Mississippi confederacies, I believe not very important to the happiness of either part. Those of the western confederacy will be as much our children & descendants as those of the eastern . . . and did I now foresee a separation at some future day, yet should feel the duty & the desire to promote the western interests as zealously as the eastern, doing all the good for both portions of our future family…”

Jefferson offered the same opinion to John C. Breckinridge on August 12, 1803 when New Englanders were threatening secession after the Louisiana purchase. If there were a “separation,” he wrote, “God bless them both & keep them in the union if it be for their good, but separate them, if it be better.”

Everyone understood that the union of the states was voluntary and that, as Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York stated in their constitutional ratification documents, each state had a right to withdraw from the union at some future date if that union became harmful to its interests. So when New Englanders began plotting secession barely twenty years after the end of the American Revolution, their leader, Massachusetts Senator Timothy Pickering (who was also George Washington’s secretary of war and secretary of state) stated that “the principles of our Revolution point to the remedy – a separation.

That this can be accomplished without spilling one drop of blood, I have little doubt.”  This is corroborated from Henry Adams, in “Documents Relating to New-England Federalism, 1800-1815.” The New England plot to secede from the union culminated in the Hartford Secession Convention of 1814, where they ultimately decided to remain in the union and to try to dominate it politically instead.

They of course succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, beginning in April of 1865 up to the present day…

John Quincy Adams, the quintessential New England Yankee, echoed these Jeffersonian sentiments in an 1839 speech in which he said that if different states or groups of states came into irrepressible conflict, then that “will be the time for reverting to the precedents which occurred at the formation and adoption of the Constitution, to form again a more perfect union by dissolving that which could no longer bind, and to leave the separated parts to be reunited by the law of political gravitation…”

John Quincy Adams, spoke with these powerful words, written and recorded in: “The Jubilee of the Constitution, 1939, pp. 66-69.”

There is a long history of American newspapers endorsing the Jeffersonian secessionist tradition. The following are just a few examples.

The Bangor, Maine Daily Union once editorialized that the union of Maine with the other states “rests and depends for its continuance on the free consent and will of the sovereign people of each. When that consent and will is withdrawn on either part, their Union is gone, and no power exterior to the withdrawing [state] can ever restore it.” Moreover, a state can never be a true equal member of the American union if forced into it by military aggression, the Maine editors wrote.

“A war … is a thousand times worse evil than the loss of a State, or a dozen States” the Indianapolis Daily Journal once wrote. “The very freedom claimed by every individual citizen, precludes the idea of compulsory association, as individuals, as communities, or as States,” wrote the Kenosha, Wisconsin Democrat. “The very germ of liberty is the right of forming our own governments, enacting our own laws, and choosing or own political associates … The right of secession inheres to the people of every sovereign state.”

Using violence to force any state to remain in the union, once said the New York Journal of Commerce, would “change our government from a voluntary one, in which the people are sovereigns, to a despotism” where one part of the people are “slaves.” The Washington (D.C.) Constitution concurred, calling a coerced union held together at gunpoint (like the Soviet Union, for instance) “the extreme of wickedness and the acme of folly.”

“The great principle embodied by Jefferson in the Declaration of American Independence, that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,” the New York Daily Tribune once wrote, “is sound and just,” so that if any state wanted to secede peacefully from the union, it has “a clear moral right to do so.”

A union maintained by military force, would be “mad and Quixotic” as well as “tyrannical and unjust” and “worse than a mockery,” editorialized the Trenton (N.J.) True American.

Echoing Jefferson’s letter to John C. Breckinridge, the Cincinnati Daily Commercial once editorialized that “there is room for several flourishing nations on this continent; and the sun will shine brightly and the rivers run as clear” if one or more states were to peacefully secede.

All of these editorials were published in the first three months of 1861 and are published in Howard Cecil Perkins, “Northern Editorials on Secession” published in 1964 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

These powerful ideas and words penned by the Great Thomas Jefferson himself and many other lesser men but equally vocal of the vaunted State Rights at the Foundation times –  illustrate how the truths penned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence are still alive with us in heart and mind and to a lesser extent in our daily reality of Life lived in the Commons.


Dr Kroko


As times are growing more and more interesting we best consider that at the Founder’s time, all the states were considered to be free, independent, and sovereign in the same sense that England and France were.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison same as all the other framers of the Constitution believed, spoke, and acted, upon the inviolate principle that the Grand Union was voluntary.

They felt same as I do today that using economic despotism, colonialism, debt and trade subjugation, should never keep us together if we don’t want to be so.

I feel further same as they — and we are a goodly company on this — that never the Union should exercise it’s powers to cause poverty, malaise, famine, invasion, bloodshed, and mass murder, just to force a state to remain into the union.

I say this echoing Jefferson: “This would be a terrible abomination and a universal moral outrage; and that a free society is required to revere freedom of association”

Stand with me and our brothers and sisters in Scotland, Catalonia, Greece and elsewhere throughout Europe and declare that these ideas of Liberty, are still alive and well today in both Great Unions at different stages of their development.

Europe and America… travel the same path and that is a parallel victory over the inevitable flow towards impermanence, irrelevance of historic proportions, state failure, and culture collapse.

The Fed is doing a good job — Right?

Maybe or maybe not.

Let’s find out.

So let us examine this proposition carefully:

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more investment world complacency, about the ever growing stock market valuations and the obviously euphoric equities and capital goods asset price hikes.

It’s an inexplicable upward trend — until you start looking who is causing this tide of wealth. As an investor am certain yourselves also have seen nice growth across the board in all equities and the major indexes worldwide, from Dow Jones and Shanghai composite, to “No name Jones” indexes around the world. Even places suffering under dictatorships and serious malaise caused by democracy deficits, and economic mismanagement, and corruption to the point of bankruptcy — have seen their stock markets growing either through osmosis or thought the constant covert manipulation of the electronic exchanges. Take as an example the bankrupt indexes of Greece, Egypt, and Venezuela — where people adverse to emerging market risks are all flocking to skim a bit of butter off the top — assured of beneficial manipulation by the controllers of these exchanges. All playing the ride-the-pony until the greater fool gets stuck in position at this merry musical chairs game. One justifies this subversion of the spirit of Free markets by having to understand that the Exchange mangers do this customarily, in order to show signs of life in the moribund capital markets of these otherwise bankrupt countries.

So this Spirit of Euphoria is ever present amongst the major and minor players worldwide, and it appears to becoming so easy — like shooting fish in the barrel. So I have now officially called it the Game of Morons. A subtle metaphor for the Game of Thrones obsession running amongst the traders these days. The lesson is here staring you in the eye, but most young bucks lose it.

The simple take away from the Game of Thrones is that, th end is near and everybody gets killed…

Got it?

Unfortunately now, even among the savvy investors, investment bank economists, financiers, hedge fund managers, Market Makers, Bond Trading Houses, and similar white glove High Finance professionals — this summer time euphoria has spread like a contagion.

Yet this is contrary to the constant nagging belief that we’ve been here before.

Many times.

And we crashed and burned.

Again and again.

When you see the tide going far out in either direction — You know the tsunami is coming. The deluge… followed by Fukushima magnitude catastrophes with plenty of side effects.

A real Armageddon. Nuclear and otherwise. We know it and we called it for what it is since last November…

When you look in your heart of hearts — You know this too.

No need to read the tea leaves.

Only the theoretical armchair financiers don’t understand that.

Some leaders preach “Serenity Now” while others do their yoga asanas holding positions far too long thinking that it’s good for you. But being a market major and a Market maker is not Hatha yoga. It’s more like Kundalini and Ashtanga from Mysore.

It’s time for agile trading, light footed guerilla war and not heavy troop movements. Hide in the hills but don’t go wage war in the plains.

Some placidly greedy folks think it’s time to boost consumption and buy expensive yachts, chateaus, and aeroplanes.

And some friendly sales associates will sell you all their holding positions for a small uptick on their present day cost of carry.

That’s fine too.

And all is swell and is gonna be that way for ever. We’ve got to talk because this 4ever growing trend, is the mantra du jour — but am sure you heard that before. Probably just before the last collective lemur suicide. Lemmings chasing cliff side flight are plenty. Sane investors not so much…

Yet contrary to this wholesale euphoria, there are some not so friendly “prophets” who manage to see some clouds way off in the horizon, even though the pink champagne haze obstructs their vision.

Most just look at the view. Some speak up unafraid to disturb the party…

They politely say that inclement weather might be approaching. They say that they see rainstorms coming.

And they hold up their charts showing bubbles ready to pop everywhere.

Do you see that?

Do you hear the distant thunder?

What do you think?

Maybe time to exit… or not?

It’s something to think about.

Consider the options: In or Out.

Am just saying this because there has been tremendous growth in interest among financial professionals to find out where I stand on this.

I get asked this question almost daily, wherever I might be in the world.

From China to America and points in between, people ask me because they know me as the Great Contrarian.

So I started a small interest group of friends of Finance which, acts as an unofficial poll and a pulse getter of the sentiment of the large professional Investors that can move markets based on their sentiments and follow on actions.

Market makers is what we are called. M&Ms colourful and crunchy on the outside but sweet and moist on the inside with the rainbow of colours to express our freedom of Thought and our allergic reaction to orthodox doctrine of any kind. For us mainstream opinion is anathema and the daft souls who believe what they hear on the tube or even who watch the telly are simple serfs.

We are keen on listening to original insights, thoughts, and analysis borne out of experience from people who put their money where their mouth is. Much lie the proverbial horse…

And although we are a bit crunchy, ornery, and given to vices like the occasional brothel and tickle — we are far from insane physicists or beautiful minds mathematicians. Cue in here the music with John Nash entering the cafeteria.

Yes we are different because we are a applied science of Finance Think Tank more than anything else. But we are also a bunch of cool friends who share meditative insights around the fire — when the nights grow long and darkness engulfs even the most optimistic amongst us.

In a few years, this small group has grown to almost 200 members from the US, China, European Union countries, South America, East, Southern, and Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Our discussions and our membership are strictly Chatham House rules and we will publicly flog you if you reveal anything about our Lot and our thinking except through eloquent articles like this, vetted in advance for publication. And before conspiracy theory overwhelms you — just realize we do this in order to maintain our Liberty in expressing whatever the “fvck” opinions we want without the serfs with the pitchforks or the barbed editorialists coming after us.

Besides our informal quarterly meetings — we draw once a year the smart people from the High Finance, the FDI, and the Long Term Value Investment world, to an event in Oxford where we orient ourselves against the orthodoxy of the City, Wall Street, Beijing Finance Street, and all other non sensical orthodoxies — and we focus instead on prophesy making. Reading the tea leaves as it were…

Since the 1999-2000 internet crisis — that I had fully predicted — washed ashore like a gigantic Tsunami and cleared away all the New Economy ruminants, by shearing off a few Trillion dollars of equity inflation, I suddenly found myself in demand. Sadly not for my leadership skills but for my prediction abilities. My newsletter was deemed a Must-Read by all the leaders out there and this has defined me since.

I founded the think-tank right then, so from the starting date, a number of themes have emerged.

Here are some Questions:

Was the crisis of 1999-2000 avoidable?

Does Capitalism need the blood letting?

Does this have to happen all too frequently?

Can we prevent recurring and devastating Crises by deflating the bubbles ourselves?

Is Natural Capitalism another path worth pursuing or just an exotic hippy hairy idea?

What is the role of the FED and all other Central Banks in relation to healthy markets and is their importance overstated?

Did the financial crisis of 2008 coming such a short time after the 2000 one help us understand the need to foretell and foreswerve and foreshore our Economies to avoid the Crashes.

Is our economy like the bumper-car lot where we need to constantly be crashing against each other to make this Life game a bit more stimulating?

Do we need to increase our sympathy and understanding for economics?

So here are some Answers: 

I have heard the same story from many people in finance. When the bust of 2000 (or 2008) happened, it did not fit what they had been taught in school, nor could it be explained within the belief systems of their leaders and colleagues in the critical networked institutions of the active and heavily traded financial markets.

Their next step was wonderment. Why led to reading, searching for answers, and then, finding the think tank of our market makers — the vaunted M&M — that enabled them to make sense of what had happened.

We led on the discussion forward because we think that the failure of the popular economic theories — evidenced by these inexplicable crises — has driven the search for superior ideas.

Yet today, despite the lackluster growth on Main Street, Wall Streeters appears quite happy with growth over the past two years. For the casual observer, one might argue that the Fed has managed things well, but what we see as problematic with the current approach, is that there are some of our most senior and serious fellows in the finance world that are totally skeptical of the Fed’s current strategy, and for good reason

Namely: The Fed has a series of mistaken theories supporting their belief that higher stock prices indicate the success of their policies.

The first is the thinking that asset prices are actual wealth, when they are only the prices of the capital goods, which are a form of real wealth. Asset prices, in real terms, are the exchange ratios between consumption goods and capital goods.

The second is that artificially boosted asset prices mean only that the owners of assets who bought them at lower prices have increased their consumption possibilities in relation to non-owners of assets.

The third fallacy is that the owners of most assets, the so-called “1%” are the only beneficiaries of Fed policies.

The fourth issue is that there is no systemic economic benefit to any particular value for stock prices. Young people saving for the future and entrepreneurs who are looking to pick up capital goods at bargain prices would find lower stock prices give them a better deal. This is the same as for any good.

The fifth represents the FED’s biggest error in believing that higher stock prices create a “wealth effect,” in which people see their asset values rise, feel richer, and consequently save less and spend more.

Follow the thought process here by reading on in order to explain further and illustrate all of these issues the FED has gotten wrong:

The FED’s black hole failure is that though their goal is to boost consumption through pumping up asset prices – the opposite is true. People put more money in the stock market seeing it as a form of savings and wealth creation, but we know that capital goods consumption is not savings by a long stretch of the imagination and they will inevitably realize they are buying into a bubble only when the shit hits the fan after the bubbles have burst wide open in a chain reaction event that will leave all of them shirtless.

However all the FED Keynesians, are in favour of this because they think that consumption drives production. Simple as that.

The Cure for what ails us is known.

It is also clear what we have to do.

Yet am afraid that it will take the FED a few more months to come to this realization. They usually have to arrive at the conclusion as a post Mortem. So after the cataclysmic event that will start unfolding soonest — the FED will shift course and that is the problem with Governmental interference in the Markets…

Correcting the illness after the patient has died does not make a Good Doctor.

A Good Leader is the one that decides to first cure their own faulty mindset, and then apply proper cure to his subjects.

Sound economic thought has recognized, at least since the classical school, that production must precede consumption, and that production drives demand, not the other way around. The Fed understands none of this because they have no understanding of the purpose of capital goods in the production process, which is to increase the productivity of labour.

The Feds believe this about home prices as well, which is arguably an even greater fallacy because homes are consumption goods. A rising standard of living means that we are able to buy consumption goods at lower real prices over time, not higher.

And finally, the Feds see the stock market as a sort of public referendum on their policies. They point to the stock market and say, “see, the market approves of what we are doing.” But when you realize that through its monetary expansion, the Fed itself is responsible for the rising stock market, that calls into question whether we can use it as independent measure of public opinion, or instead, the Fed voting for itself with money that it prints.

Seasoned financial thinkers understand this, and although we’ve mostly been seeking growth from the US so far, we are seeking our growth objectives in the emerging markets globally. And here is where, we see areas that are of particular concern, such as China, Japan, the BRICS, and the Euro zone.

For one the FED’s Quantitative Easing benefits China more than America. However, the system of Credit allocation in China is not market-based. They import the Fed’s inflation through their currency peg, which diverts dollars into their sovereign wealth fund where it is “invested” by bureaucrats in various forms of dollar-zone assets. Their domestic savings go into their banking system, where it is wasted on politically favoured projects due to non-market allocation of bank credit. The entire system is experiencing a series of bubbles in real estate and other sectors.

Their rate of infrastructure spending for comparably developed economies is about twice as high as normal. This is because the communist party officials are under great pressure to hit GDP targets — as if prosperity could be spent into existence by hitting a number. Infrastructure such as roads and empty cities present an opportunity to spend a large amount of money, all in one place, on a lot of Very Big Stuff, which under market-based economic calculation would be revealed as wasteful.

The problems in Europe are a combination of the massive debts that can never be paid back, the unfunded entitlements, and the growth in the burden on producers. This burden consists of the totality of regulation, taxation, inflexible prices and labour markets, and the threat to the confiscation of wealth. If you project these trends into the near future, I’m not sure where the lines cross, but the system is clearly unsustainable in its present form because it relies on sustaining current levels of consumption as fewer and fewer people produce.

So the five main points above are really the misguided FED’s efforts starting with Bernanke “The Beard” and the Cheney’s bush policies at QE easing or rather saving their brethren from getting a haircut. Now to wean off the mother’s teat the whole world who has come to rely on the FED’s massive QE for their daily bread — it is the sound of the other shoe falling now…

The next crisis I did really lived through, and weathered successfully, was the 2008 Lehman led Collapse and the resulting Sovereign Debt Crisis ushered in by the general banking sector collapse. Thing is that I had foreseen all that jazz and the coming wars, way back in 2003, and had moved to old England with wealth and all — converted into a better stable currency and access to the best financial and business centre the world has ever known.

We weathered the storm really well and provided solid returns of double digits through the crisis. And thus we are now prepping for when the next crisis appears.

The tsunami has been spotted heading for these placid shores and a New Heaven is required urgently.

We did well in this country.

Albeit I don’t fancy upping stakes once again, because the daft banker-wankers are throwing a greedy spanner in the works and are driving us all to another crisis.

But one has got to do what one has got to do. So am moving on and will let you now in due time where the next safe harbour is for us.

There is always a port of call where the girls are easy and the booze plentiful, for an old roustabout pirate.

Maybe Brussels?

Or Strasbourg?

Just kidding…

It’s always an adventure.

Please — don’t call on me because I am not gonna tell you and I don’t do interviews and I also don’t appear on daytime TV either. Just on the really really late show called Telepathy. That way you can reach me. Telepathy is good but Email also works pretty well for me.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that am busy on my way to the next Safe Harbour and greater returns for long term value.

Promise to let you know this November when this whole thing is over, and after your clocks have been cleaned by the seaborne justice for fools and maniacs that’s coming. It’s the promised Tsunami off the coast of Japan where it will hit first.

But there is hope — cause you can follow these articles here and maybe also register for the leadership newsletter and thus Be Totally Informed.

For the time run for the hills and occupy higher ground in places the tsunami can never reach to spoil your lunch. You can see the fools in the lowlands swimming away with the debris out to the open sea and offer tales of caution and courage to your kin — until the storm passes.

And if you are Good, really really Good and you want to play with us, you can contribute your erudite opinions, and intelligent analysis, with a bolt of spike and prophesy rolled into one.

Then and only then, we might invite you to our annual M&M gathering.

It’s the Oxford Analysis Think Tank of High Finance Conference in late November… and you might learn something there.

Or not.


Dr Kroko


Now the Feds have to stop their interference and let markets choose if they want to inhale or exhale by themselves.

Of course some emerging markets and the periphery zones of strong currencies will suffer mightily… but this is still far less pain than keeping up this charade of Quantitative Easing from the FED for far too long. Keep inflating the tire and when it blows it just might kill you.

So let’s not be damn stupid. Stop inflating the bubbles. he balloons are bursting all over…

At least One of the upsides of having a global thinking elite is that we know what’s going on. And we share…

We share the knowledge amongst ourselves freely, and with You too. Because we want to help you avoid walking blindly on the road to Serfdom.

However it’s your responsibility to seek, search, and find this wisdom before you internalize it. Because only then it’s worth it…

And thus you can have it for free from us here and now.

Whereas the politicians the moneyed folk, the petite bourgeois, the rich, the poor, the middle class, the economists, the deluded masses, and the peasants with the pitchforks — may have to wait for decades to find out who the Mafia bosses of their political life are, who the paedophiles in high places are, and which banks are criminal enterprises, or just bust ruins loitering on the high street.

yet for now am bidding you Adieu with these words from another Great Leader:

“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”
~ Marcus Aurelius


Poor Greeks suffering today under a Dictatorship of mean spirited bureaucrats foisting upon them seven years of economic depression and bad luck, armed with plenty of Debtor jails and asylums without the very basic Habeas Corpus protections.

You see the consistent record holders of dismal failure and corruption are the Greek Government Ministers. The infamous GGmen. The typical GGmen are only interested in getting some cash in their pockets via fire-sales. They have started a giant Garage Sale of all that is Greek and are flogging the remaining few pieces of “family silver” like thieves. Thieving and selling off the loot even after they have already “stolen”  the whole country. And they do this without even the requisite show of contrition but in the light of day, hustling like street hookers in a show of wanton corruption. The GGmen are mainly government Ministers who speak and act rapaciously against the very interests of the country and it’s people even though they were “selected” to fulfil a public fiduciary role.

Still these bureaucrats act like vacuous airheads although they know better. The reason they are acting like born again cheerleaders trying to convince investors to go “Live their Myth in Greece” is because they are the trumpeters and the stickmen thumping the bushes ahead of the fox hunt. They are the yapping beagles leading the red fox to the place of “Myth” where the unscrupulous conmen will fleece them right and will probably give you a heart attack…

Bet you didn’t know that most foxes die from a heart attack when they are cornered by the screaming beagles.

And am betting You further didn’t know that the fox is you.

A day before yesterday the Greek Ministers presented another pantomime about Foreign Direct Investment saying the country is ready… to finally accept large scale FDI from responsible investors, and — wait for the miracle — the Economic Recovery is just around the corner.


In another related Greek Roadshow event in London, this week, the Greek Environment, Energy, and Climate Change, Minister Yiannis Maniatis, made the beggar’s case for oil & gas. A century late and a few Billion Dollars short the Greek Environment & Energy Minister wants to turn the only asset that Greece still has — the Environment of the blue azzure Aegean Sea into a Culf of Mexico oil spill disaster territory with Macondo type oil platforms fence rigging the Greek Islands.

Good Luck with that.

And Good Luck to the Tourism industry after the oil spills become a regular feature of the Greek Seas. And as the oil pollutes the seascape and washes onto the Greek islands, let’s see where the tourists will go…

Am sure the tourists want to be oiled up like the pelicans coming off the Gulf of Mexico and kneeling to die on the slimy shore…

Maybe we should offer a summer holiday to the Greek Ministers and travel them all the way to the site of the Macondo oil spill off Louisiana’s once beautiful coast and have them be educated about the vagaries of side effects of the disastrous Oil business. Oil spills are an everyday reality and oil pollution washing ashore destroys not only tourism, but fishing, commerce, and habitation of human settlements because it basically makes people really really sick. And they up stakes and go away to save their lives. Same as been happening to the Greek youth migrating to other countries of the European Union…

So best we ship off the Energy Minister and his colleagues to Louisiana for re-education and see what happens.Let them bathe in the waters off of New Orleans for some “oil therapy” and see how quickly they change their minds about the effects of oil pollution on a country.

Still am afraid that for now the Minister is undaunted by the absurdity of his task, and the negative consequences of his unhealthy mission to destroy the last remaining pristine Greek habitats. The seas surrounding the small but exceedingly beautiful country.  Unfortunately the indomitable joker of an Environment & Energy Minister presented Greece’s programme for selling offshore hydrocarbon exploration concessions in the Aegean sea, in the Ionian Sea, and in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, south of Crete as final. He spoke of a Fait Accompli.

Perhaps he spoke a little prematurely by saying the words bellow that constitute a colossal gaffe of Mythic proportions.

Hear – Hear, what the idiot had to say:
“Greece’s goal of becoming a major oil and gas producer is not just a Greek myth but based on firm parameters,” Maniatis stressed as he unveiled the findings of seismic surveys in the area and also analysed the broader geopolitical framework, ahead of a tender to be launched in the next few days.
The presentation included data from geological surveys covering 225,000 square km and the interpretation of this data, carried out by the French oil and gas consultancy firm BEICIP-Franlab.
The tender will be for test drilling in 20 blocks, defined on the basis of 50 parameters that include the depth of the seabed, geology and the environmental conditions revealed by a Strategic Environmental Impact Study that is underway, as well as the data from the seismic surveys.
Maniatis particularly highlighted the broader geopolitical framework in Greece, including the recovery of the economy, society’s acceptance and the political consensus on exploiting the country’s oil and gas reserves.
“All the major political parties support the development of the hydrocarbon sector and most political parties wish to participate in its future success. Disagreement on this issue is considered unpatriotic,” the minister stressed. He added that, in fact, the government has now considered that the “marginalisation” of this oil & gas underwater development prospect for 15 years – from 1997 to 2012 – had been tantamount to treachery against the country’s prospects and future generations.”

This Maniatis guy hails from a place of Greece where they are all “stoned” consistently, and they can be considered the Taliban of Greece. By rights this man is the Talib of the European Environment Ministers. Because based on his title — he is not just the energy Minister but also the Environment Minister. Admittedly a Schizophrenic position to be in for a man who comes from a long career working in a  consultancy and lobbying capacity on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. A Taliban against the ENVIRONMENT and an enemy of whatever is pure, clean, and natural — should be his title.

And maybe someone should break the news to him that 100% energy for Greece produced from renewable energies is not only possible, off the shelf today — but there is enough more potential for a booming export market of the renewable energy to the rest of the EU in order to satisfy the increasing appetite of the Union for clean energy. And it is easy to accomplish this without expensive major government plans. 

The way to do it is through distributed solar, wind, tidal & wave marine energy, and geothermal. It matters to use the distributed potential of everyone becoming an energy producer and this nudging economic policy action — in turn distributes the jobs, the investment, the power, and the wealth, into the hands of the many citizens comprising now the restive Middle Class.

However that is the very reason why people who have power and control now do not want this to happen since the few Greek Oil and Energy companies control 90 % of the market and do not want to lose the “Franchise.” 

Yet the Greek People, need to believe, lead, and make it happen, through grass roots activism and private investments on your own rooftops. We can make this happen through crowd sourcing, majority community ownership, using our investments; distributed energy equates with distributed political power, and that is a really good thing. 

We just need to get critical mass and distribute the power through the good thing principle. Usually we do one good thing today and we are happy for a month, or for a week, or a day.  BUT IF WE DO THIS WE’LL BE HAPPY FOR LIFE…

So the daft Minister Maniatis couldn’t leave the error alone and he went way too far when he claimed that it is TREASON to object to the environmental degradation and fossil fuel pollution, in Greece. This is not only stupid. It is also fascist. Sounds like Adolf fvckin Hitler to me…

According to the Greek Prime Minister and the Ministers of State, it is Treason to object to their plans to further ruin the country, by permanently destroying it’s ecosystems and marine environment.

The E&E Minister Maniatis, other Ministers like him, and the PM Samaras think it is Treason to disagree with their plans to rape and pillage the poor country and the Earth.

They feel it is treason to offer a dissenting advise.

It is treason to have a minority opinion.

You now know.

And since being made aware, be ready.

So when these foolish ministers invite you to a roadshow, or welcome you to the “Treasonous country” of Samaras/Venizelos and their bastard ilk — best decline the myth they have for sale.

It’s a fake myth with no heroes. A myth with none of the glory, none of the profit, and whole lots’ of gloom. In fact it’s a nightmare of mythic proportions.

Because that myth is a nightmare not just for all the Investors into Greece but for all the Greek people as well. And surely not a good “story” for any investor out there.

Indeed it’s a myth as the daft Greek Ministers will tell you if pressed and if he  had an honest bone in their body or carried themselves upright for even a moment. But spineless creatures have none of that and it is difficult to fathom how an Environmental Disaster waiting to happen can be considered a Good Investment.

But a looming catastrophe of mythic proportions for the Environment affects the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean — because this disaster is far bigger than what Greece can destroy by itself.  Still is fitting that a place with neither Liberty, nor Democracy, and no Discourse, — is no place to invest. Simple as that.

As a matter of fact the truth is that even the simple protection from Debtor’s jail and the simple Human Rights of Habeas Corpus simply do not exist in Greece of 2014. And are not offered as basic Civil Rights to people living or working there. So be wary. Be very wary…

Be wary because if they don’t like You for whatever reason — they con dispose of you. Say your investment is mired in corruption and you complain — you go to jail. Good Luck coming out if you don’t beg forgiveness and say “uncle” to the lovely Minister who send You there in the first place. Or the government is not keeping up it’s end of the deal… You can’t say a word. You simply can’t even utter a peep.

Greece is the country where they throw activists and anticorruption advocates into the insane asylum wards, and keep them there — tied up for months in metal beds — simply in order to not have to have a Judge look at them for illegal arrest and illegal jail.

They can keep a person thus in an insane asylum “tied up” in bed for up to six months without a judge or jury having the interest to examine the person and see the legality of the situation. No judge looks in to see if he is fit for the “special treatment” or not.

Very Surprising and unbelievable but that is what we found when we saw that one of our activists had been similarly kidnapped because he uncovered the Banking Scandals and the Rampant Corruption leading from the State to the Banks and from the Bank heads to the State.

No judge can even check to see why a person is held against their will for months on end tied up in a metal bed.

Can you believe this shit?

This person has no rights?

Is this not a human being?

Do you know of another country where this is possible?

Even China customarily obtains a judge’s signature for illegal detentions.

I don’t think an intelligent person needs to look for anything else into Greece to see how devastating it is to be a “No Person.” And nothing more than this incredible justice deficiency matter, needs fixing urgently, before anyone considers Greece a Democratic place fit for Investments of any sort. We both know you have Ethics and

Because of that and under the current crop of German led local collaborateurs and Enforcers — Greece is gone.




Just the people — walking dead — don’t know it yet.

And when the Ministers of development and Finance come to London and New York begging for FDI [Foreign Direct Investment] and trying to flog off the country’s left over “silver spoons” please give them the middle finger. Tell them to FO and go back fix the country’s Democracy Deficit and demolish the Apartheid and then come back to talk…

These errant bastards are trying to sell off whatever is not tied down before they get their pretty necks strung up from the assembling crowds with the pitchforks. So they figure to better hurry up, because that’s what’s coming.

Today’s Minister of Finance and Development trying to flog off some more underwater real estate in the form of bottom of the sea “squares” for fossil fuel exploration permits, or some other real estate development assets, and state owned assets, state companies, and seized people’s debt packages.

For Greece to be represented by such Morons is super sad. Daft Ministers who are grasping at straws and they want to do oil and gas development, when Greece is is the country best suited for Renewable Energy. Clean Energy resources are a better fir in Greece than any other European country.

In the country blessed with wind, sun, and the sea, along with Geothermal and all manners of potential for distributed generation and with an entrepreneurial population, this represents an opportunity for abundant clean energy always offered for “Free” as part of the “Ecosystem Services.”

Freely given ecosystem services that are offered readily by a Marine and Coastal Environment that has blessed Greece in her small corner of the world with abundant energy resources.

So in the land of Renewables to be blind to it and instead go undersea hunting for elusive hydrocarbon fossil fuels — is like  a crime of major proportions.

It is truly TREASON to focus on Fossil Fuels at a time when the whole world is moving away from Fossil Fuels. Still the Greek government is going for it pell-mell.

One wonders why?

My advise when you talk with the Greek Ministers of state is this: Just look at them in the eye and ask them what is their percentage? And then treat them like the proper CORRUPTION LEPERS, that they are.

Because that’s what they are. All of them. The whole sorry lot of them…

When they make presentations telling you the place is ready for Investment and the reforms have been enacted, and you can come invest In Greece — ask them about Human Rights.

Ask them about Habeas Corpus.

Ask them about Debtor’s Jails.

Ask them about their insane asylums where they hold people without oversight for many months on end because they area convenient place to hide activists without the formalities of judges and criminal charges or Human Rights.

Secret jails we call them where one in two people are tied up in metal beds for months at a time.

So when the Motherfvckin Greek Ministers ask for your money — tell them off swiftly.

Best tell them upfront that You do not invest in Corruption, Dictatorship, and in an Apartheid Regime. Because Apartheid it is when the Ministers of State feast on the massive Foreign Aid for the country and send their Billions to Switzerland — whereas the ordinary citizens eat out of the garbage dumpsters, or go nuts from unemployment, and commit suicide. Greek suicides are a wholesale business.Matter of fact it is the only export business. It also reduces unemployment as a particularly “funny” Greek Minister confided to me in an international investors meeting…

What a Bastard.

Best treat the place like an Apartheid regime and divest immediately and pressure the government to enact the basic Human Rights provisions necessary for the Rule of Law to return to it’s ancient cradle.

Forget about Democracy right now because the society is militarized with military type police all over the cities oppressing people.

Whenever you see Greek Ministers soliciting investment ask them about Habeas Corpus and why they don’t have it in their country?

Ask about Debtor’s Jail and wait to hear why they still maintain those in their country?

Ask about the very basic protections of Human Rights provisions and why they don’t have it in their country?

Ask questions like that before you commit your PE fund or Hedge or FDI venture to even look at the slides of the lying Ministers traipsing the globe trying to fool people into believing that you can live your Myth in Greece as the signs in the Athens Airport warn you about.

And you need to ask them whether they benefit from the ever-present CORRUPTION of the Ministerial class and the ruling party anomalous bunch of social misfits, all assholes, that sabotage Democracy, the Rule of Law, the Reforms, and the Economy of the Greek nation.

That is job one.

Because You and I have Ethics and we have “Fuck You Money” and we are not afraid to use both of them to do what is right.

We also happen to know that “Life is short and karma is a bitch”

Matter of fact — she’s a terrible Bitch keeping score of everything we’ve done, thought, and said. But above all, she’s keeping score of the things we didn’t do. Of the help we didn’t offer. Of the crimes we didn’t report. Of the time when we didn’t blow the whistle…

Of the terrible toll in lives that resulted when we turned a blind eye to corruption, and allowed misery to be heaped upon a whole nation of once proud and free people. The nation of the Greek people, who once upon a time taught all of us How to have the pride of living in a country full of Liberty and Democracy.

We owe the Greek people at least this simple favour. Treat the current government like an Apartheid regime and support the Greek people through philanthropy. Through the Red Cross if need be and through the Food for Children. But beware and do not invest in Greece today because the place is corrupt and it will corrupt you too.

If you want to help — just send food aid in support of the Greek people as a Thank You, for the gift they bestowed upon us many years ago. The Gift of Democracy.  Through this gift the Greek people have been giving us Life Affirming Value, because this is the most valuable thing in the world. This idea that government by the people, for the people, and from the people — that is still called by the ancient Greek name is what we have as the most cherished treasure of progress in the Human Journey.

But Greeks today don’t enjoy this gift.


Because of that — We shall not support the Dictatorship Du Jour of the Samaras-Venizelos double faced Janus of Corruption running the country.


I’ve been terribly involved in Greece as of late and always disappointed. I thought I could help fix things a little.

But Greece is like a little girl’s death from cancer. A cancer of the blood quickly metastasize to anything good and pure in her body. We need to help her.

Only one thing we can do. Starve the Cancer from any kind of foods and carbon the cancer feeds into… Starve the cancer from the incessant corruption.

Our anti-corruption and whistleblower campaigns through my technology NGO aptly named  and through our cooperation with others like Wikileaks, Courage, Transparency, Amnesty, Justice, and the old NGOs I had co-founded like the AAT, A4AD, A4ID, PHI, Oxygen, etc, amongst many others who want to seriously help Greece in an ethical manner and in a way consistent with ancient values and Human Rights.

Our hard work at the has led to the discovery of the more than 600 amongst many hundreds of major corruption cases involving the Top Banks of Greece and the Government Ministers. The very banks, rescued by the IMF, the Troika, and your money… they are all involved in corruption games that will make the hunger games you watch on TV seem unimaginative.

Greek High Bankers and High Ministers are all involved in a web of corruption thick as thieves, feasting on the 320 Billion Euro package of foreign help the country has received so far and that almost nothing has trickled down to the citizens. The IMF and the Troika are complicit in this corruption — same as the European Union because they all have been warned and appraised of the situation by our own people directly. And they have chosen to do absolutely nothing. Nothing so far. But things may change rapidly after this…

After briefing the prime Minister Mr Samaras directly & through his Chief od Staff Mr Papastavrou who defended the corruption, and having informed the Minister of Finance Mr Stournaras and seeing no interest whatsoever to take action, we informed the Anti-corruption prosecutor Ms Raikos. No Action there either. Recognizing that Greece is not interested in Reform of any kind against the Corrupt Alliance of State & Banks, we then spoke to the Troika chiefs. We spoke ad infinitum and we have even talked with the EU leaders, the Commissioner of Justice Ms Vivianne Redding, and the Council of Europe President Mr Barrosso. I’ve even spoke to them myself — but no action has been forthcoming so far. I also spoke to my friend Mr Poul Thompsen of the IMF but no action there either…

So am an intelligent person and recognize the footprints of corruption leading to high places. And am also human and know that these people are not interested in the slightest bit of reform. Just keep the old jallopy on the road until the wheels fall off.

And with the equities bubbles around the world overheating — the next crisis is not far off and then the Truth will come out fully. Because the Truth doesn’t need Defense. It is like the Lion in the forest. Let it loose and sit back and watch it devour all that it needs to in order to bring back order into chaos.

As a Naturalist it’s a good show to watch. Bloody gore and just. Nature’s porn is sort of karmic retribution. Going on a jungle safari is fine to see this, but as an Investor, best head elsewhere if you want to see honest returns.

Greece today unfortunately, is a place of exposed lies.

A country of corrupt Prime Ministers and assorted dirty ministers, corrupt Bank Leaders, and corrupt commercial heads. A simple train wreck of corruption and injustice. A defeated colony of state violence. Collapse is not far behind these clowns. And as she enters the stage the children scream and the adults rush the exits before the tent pole snaps and all get trapped inside a blazing inferno of a big top burning with animals, clowns and unfortunately ordinary people trapped in the conflagration. Am hurting for this because the crowd of children and unfortunate parents is who usually pays the price of corruption.

Sadly today Greece is a collapsed economy. A failed place full of Broken Dreams, and broken people, vying for a place in the shade away from the sun — always fearful of a Broken Country crashing down around their heads.

Hopeless People. Ten thousand suicides. Per year…

Everybody is going crazy — and me, becoming a changed man.

I don’t look back anymore to this place as a place of hope and rebirth. Not even as a Holiday land.

It’s a dying place.

I don’t regret.

I look forward.

I follow the sun and so can you. Follow the sun away from corruption and against Apartheid. Follow the sun and help the Greek people see the sun too. Some day they will enjoy the benefits of Democracy once again.

It is in your interest because their fate and your fate are intertwined. When Democracy is rendered in Greece — Democracy is rendered everywhere. When Truth and Justice disappear from the ancient land — they disappear from your land too.

But you already know this… Everything is connected, and everything flows from the truth…

So let’s organize a strong Civil Rights movement against the modern Greek Apartheid of Corruption. Help me help you and I will use that movement to the Good: To expose. To protect. And if necessary, to punish.

But above all else to bring Democracy back to it’s place where it was born. Return to the Roots for an idea far greater than anyone of us. Let’s get together. It’s Time.

We’ll fight this apartheid of the Dictatorship of Corruption.

Because corruption is what your brain will warn you of when the real danger of Collapse and disappearance of a whole nation is coming your way

We smell the disgusting cancer of corruption that poisons everything that is good and loveworthy in the world, all over Greece today and especially emanating from all the High ministers of State and the Bureaucrats.

So not only do not invest but…

Run for your life.

Divest and Run away from certain ruin and peril.

Now you know why.




Do this and help us Change the World once again as we did in South Africa with Mandela and Tutu a couple of decades ago as we fought Apartheid with Divestment and Ethical Investment policies.

Come stand with me.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
–Anne Frank

What is Federalism?

Most people do not even think for a moment the true Madisonian meaning of the term Federalism.

Instead they rush to popular fear laden terms for explaining the words Federal and Federalism — full of populism, demagoguery, ideology, nationalism, uncertainty, and doubts.

So in England the debate has become feral … not federal and we need to take a breather and step back to observe in calmness.

So hold on a moment.

Where is the textbook definition in classical Political theory of what Federal actually means and what is Federalism?

Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

It is a dynamic process. An ever improving, always changing — always evolving, state of being, leading to a free Union. A better Union. An open relationship with constraints. A dynamic equilibrium of power sharing amongst nations and federal institutions. An equilibrium that changes over time to fit the historical context and the necessity of the Times at hand…

It never approximates perfection because nobody wants that something which doesn’t exist — except the Brussels hard working bureaucrats.  People unbalanced in their precarious position between animal and vegetable life forms, very much like the wonderful “Good for the Gout” vegetable aptly named Brussels sprout.

Same with the Federalists. They resemble vegetables. Because nobody understands what Federalism is. Do plants have feelings?  Neither do Federalists… but we do feel the pain as some scientific studies have proven about green bushes feeling pain when peed-on by your canine friends’ leaky bladder.

So let us repeat the exercise for as many times that it takes to stick.

Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a differentiated political order which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

After all my  wise Latin teacher always said; “Repetitio Matter Studiorno” and at least I remember that part because I was loath to repeat anything let alone even look at my Latin books once… but that is another matter. The reason I remember the quote is because he repeated so many times — I had to give up and call a truce.

Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a differentiated political order which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

It is only that. The political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity, rather than what the fear mongers claim to be a process leading to Central Government of Super Powers that constitutes a model for an ever closer political union or a Soviet style European superstate.

And you can observe the extent to which the maligned and misunderstood political meaning of federalism has been twisted, regurgitated, and caricatured, out of all recognition in what passes for British political debate on matters European these days.

Yet the true definition of Federalism is a model of governance that implies a process of balancing power in a differentiated political order which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

Yet in the strangely beautiful world across the channel the simple world Federalism means the Monster of Loch Ness. The old Neelie devouring paddle boats with old fishermen without even surfacing… It is a different thing from the meaning of Federalism in the continent. Completely different like the abominable Yeti, than what it means in Britain. And because of that — we’ve got troubles. We can’t properly identify our beasts. We can’t even agree about the classification of Unicorn sweetmeats within the European dietary regulations, let alone be allowed to eat haggis or Neelie’s filet. We are seriously miscommunicating about this and it leads to a fight. We disagree on all levels and bicker like any old family. But at least in our families we have the names straight. In United Europe seen from old Blightey — we don’t even have that.

So we are all lost in translation, because it is hard to maintain any meaningful discourse when the political vocabulary being employed by the many sides of the Federal Europe debate, means different things, to different people, and even it means different things to the seasoned political players, in different places, and at different times.

It’s like playing soccer — no just footie, with a blind referee.

Welcome to Babel…

Europe in many ways is just that.

She is a polyglot whore. A modern Babel. A nowhere land. A no country for babes. No country for old men. No country for women – of any age. A Babylon of bureaus. A rich constituency with poor table manners. An unequal and discriminatory oligarchy ruling the serfs. A union of petty kings and princes dressed in dark blue suits and spreading fear via over-regulation and directive mad bureaucrats.

All of that and some more choice epithets can aptly describe Europe today.

And you can use whatever metaphor you find in the books, or you can dream of, in order to describe the “Faulty Towers” that Europe is today. Feel free to do this  — but please don’t call Europe a Federal State because it ain’t.

It is simply a Euromelange trying to find it’s way in the dark groping people’s buttocks as it goes along…

And of course we don’t like to have our ass grabbed by faceless bureaucrats and we all run for the Exit screaming…

Funny with a tinge of sadness — but that is what Europe is today.

A place of sad dark suited men [and women] molesting, maligning, and maladjusting the children of Europe.

What can you do?

The Brussels crowd is not known for it’s good table manners. and that is why Europe has become a place where debate is stifled and unwelcome, when it conflicts with the Eurobureaucrat identity.

And that is wrong.

And all that might hold true for the European Union. But Federal it is not. Europe cannot even approach this idea of Federalism even though many people would have you believe that it is just that.

And the miscommunication has reached funny proportions. This is especially  true where the words “federal” and “federalism” are concerned.

So now as the prime minister of the UK, David Cameron was pushing his boulder size “chip on the shoulder” up the Brussels hill — in an exercise that most continental politicians would sympathize with and at the same time recognise, approve of, and wish to forget, we lost sight of the meaning of the word Federalismus.

We loath the word Federal because “federalism”, in the context of popular, political, and media usage, in Britain, has come to mean the creation and imposition of a European superstate. A soviet Union, centralised in Brussels. Several generations of opportunistic journalists and politicians alike must shoulder the blame for such wilful misinterpretation and misuse. It goes to the heart of the David Cameron’s and every Freedom loving leaders’ political conundrum. But Federalism still is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a differentiated political order which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

Naturally after a century of National Ideology, that fat-lots of good has done for us — the UK government thinks that “European Union should be the priority of nation states wherever possible and Europe only where necessary.” Those of us who advocate the liberal cause will very much concur with this principle of subsidiarity.

This post writer here, reiterates that a European federal democracy, therefore, would mean more regions, more cities, and “fewer” nation states.

Yet that doesn’t compute in Brussels. Not in London’s Whitehall either. The apparent argument between Britain and the rest of Europe is like an argument between deranged monkeys about the respective merits of the metric system vs the imperial one. Or maybe between two ships passing in the night – sending flash signals to each other in foreign languages that none understands. The same words means utterly contradictory or nonsensical things to both of them. And the monkeys just keep eating imported bananas.

Like Brussels and Berlin. Bananas and Bonobos. Add to it the lovely Brussel Sprouts and you have a three course circus of international Diplomacy and Suave dealings, stepping on banana peels all the way to the forum…

Still on dry land, Federalism means the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

And missing the simplicity of this meaning is that which renders rational political and economic discussion of the European Project within the UK and EU, nearly impossible.

And we haven’t seen the bottom of this yet, because the situation could be made far worse by the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum.

Here is the nightmare scenario. It involves the Krauts — as always but hold on for it. They will enter the stage a little later…

So here we go: Scotland votes for independence – which I would very much regret – and leaves the UK.

You say NO PROBLEM sweet goodbye brothers ad sisters up North. Keep the haggis to yourselves but share the whiskey. And that’s all…

Yet in due course we’ll miss Balmoral and in further due course, there will be a referendum on Europe in the rest of the UK, and much woe will be unleashed, because of that. The “rUK” as it is worryingly referred to in government circles is going toward isolation,  because of the predominance of UKIP and elated nationalist Tory votes in England. Particularly the south-east of England will vote massively for independence from Europe too.

And then we’ll be free from the Brussels Bureaucrats trying to regulate our  Unicorns out of existence.

And that is how the real Nightmares are born… From a small nightmare to a giant whooping beast of a nightmare the Mother of all Nightmares. An elephant going potty inside your head…

As a foretaste have this: Once Britain leaves the European Union the balance of power shifts uncomfortably to central Europe. Berlin celebrates while the “Rest of the UK” –  rUK finds itself in a not so splendid isolation, contemplating glories past.

And the end result in due course will be that Europe is going to tilt towards a fascist European Germanic project… that nobody “sane” would wish to be part of. As I promised — now the Krauts can enter the stage… So the use of “force majeur” will be employed by the “Born Again” Huns, to shoehorn all the European Peoples into lederhossen until they cry “Mama Bear”

It need not come to this, but if the debate is to engage properly then there have to be some Queensberry rules as to the meaning of words. We need less theoretical debate and more practical application and acknowledgment of what Europe can and cannot do, and what Federalism mean — so that the message is brought home to people in a relevant way.

Still Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

And like most families there is some craziness inside. The crazy uncle or aunt with the forty cats, whom we keep hidden in the belfry or the top floor. It is unobtrusive but hell for human rights. And it’s best to bring the odd ones out and introduce them to the in-laws  because we need to bring “diversity” up front and celebrate it’s eccentricity and not hide it behind closed doors, because only then it becomes funny and not sinister.

Same with Europe — let your crazy uncles in the dark suit fixate on the dramatic and unappealing work of metrics and weights measurement regulations, and free them up from dealing with the future of our children — because not only do we know how to do our job, but we don’t trust you either.

Brussels is like having Rolf Harris, Savile and Clifford, all rolled in one, and calling themselves the friendly bureaucrat from Brussels.

Scary eh?

So let’s cut it out.

Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

Simple as that…




As Liberal Democrats and proponents of federalism, we must put our heads above the parapet, and recapture and disseminate the true meaning of federalism.

“Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.”

We have to win the vocabulary before we succeed in the vision.

We cannot do that alone.

We should, as Robert Burns said, “see ourselves as others see us”. Europe should be alert more than ever to how others see us – as a force for good in the world, however democratically imperfect – and work with that grain, rather than give up in despair.

The proper definition would constitute a good starting point.

Therefore, let us repeat this in order to remember:

Federalism is the political and governance process, of balancing power in a political system which enables unity while guaranteeing diversity.

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