Happy New Goat Year

God help Us and Good Luck to All of Us.

And am heading to China once again to teach my Innovation Master Class at Tsinghua University.

So meet me in Beijing to get some more interesting StartUps off the ground, fund them and turn them loose to go for success

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 27, 2015

The Singularity is near

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology were able to demonstrate that it is possible to store up to 455 exabytes (EB) of data in a strand of DNA.

This means that all of the world’s data could be stored in something that’s the size of a tiny spice size silver teaspoon.




Also worth noting is that when stored at subzero temperatures, this DNA data strand, can can have a shelf life of around a million years.

To put that in perspective think of the Earth before any inkling of what humans, hairy or not, could ever appear on the face of it…

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 25, 2015

Looking For Love?

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Are you Looking For Love?

Everybody is always looking for something…

That’s Human Nature right there.

But we are always looking outside for everything.

Like the ruminating hairy mammals that preceded us to becoming Homo Sapiens..

Still today many Millennia later — Everyone looks outside for everything and that includes looking for love.

And Love seems to be all that everyone wants.

Apparently the purpose in life is to love and Be loved.


But if we live to love, and not just to exist…

Don’t we have to find the wellspring of that divine quality of Love?

Because as all romantic poetry will tell you: When You love someone, you not only exist but you thrive.

Even when that feeling is not returned — You are alright.

Because to love and be loved is cool. Reciprocated love is like the car’s differential axle. It propels you forward…

Because when you love somebody and that person loves you back — then you come alive.

You are Loved enough and and presto — the heavens above are falling at your feet right here on this earth.

To be loved in equal measure and not just loved in return — now this is a divine state of Grace…

You’ve got to try it sometime.

Give it a Go today.

It’s the strongest drug there is.

Stronger that Ayuahueska

And completely harmless…

It’s no shamanic incantations and TV evangelists mouthing garbage, or rom-com theatre.

It’s the Real Deal.

It’s the push and pull. The Yin & Yang. The Positive & Negative. The Light and the shadow. The force of the Universe that attracts the planets and all celestial objects to their path — Eros.

It’s the Art of Love.

It’s good for your soul and for your mind — and it does wonders to your health and body.

It makes you youthful, exuberant and foolish — but above all else it makes you happy.

Puts a permanent smile in your face… too.

Love is what makes people dance in the streets.

Go see that in Buenos Aires. It’s Love — not the economy.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Ahead.

Love Somebody.





Unfortunately, we all have a limited supply of love to give, and we usually waste it on inanimate thing and objects.

Our capacity for Love is based on the size of our heart…

So go ahead and cultivate a Big Heart and see where it takes you.

Love people well outside of your family and friends, and of all those “same folk” that you are “required” to love by social and tribal costume.

Spread your Love to those you never see. Love the ones of different colour. Love those of different religious persuasion. Love the strangers.

Do this and you’ll recognize that by sharing your love with those who don’t look like you and maybe belong to another species all together — you are actually sharing your Love with the divine in You and it will guide you.

And of course remember to love yourself, because without that basic element you can hardly love anyone else. I know people who love their dogs and cats but forget to love themselves or other humans. Please don’t do that…

And for God’ sake — please avoid loving inanimate objects and things like money, jobs, careers, sports, idols of fame, celebs, and all that garbage the modern TV and entertainment culture has been piling up in your heart…

Loving Kim’s ass — that’s just lust. And apparently the Kardashians are a confused and confusing lot, but lust is a very poor substitute for the real thing.

Cause if you spend all the Love you have in your heart to loving your car, loving your lust, your sexy bod, or loving porn and watching others getting it on — you ain’t gonna go far in this life.

And if you spend whatever deposit of Love you have remaining, in loving your team, loving your money, loving your position, loving your house, loving your weed, loving your drink, loving all of your vices, loving your garden and all — you are gonna be thirsty for Real Love all your Life too.

Because all these types of lust are confused with love and are truly perishable with a past due date, already upon you, and are destined to fade away — whether you like it or not. The car will get wrinkled same as all the bodies you admire on Pornhub, and then what are you gonna do?

So forget looking for Love on the outside and focus on the inside. On the inside of you and all inside of our other fellow humans…

Because, the love we really want is within us all the time. When we feel love, where is the love coming from? It is within us, that’s because we see the love within others when we “wake up” and start recognizing that all we are is love.

It might take you some time or a few lifetimes to get this — but here it goes…

The love within you recognizes the love within me. The love within you is the same force as the love residing within me and within everyone else on this planet.

And it recognizes itself within all of us, in all the continents, in all the races, in all the religions, in all the longitudes and latitudes, all over thiss globe, and also inside those orbiting around us inside the International Space Station, and beyond…

Do you sense that? Do you feel it? Do you understand it?

The Love knows itself. It recognizes itself in others regardless of your mind games, and is rearing to go out. But you stop it severely limiting your capacity to Love, because you are afraid to allow your Love to mix it up with the other people’s Love. Even though it is the same force and you know it.

You don’t allow the Love inside of you to even say “Namastay” to some other person’s “Love” peeking through layers of fog and fear to come out and feel the warm embrace of humanity.

Instead we are all accustomed to hiding the Love we shelter within us and to limit it severely to only those immediately chosen & spawned by us namely our spouse & our children. But we are blind and can’t see that by not allowing our Love to greet each other’s Love at large and in all of our humanity — we do the same as when we are holding back our puppies when they attempt to “sniff & greet” each other, when we walk them in the park…

So we need to figure this thing out in order to come truly alive.

Because we are not truly alive when we sWe throttle our Love and suck the Life out of it and out of us by sitting in silence and letting the mind to play mind games and judiciously decide who is worthy of Love and who isn’t.

And then we also let others to tell us who is the enemy du jour, and who we need to be afraid of. Hate spews out of the TV boxes all over the earth trying to separate us into smaller controllable entities for the benefit of silly small minded administrators and religious zealots.

It;s a Fool’s Game and You know it.

So make an effort to get to know yourselves again, and Love yourselves like we love our furry friends and our kids, because when we get to know our true self — we will find out that we are made out of Love.

And we might finally understand that we don’t need to go look for Love on the outside, anymore.

Because we will finally come to recognize that we do have an imperishable supply of love within us.

And when we hit that motherlode of LOVE — all is going to be well with the world again, because we will clearly see that this supply is inexhaustible and that it can truly cover everyone…

And everything in this Universe too.

So don’t ever limit your Love.


Share this with those you Love and those you don’t and see where it takes you… and who is gonna greet the Love within you.

Share and start the Quest for Love within


Here is a lengthy interview with the new Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras facilitated by yours truly as conducted through the German weekly newsmagazine “Stern” and is now translated directly from the German edition. This eye opener is offered to you with extensive analysis and concrete characterization.

Transcript follows. Please forgive my errors as my high German skills are admittedly a bit rusty…

Question from STERN magazine: Mr Prime Minister, do you think the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, fully understands the concerns of the Greek citizens and other of the Eurozone?
Answer from the Prime Minister of Greece Alex Tsipras: My discussions with her was very short so I can say. But I found very polite and not as strict as it was to believe the guy. I consider her a pragmatist dedicated to the promotion of the European cause. And hence, in finding a solution with Greece as well.

Q: Stern: Would You send an invitation to Mrs Merkel to visit Greece?
A: PM A.Tsipras: Why not? We are known for our hospitality. The doors are always open.

Q: Stern: True. Do you sleep well since you became Prime Minister?
A: PM A.Tsipras: Not especially well the past few nights, because I was struck with a flu virus, from my kids.

Q: Stern: your Government moved sweepingly in Government with great speed. The coalition with Panos Kammenos, head of independent Greeks party, was formed in less than 24 hours. Was it all prearranged?
A: PM A.Tsipras: No. The negotiations were simple. My coalition government partner Mr Kammenos did not put any conditions for our coalition government. He acknowledged that we were missing two parliamentary seats for an outright majority, and entered the SYRIZA Government in order to follow the will of the Greek people and bring an end to the foolish Austerity policy that was dictated and enforced by Germany.

Q: Stern: Your coalition partner P. Kammenos, is considered a populist. He supports low taxes for businesses and would prefer to banish all immigrants from Greece. This sounds a lot like propaganda against the SYRIZA.
A: PM A.Tsipras: And of course we have our differences. But he was always opposed to harsh austerity measures. It was one of the reasons why he left the ND pro-German party of Greece and founded his own party. This level of conviction — I admire.

Q: Stern: How has the crisis affected friends or your relatives?
A: PM A.Tsipras: With 1.5 million Greek people unemployed in a population of 11 million it’s not likely to find someone who doesn’t know a victim of the crisis. This is true for my family too. My siblings are civil engineers, but now most engineering workers go abroad in search of better luck. People who took a loan before the crisis are now immersed in debt and others hardly succeed to put food on the table. The main problem is that the middle classes have been destroyed. Even in my family we had to change our consumer habits. I know people who can no longer pay extra tuition fees for their children. Our health system is ‘on the ropes’ because an increasing number of people have lost their insurance and their medical coverage. Entire families are forced to live with their grandparents ‘ pensions. This is a direct result of the Austerity policy of recent years. And the issue is not just the money. The topic is the humiliation and degradation of the Greek people.

Q: Stern: You gave many promises to voters: your civil servants who had been dismissed were recovered and so will be the minimum wage which will rise to EUR 751. You want to pay Christmas bonuses at poor pensioners and to provide free public transport movement to the unemployed and subsidized electricity to over 300,000 households.
A: PM A.Tsipras: This simply is a humane response to the problems we face. And whether someone has left or right-wing political views — it is the right thing to do. It is also said that the European Council is of the same opinion. Of course, you cannot compare Greece with the other countries that pass judgment. Our citizens were hit much harder. Need to heal these wounds, but it doesn’t mean to repeat the sins of the past, spending money that we don’t have.

Q: Stern: Your project for social benefits will cost around EUR 12 billion. Where are you going to find that kind of money?
A: PM A.Tsipras: No need to get new loans. Instead, we will find the money elsewhere. We will put an end to injustices in the Greek society. In previous years many people have paid their subscription and taxes in whole. And yet some others, used the crisis to get rich-quick illegally. Some used tax evasion, some used to smuggle bootleg tobacco and fuel on a large scale, and it is costing billions in taxes and support to the State. We are confident that there is a lot of money in these loopholes and will get it. But we need time to achieve this level of tax revenue.

Q: Stern: how much time?
A: PM A.Tsipras: I’ll make a bet with you. In six months, Greece will be a different country. Although the previous Government had the opportunity to fight these suspicious activities — it lacked the political will. The reason was that it was too closely tied to the oligarch and the big tax evading businesses. Our advantage is that we have no obligations to anyone.

Q: Stern: in other words, the SYRIZA declares war on oligarchs.
A: PM A.Tsipras: there is no reason to fear if they comply with the law. We do not have revengeful feelings against anybody. But it is unacceptable that a self-employed person is forced to shut down his business because he can’t repay a small loan, while others, who owe hundred of millions to the banks and the state continue to get cheap loans. And this only because they have good contacts with the old politicians and the media controlling the country. But unfortunately this was the real face of Greece until now…

Q: Stern: what will happen if you fail to implement your promises?
A: PM A.Tsipras: No Greeks do not expect our government to have a magic wand and turn our country back to 2007. People want a new sense of hope and expect complete justice. Anyone who continued partying during the crisis must now pay the price. We will take care of it. For the first time in modern Greek history we have a Minister to fight corruption. He is a former Prosecutor, who successfully dealt with the treatment of black money. With his help we expect to find at least ten billion euros for our annual budget.

Q: Stern: Ten billion will not solve the problem of Greece. A few hours after your election victory — You received a congratulatory note from the Russian Ambassador. Did President Putin promised you money?
A: PM A.Tsipras: If only it were so easy to find huge concentrations of capital for Greece. But it is true: the Ambassador of Russia was the first diplomat who congratulated me. Before this however I took the call of President Obama of the United States. And later of President Putin and of the Chinese Prime Minister. This just proves how much global interest exists for the continuation of the road of Democracy in Greece and for the return of stability and growth to the country and to the people.

Q: Stern: Do you want money from Russia or China?
A: PM A.Tsipras: For the moment we have in our minds only a European solution. As a country we belong to the eurozone. It would be incorrect to jeopardise this policy. We are fully aware of the geopolitical role of Greece in the world and will continue to be a stable anchor in a fragile area of the world, between the three regions.

Q: Stern: you are referring to Syria, in Libya and in Ukraine. But some confusion you challenged in Ukraine’s crisis when you were the only EU leader who criticized the sanctions imposed in Russia.
A: PM A.Tsipras: Stand! I’m not the only one. Austrian Chancellor Faymann and the Finnish Government are also wary of this policy. I condemn any violation of international law and the escalation of violence in Ukraine. Let’s not forget that there are many Greeks living in the embattled city of Mariopol. But to start an economic war against Russia does not make any sense. In addition, sanctions against Russia are hypocritical. If they punish Russia with it, then you should also punish all those countries in which the Russians multi-millionaires have invested their funds.

Q: Stern: Therefore you voted against extending or strengthening those penalties?
A: PM A.Tsipras: I want the EU to reach an agreement through dialogue and to speak with a single voice. The down and out decision making, against Russia makes Greece also suffer from the sanctions. For example many Russian tourists are not coming for holidays to Greece. Additionally the sanctions have also affected our agricultural economy.

Q: Stern: Ye, you need every last penny. Wouldn’t it be better if you were to come to an agreement with your creditors? Why did you allow the talks to fail last Monday?
A: PM A.Tsipras: For us, the old Austerity policy program is dead. The proposal to extend for six months this system is paradoxical. Whoever has such ideas, loses his time.

Q: Stern: The Eurogroup has presented an ultimatum to Greece to agree to their proposed agreement to continue their Austerity policy until this Friday.
A: PM A.Tsipras: Such ultimatums should not have a place inside the European Union family. No one can order us to continue from where we stopped the Government of the last PM Samaras. They behave as if nothing has ever happened. As if we had not had general elections that gave Syriza an overwhelming mandate that currently has an 80% acceptance rate amongst the Greek people. It may sound funny, but these are the numbers that we should not ignore. If we do the political disappointment will lead people into the hands of fascist Golden Dawn and extreme political parties. It is clear that Greece can no longer fulfill the terms of the current Austerity program. For this and only for this a well as reasons of national independence — it must be changed.

Q: Stern: your Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said he is not afraid of an Armageddon.
A: PM A.Tsipras: He said this in Parliament: If you enter in negotiations — you are not looking for the rupture. But you have to have in the back of your mind the possibility of a break-down. I also share this view.

Q: Stern: you have a “plan b” in case the Greece decided to come out of the common currency?
A: PM A.Tsipras: We don’t need the “Tsipras contingency plan” because the thing is that we will stay within the eurozone. But we will not achieve this goal at the expense of the weak, the elderly, and the poorest of people – as the previous Government under Germany did.

Q: Stern: Your predecessor Samaras lowered the public deficit. If Greece had not repayed its debts now you would not have had more money than what you can spend.
A: PM A.Tsipras: We don’t want to destroy what has been achieved. But the price we paid was too high. Our economic production fell by 25%. It is as if we are in a State of war. Our economy was destroyed. We no longer have any air to breathe.

Q: Stern: What is it that you are asking? Without foreign capital Greece will go broke in a few weeks.
A: PM A.Tsipras: First of all, we don’t want new aid loans. We want time so we can push forward our reforms. For this we need a bridge. We will also allow our government to gather the necessary additional financial resources through short-term government bonds. We want money from the community support frameworks in order to address the humanitarian problems. In addition, we demand the profits of the Central Bank which we are entitled to and that constitute a total of 1.9 billion. And we also want the eleven billion from the Bank Bailout Fund — we are entitled to, in order to reform our economic system and prime the engine for growth.

Q: Stern: Most of these resources will be available only under strict conditions.
A: PM A.Tsipras: Then the terms should simply be modified. The point is not to do more Austerity, but to promote growth. And our partners should support us in this.

Q: Stern: You just chucked out the controllers of the troika from the country.
A: PM A.Tsipras: You mean these people with their briefcases from whom the previous Government used to take orders through e-mail? We can do rather well without them.

Q: Stern: And what about the German Task Force that was founded in 2011 in order to make the Greek administration more effective?
A: PM A.Tsipras: we have no problem with your compatriot, Horst Reichenbach, who heads the Task Force so long as he doesn’t get involved in Greek politics. Good advise from anyone — is always welcome.

Q: Stern: Wolfgang Schaeuble offered to help by sending 500 customs and taxation officers to help Greece.
A: PM A.Tsipras: He ought to send 5,000 if they can help us to fight tax evasion. And as they do so, the German Government can help us shed some light on the Siemens corruption scandal and all the other corruption scandal originating from Germany.

Q: Stern: Economic growth will come only if Greece attracts investors. But the SYRIZA party is doing all it can to scare them. You want to stop the privatization of public property, even to cancel contracts already signed. This is not the way to restore confidence.
A: PM A.Tsipras: What we experienced in previous years was not privatization but rampant selling off of valuable public assets to friends of the system. Initially it was said that we would gain 50 billion Euros from the privatization effort. Three years later, we are maybe reaching a total of five billion euros.

Q: Stern: Will the Greek office for privatisation of the public sector will be dissolved as well?
A: PM A.Tsipras: We’ll see. But we want the State to control key sectors of the Greek economy in order to earn profits. Far from privatisation the need for revenues is for the reduction of the national debt. But this is a barrel without a bottom. And you can’t save a country with five billion euros.

Q: Stern: the company Fraport, based in Frankfurt, is involved in the acquisition of 14 regional airports in Greece. The issue of that privatization, is still under discussion?
A: PM A.Tsipras: The 1 billion price for the airports was fair. But the airports are part of our tourism sector. They are earning Greece a living. Is this something that we need to rethink?

Q: Stern: Let’s turn to your relationship with Germany. The journal of SYRIZA published a cartoon which portrayed the Wolfgang Schaeuble as Nazis who prepares to make washing soap and powder from Greek bodies. In an interview on “www.stern.de” you describe this cartoon as unfortunate.
A: PM A.Tsipras: of course I do not concur with this. But cartoon and satire are simply that. Satire. And satire has no rules. Anyway, the German magazines are not exactly careful in their representational behavior towards Greece. By describing the Greek people as slackers and the nation as a nation of lazy people, they demean the Greek people horribly. What we need now is to achieve a new understanding among European Nations. I respect Germany, because it’s not only the country of Deutsche Bank, but it is also the country of Goethe, Kant, Einstein, and Günter Grass.

Q: Stern: Don’t forget Marx.
A: PM A.Tsipras: And Berthold Brecht.

Q: Stern: as Prime Minister, your first official act was to visit a monument to the resistance fighters of World War II who were executed by the German Nazi occupation forces.
A: PM A.Tsipras: Indeed it’s true, I was the first Prime Minister to do this because I wanted to wake up the memory of the roots of our people. Resistance fighters are our heroes. These men and women died for freedom, independence, and justice. For the whole of Europe. Our continent has a common history which we must all face. I am convinced that the Germans and Greeks have far more in common than their simple differences. The Germans love the Greeks. And the Greeks love the German people. And yet there are still issues that need to be reappraised.

Q. Stern: Did you mention in your request to the German PM, the reparations from the the World War II debt of Germany to Greece?
A. PM A.Tsipras: Yes because this hangs over our two Nations for 70 years. The point is not to ensure financial resources that would help us to overcome a difficult situation, but rather to fulfill a historic obligation.

Q: Stern: The Syriza party has created a task force which dusting the German files, searching for documents that will support your assertions.
A: PM A.Tsipras: And there is a well-founded study of coercive loans of Nazis.

Q: Stern: with regard to the issue of the loan of 476 billion occupying marks which the Bank of Greece was forced to issue the Third Reich. In today’s euro money this would be above 11 billion. With accumulated compound interest, over 70 year — this is much more than 370 billion Euros today.
A: PM A.Tsipras: The issue is not the tangible capital, but the moral issues. The fact that Germany takes care of its debt to Greece. Even if it was only one euro — it has to be taken care of…

Q: Stern: Will you go into the international courts over this issue?
A: PM A.Tsipras: This would be the last resort. I am a man of dialogue. It is the only way to resolve a controversy.

Q: Stern: this is definitely a good starting point for negotiations with your lenders.
A. PM A.Tsipras: Exactly. I want a win-win solution that will benefit both sides. I want to save Greeks from a tragedy and to prevent Division in Europe.

Q: Stern: at the beginning of the crisis, the former Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou of PASOK who has been indicted for corruption, described the Greek economy like the “Titanic” heading towards the iceberg. You feel like you’re standing on the deck of the Titanic?
A. PM A.Tsipras: The ‘Titanic’ has sank long ago. Now we simply float the rescue dinghies and we are busy throwing life jackets to those Greeks who drown all around us.




Finally someone speaking the truth and aspiring to see the light and who is not fearful to share the light, from the position of Prime Minister of Greece.

Well Done.

God Bless and God Speed

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According to my Analysis congruent with the back story, the summary of this interview, the background of the Greek Crisis, and my personal knowledge of the Prime Minister’s character amid strengths and weaknesses — is this:

“Greece does not need new bailout loans.”

This is what the Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras said in an interview to German magazine “Stern” to be published on Thursday, and said he looks forward to a win-win situation in talks with the country’s creditors and Monday’s Eurogroup meeting.

The magazine followed Tsipras for two days in the Greek Parliament and at his office in the government headquarters for a feature story ahead of Monday’s Eurogroup meeting, and quoted him as saying he is open to dialogue and he is also optimistic. “I support a solution where everyone wins, a win-win solution,” said Alex Tsipras, adding that “I want to save Greece from a tragedy and protect Europe from being split apart.”

Alex Tsipras told the German journalists that “we do not need new bailout loans.” Following the cabinet meeting that began on Friday and ended in the early morning hours on Saturday, Alex Tsipras said that “instead of money, we need time to implement our reform plan; I promise you, Greece will be a different country in six months.”

The magazine STERN mentioned that the bailout program ends at the end of February, and if an agreement is not reached with its creditors – the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – Greece will face an economic collapse. It mentioned, among other things, that the social security system can hardly take care of the crisis victims, that 1.3 million people are without a job and hundreds of thousands do not have medical insurance.

The magazine said that Prime Minister of Greece Alex Tsipras wants to deal with the crisis’ heaviest repercussions with a program that, according to his party SYRIZA, will cost 12 billion euros; the program will depend on the willingness of EU members, especially Germany, to reach a compromise.

Asked to comment on his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Brussels, Alex Tsipras said: “I met a polite human being. She is not as strict as one would expect from press reports.” She is a realistic politician who does not wish to jeopardize Europe’s future, he said. Speaking about the Eurogroup, where a decision regarding Greece’s fiscal program is expected to be finalized … PM Alex Tsipras said that “Monday’s negotiation will be difficult, but I am optimistic, because our power rests on the fantastic support of the Greek people.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 18.55.19

Let’s today think of how to rekindle the morbidly flatlined European economies.

Let us visualize the contest of Leadership and Ideologies in Europe.

And let us compare for a moment, the terms demanded of the Greek government to those offered to the banks. Eurozone ministers from the Northern countries, now insist upon total surrender of Greece, that is tantamount to a national abasement that makes a mockery of democracy or federal aspirations for Europe.

There are only two ways for the Greeks and the Greek nation to prosper today:

First and foremost is for Greece to get it’s own currency back. The Drahma. If the Drahma was good enough for our ancestors who through the smart use of the Drahma, created the Golden Era of Democracy, fashioned all sciences, used Reason as Philosophy, and built the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the mightiest naval empire the world had ever seen — it must be good enough for us too. If the Drahma served us so well to assist in winning both the battle of Marathon and Salamis — who are we to wish to supplant it with the worthless Euro of today being managed by none other than the fascist German banker-wankers?

Second is to create a vibrant new Economic sector through central intervention like the Ministry of industry of Japan did when they selected a sectoral focus to restart their economy as a peace time vehicle after the Second World War. Greece needs the equivalent of this and since automobile and appliances are not Greece strong suit — maybe we choose agriculture. And by that I mean the modern variety of a cash crop. I am observing at present the incredible economic growth of the economies of the states of Washington and of Colorado where legalization of cannabis, has taken place. Within a year since “cannabis” and the hemp plant were legalized, the economy of the mountain State of Colorado has increased by $ 700 Billion USD and within six month of legalization the economy of the state of Washington has increased by $ 300 Billions. The tax base created is enormous and the coffers of the government are filling fast with newly minted taxes from the vast agricultural, entertainment, tourism, and medical industry — this will spawn for Greece being the first country of the European Common Market to do this. This legalization of cannabis will also unburden the penal and judicial system of Greece and bring fresh money into the economy from foreign remittances now that the trade of “marijuana” is being realized through the internet and mail services. Also it’s good to remember that regardless of the bad trip of BBC’s Jon Snow — we should never underestimate the power of marijuana to gladden the minds and also lighten up the hearts, of the much maligned people of Greece.

So following these two solutions and working them in tandem — Greece can be out of the woods and in a vibrant economic state of Growth, Full Employment, and General Prosperity for many years to come. And to me it seems that this current administration of young people has the “cojones” to do just this.

Let’s see.

Now back to the old standard Economic Debates:

If history serves us, and if our memory is supple, then it is great to remember that when the banks were bailed out, a few short year ago and in some of Europe’s countries are still being bailed out — the governments “magicked-up” the necessary money almost unconditionally. All money i a mirage and the euro is no exception. Money is “fiat” creations and as Gordon Brown so eloquently put it: “We’ll print enough paper to stuff Queen Elizabeth II [the ship, not the real Queen] and ship it off to the continent to ave their banks and governments. Anyway the only cost we have is the ink and paper and God knows we have many good stationers in London”

Thus immediately money was printed by the boatload, and was shipped to Europe, literally in ship and planes, and then was offered to the banks. Of course the Government Ministers shyly requested a few token reforms from the lame wankers still running the banks, but then looked away quietly, when the bankers disregarded them completely.

Yet the German government, now crushing the life out of southern Europe, after printing so many Billions of Euros that they run out of ink and paper and had to go to the Bank of England to help them print more — they gave it all up and even offered their ass to their banks. But when came the time to regulate them — the willy German merely tickled their own banks.

As the New York Times reported, though the corrupt German banking system “required a bailout bigger than the one the combined American banks received”

Still the New York Times goes, after all that: “there is little appetite for change in Germany because the banking system is so deeply intertwined with its politics, serving as a rich source of patronage and financing for Government Ministers, German politicians, and for their pet projects.”

Yet now that the shoe i on the other foot, and the poor Greeks complain that they have been milked to death and have been reduced to colonial subjects — nobody i listening.

The proud and resilient Greeks are right to revolt and should do so forcefully until they are out of the Eurozone and perhaps out of Europe too. No sweat. After all as Winston Churchill famously said: “Who wants to be in bed with a German?”

But for all their unshakable belief in Freedom and Democracy the Greeks forget to see that their true colonial masters are not just the northern members of the eurozone, but the large private banks in tandem working with Europe’s central bank and European administration of Brussels and Berlin. The Ministers that use the power of Germany, Brussels, and all the other Northern governments, that seem determined to destroy the sovereign state of Greece and all it’s people, for its impudence, and insubordination — are merely the intermediaries of power.

The real “masters of the universe” here are the banker-wankers who destroyed all of the European economies and are now again behind the curtain playing their tune.

And much like in the parable of “Alice and the Wizard of Oz” — the bankers are simply tiny weeny versions of Pee-Wee Herman playing the huge pipe organ, fearing that if they are revealed when the curtain s drawn back — their whole world will collapse.

So now all that Greece like “Alice needs to do is to draw back the curtain to expose the foolish mirage… Alice being Greece in this metaphor we can all see where am going with this, through the help of C S Lewis and the brilliant Oxford Economic Minds that advise me on this people’s rescue plan for Greece.

Of course none of this is to deny the corruption, the thievery, and the general fiscal promiscuity of previous Greek administrations, nor that they should be prosecuted for theft. But while the banks have got away with far far worse, and Germany is the biggest sovereign debt defaulter in History still owing money to Greece from war time debts and loans made to Germany by Greece — the bullies of the eurozone insist on extracting every last drop of blood from the poor Greek people who had no role in their governments’ deceptions, and who are at the moment in total penury.

You can’t turn blood from a turnip no matter how hard you try. Greece is stuffed, or so almost everyone asserts. Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Because am thinking that there are certain possibilities that we have scarcely begun to examine.

I should warn you first that no one in their right mind should take financial advice from German Banker-wankers or from German politicians because they are simply corrupt. Or, for that matter, from most Eurozone economic and finance ministers because they owe their position to the bankers who install them there.

However let us seek here what may be some possibilities of hope among the ruins that Greece is and that we will soon see all of Europe engulfed into — unless we do something drastic right now.

Right now we need radical and drastic medicine to forcefully wake up the economies of Europe sleep walking into the deathly hollows.

One of these radical ideas was proposed a few months ago by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times. He suggests stripping private banks of their remarkable power to create money out of thin air. Simply by issuing credit, they spawn between 95 and 97% of the money supply. If the state were to assert a monopoly on money creation, governments could increase its supply without increasing debt. Seignorage (the difference between the cost of producing money and its value) would accrue to the state, adding billions of pounds to national coffers. The banks would be reduced to the servants, not the masters, of the economy.

An entirely different approach is proposed by Ann Pettifor, in her fascinating but badly written and chaotic book, titled “Just Money”.

In “Just Money” Ann Petifor argues that governments have failed to understand what money is. It should not be seen as a commodity, she says, but as a social relationship based on trust. Unusually for a radical critic of finance, she sees the creation of money by private banks as “a great civilization advance”, freeing nations from the usurers who once monopolised and restricted wealth.

The supply of money is, in effect, unlimited: as long as there is sufficient productive activity to absorb it there is no obvious restraint on the amount of money that can be issued. So when governments and central bankers tell you that the money has run out, Pettifor argues, they are either deceiving us or deceiving themselves.

What holds back economic activity is an unnecessary and artificial restriction of the medium of exchange.

Banking’s great civilisation advance has been all but destroyed through deregulation, whose result is a new system of usury, speculation and exploitation. Private banks borrow cheap and lend dear, forcing us to work ever longer hours and to inflict ever more damage on the natural world to service our debts. Pettifor suggests that governments should reassert control over interest rates at every level of lending.

But perhaps the biggest transformation could happen at the local level, where an astonishing money creation scheme from the 1930s that could help to save the Greek economy, is already being tried in mall measures, but in many places…

Greece already has some hyper-local currencies, that have kept “fiat-digi-money” and paper scrip or stamp-scrip circulating through the local economy in several small towns and cities, as it cannot be siphoned away. Volos, and Lamia, are two examples of small market towns and port cities that have small local currency type “paper” coursing through their tiny and fully stressed out economies. These town local currencies call their scrip stamp currencies “Drahma” because that is their classical name but all they are trying to do is combat the record breaking unemployment by keeping their resources within the city. None of these micro currencies is legal and none has received any sanction from the central government, but they work and seem to persist…

There are today similar systems in Britain, such as the Bristol, Lewisham, and the Totnes “pounds”. All of them are community based in towns that have all issued their own hyper local stamp-scrip that they call “pounds” prefixed by the name of the market town or city they hail from, and they all seem to work in combating unemployment. The “Totnes pound” in particular is a runaway success and the guiding light for all other such local currencies.

And in America there is the digicoin, the bitcoin, and many other block-chain cryptocurrencies, unsuccessfully mimicking scarcity — that unfortunately have been the prefered “no paper” currency for criminal and criminal mastermind thus causing harm to the uninitiated.

But although there are so many claimants to the stamp-scrip, or hyper local currency, or the more global digital money throne — we have no clear winner. And that is pure genius because they all seem to work for the specific application they are geared for.

Couple that trend with the daft opposite trends of the cryptocurrency fad, and all of the central bank’s efforts at diminishing anything that reduces their power and strangely enough, we don’t make use of the thrilling, transformative local monetary system that we have at our disposal today.

Regardless of the fact that this local currency monetary system almost saved Europe from fascism; the currency developed by the economist Silvio Gessell called “stamp scrip” is not being used today. This stamp-scrip is explained fully and competently in Bernard Lietaer’s magnificent book “The Future of Money”.

Here however is a summary and a primer for it:

In its original form, stamp scrip was a piece of paper on which a number of boxes were printed. The note would lose its validity unless a stamp costing 1% of its value was stuck in one of the boxes every month. In other words, the currency lost value over time, so there was no incentive to hoard it. Stamp scrip projects took off across Germany and Austria after national currencies collapsed in the early 1930s.

In 1932, for example, the Austrian town of Wörgl was broke, and completely unable to finance public works or to support its destitute population, until the Mayor of Wörgl, heard of Gessell’s proposal and decided to give it a go.

He put up the town’s tiny remaining fund as collateral against the same value of stamp scrip, and used it to pay for a building project. The workers then passed on the currency as quickly as they could. Like the magic pudding, this little pot of money kept circulating, enabling the city of Wörgl, to repave the streets, rebuild the water system, construct new houses, a bridge and even a ski jump. In the 13 months of the experiment, the 5,500 scrip shillings in circulation were spent 416 times, creating between 12 and 14 times as much employment as the standard currency would have done. Unemployment vanished, and the stamp fees paid for a soup kitchen feeding 220 families.

This success was followed by many other towns and cities across both Austria and Germany — eager to offer public works, and precipitate growth by employing and feeding their own people. Soon prosperity and wealth creation followed…

Unfortunately the Central Bankers objected and since they had the ear of the Minister then as now — they asked for a ban of the local currencies.

Soon the governments of Germany and Austria, feeling that their banks were profoundly threatened by the success of these “stamp-scrip” local currency projects, and fearing the comparison with their own underperforming fiat money — shut them all down. Employment promptly collapsed and once more, people moved to the political extremes losing faith in Democracy, and thus a twisted but charismatic Austrian house painter and militant ideologue — Adolf Hitler — found the opening he had been waiting for.

Nazism prevailed, Europe went up in flames, and the rest is history…

Let’s draw some lessons from this rich history if only to avoid repeating the past mistakes.




Today with tool such as Mobile Internet and fast smartphone and always On telecommunications, stamp-scrip can be reused to maximum effect easily enough.

And it has been true since the 1930’s that these hyper local currency systems work well.

Because when the great American economist Irving Fisher of the 1920’s and 30’s examined these experiments, he concluded that “the correct application of stamp scrip would solve the depression crisis in the US in three weeks.” Roosevelt’s government, aware that such currencies could invoke a massive loss of federal power, promptly banned it.

Today the same is true. They work. That is the simple way of it because for all the digital currencies out there – there is no “digital stamp scrip” yet anywhere in the world, and I aim to remedy this by creating the Seattle Scrip…

More on that later.

However now the matter is imminent for the salvation of Europe’s ancient Democracy of Greece.

So we should examine how could the stamp-scrip and all of these ideas be useful to Greece.

Could they also be of relevance in other parts of Europe?

Even in Scotland, where the currency issue was unimaginatively fudged before the referendum, we could revive the issue of quasi independence, full employment, and economic responsibility, through a new local currency.

I don’t know, whether anyone who is a smart enough Leader, is listening here, but if Greece leaves the eurozone, there is a silver lining in the darkest of clouds — because the use of a stamp scrip in Greece, could open up a world of possibilities, to which Greece and many other nations have closed their minds to…

And as History is full of “accidental discoveries” and “Major Miracles” maybe this would be one of them.

Yet as they say in Greece along with Gods help we must keep moving our hands and feet to tread water if we are to keep afloat swimming and thus avoid drowning when we are shipwrecked — as it periodically happens in a small nation that has been shipwrecked hundreds if not thousands of times in it’s seven Millennia long existence.

And in all of these years the Greeks had always had their own local coin, and various local currencies that served them well through the ages much like the Drahma and the Talant did.

So what’s the big deal with using our own “scrip” now?

So do this now and use the stamp-scrip maned Drahma, but do it right along with full legalization of marijuana and the God will smile upon you yet.

But for the maximum benefit of the hemp plant we need not only the legalization of recreational hemp production, weed, pot, and cannabis, but also the full agricultural industrialization of the cannabis and hemp plant production and research and development for medical use of marijuana for various medical reasons, and we need full economic exploitation of the cash crop of “hemp” and only then we will see the Greek Miracle unfolding all over again.

Only the blending of these two policies would save Greece from further debasement and turn the tides to include all of the people of. Greece and Europe in a magnificent recovery.

God Bless and God Speed.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 18, 2015

Empathic Leadership

Leading motivational speaker and sales wizard Harry “Zig” Ziglar claimed, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” The trick to this often boils down to how you order these priorities. If you can make helping others succeed a top priority, you’ll find it’s never repaid.

But you’ll also find that more often than not, it isn’t – and you can’t let that make a difference.

There’s plenty of genius in emotional intelligence, just as there is genius with intellectual intelligence.

Yet people with high Emotional Intelligence or EQs are far better than simply high IQ individuals because they are able to coalesce into a team leadership position organically, without being demanding and demeaning assholes.

And they not only relate well with all others, but they also have a situational awareness that leads them to the right decisions, and always hold a clear sense of priorities and focus.

Those two last qualities are not only vital because focus and correct decision making are the keys to winning as none other than Winston Churchill taught us, but they are also “strange” qualities that omehow come from within and are especially hard to teach.

After years of searching out this type of person for business leadership roles, I’ve concluded that they exist and are identifiable because they all share several common traits.

  1. The Leaders who have the gift of Empathy coupled with a high EQ and blessed with high IQ are the best leaders for our companies. They like to play team sports and include all others i the game. They participate but they do not watch sports, and they help all of the players to be included in the team.
  2. The Good Empathic Leaders are quietly self-confident. The brashest people I know are generally insecure. It’s often the quieter ones whose waters run deep, and who are truly unafraid when they’re under stress. So don’t confuse outward confidence with inner strength – they can be inversely proportional. When the chips are down, it’s often the stable personalities who don’t blink in front of the hurricane, that people want to follow.
  3. The Empathic Leaders take the long term view. Everyone is self-interested – this is to be expected. However, those who make good leaders, good partners and solid contributors can discern second- and third-order consequences. They have the ability to “see around corners,” and they anticipate the long-run and the all-things-considered wisdom of the options before them. They also make decisions with an enlightened self-interest that takes into account others’ perspectives.
  4. The Empathic Leaders are kind. This is something that is key in human relationships and yet it costs nothing to you. It costs nothing and yet it gives tremendous satisfaction to offer a helping hand, to give a small gift of recognition, to help someone n need, to say a kind word, and to always strive to include and lift other peoples’ spirits.
  5. The Empathic Leaders don’t look for a quid pro quo. The people who others wish to see succeed often do things without any anticipation of reward and without keeping a scorecard. The trick is to find those who love to win, but who have the emotional intelligence to want others to win, too.
  6.  They are never short-term or selfish. Those empathic leaders never make getting ahead of others, the  top priority of their career. Instead they strive to succeed collectively and accomplish their visionary      goals.
  7. They will always find it easy to change when their behaviour or decision making is counterproductive.
  8. They are responsive to kindness and practice compassion.
  9. While people may not always remember or repay good deeds, the empathic leaders nearly always         remember all deeds and forgive those that hurt them, but will often look for opportunities to repay in     kindness the kind ones.
  10. They Good Leaders are never vengeful or spiteful. Unfortunately spiteful behaviour and vengeance are the qualities most often seen at play in the C-suite and all over the executive chambers of our corporate world but those who make such behaviour a habit will find themselves with no teammates and no cheerleaders either.

So follow these practices and try to be a Cool and Collected Leader instead of an A-list A-hole Bossman.

Do this and Life will smile upon you. Success and Career advancement will follow soonest.

So Be Cool… Be Collected… Be Genial…

Make these your habits that shape your personality.

In short time of practice, all of these qualities will make you a Genius Leader.

Cool and collected is the leader who doesn’t mind the bollocks and doesn’t remember the slights thrown his way. The Good One keep giving and sharing their good fortunes with all others. And don’t worry about reciprocation. The world is not made that way.

Do your Good and let it sail away…

The trick is not to change your course when the favour isn’t returned.

If you can live your life in such a way, you will find that many wonderful friends, colleagues, and teammates, will root for You and quietly work on your behalf because they all want you to succeed.




And if this doesn’t work, for you — then you can carry on trying to be an Azhole and see where that gets you…

Let me know how this works for you.

Am waiting on tenderhooks

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 17, 2015

To be the Master of the Universe

Within each one of us there is a Master of the Universe.

Now it’s up to You to find him and draw her out….

However to the Universe that is out there we are all mall potatoes.

But to the inner universe of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions — we are Kings.

And as the old saw goes, we are only able to change the world by changing ourselves and starting internally is the only path to that specific glory.

And little by little the Universe responds to your changed YOU and it crowns you to be the True Master of Your Universe, the leader of the world — you were always meant to be.




Most people realise too late what awaits within and how valuable it is. For too long we allow ourselves to be distracted and bewitched by all that is happening outside. To be the master of your inner world is to be the master of your own destiny. Are you going to be the master or a slave?

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 17, 2015

Leaders lead only by offering Hope

True leaders need to remember always that their only worthwhile currency is HOPE.

All else pales by comparison…

On this President’s Day we are confronted with a choice.

Do we lead to a place of safety and progress, or do we hide behind our forts and cover our heads under the duvet witing for the end to come.

Huge potential threats always exist — but so do the occasions for glory.

And today when a theatre nuclear war in Ukraine is upon us along with plenty of other major problems — we best remember that Leaders are dealers of hope and grace.




Happy President’s Day Mr President…

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 8, 2015

Budapest Protocol

With the Cold War’s end and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity quickly gravitated towards the export markets and became a cornerstone of the European order of things.

Europe was flooded with the commodities most prevalent in Ukraine and ready for export. Mainly Vodka, weapons, women, and potatoes. All these, were sent to Western Europe, and then spread throughout the world, along with a healthy dose of criminality.

These transactions were presided over by the numberless Capos, pimps, drug lords, and the occasional “standard of Kyiv” led by the ubiquitous exKGB moffos. All the “rats” who left the sinking ship called Soviet Union were not bad, but the exodus from Ukraine was monumental in it’s mix of ideologues and apparatchiks, turned rampant free market capitalists, placid bureaucrats turned vehement traitors, and military men turned weapons profiteers. And thus the “Ukrainian problem” was created along with the modern Ukrainian mafia. Now mind you these people were the most “entrepreneurial” elements of their society and for lack of decent opportunity in their homeland turned to Corruption. Their achievement is singular because they managed to disperse to the west and the east, to Arabia and Iran, to Pakistan and India, to China and Vietnam, … a complete country.

And of course they were all connected. They say that Ukraine invented the smart phone because what they call a smart phone is a phone answered by a procurator who can procure all things. Now this country’s collapse into corruption and “Everything Is For Sale” mentality, caused two significant things of geopolitical importance to the rest of the world — taking place.

First is that in the complete vacuum of power that was exacerbated inside and outside the country by the same interests at play, as those that played out the days just before the Second World War., we lost sight of the nation. As you might recall in the days leading to WWII, the Germans in agreement with the Russians dismembered Poland, in order to win their own spheres of Influence. Next thing You know, Hitler’s armies invaded from the West while Russian armies looked on from the East. Only Great Britain defended Poland then and declared war on the Germans. Now this is playing out in Ukraine and the strategic moves are taken from the same playbook. Sad foreboding dwells in my heart for what is coming down the pike…

Second was the prevailing idea that since everything in Ukraine is for sale — why don’t we sell the whole country as is with the people and all. The Capos decided and offered the Crimea to the Russians who wanted it, all along with the Eastern part of the country, and then they offered to sell all the rest of the country to Berlin. This way they reckon to expedite the wheels of History and to turn a tidy profit at the same time.

And as you see this is the way the game of Ukraine’s dismemberment is played out today…

And thus was born the “Ukrainian problem” that was exported to the rest of the world, same as the Chernobyl radiation was “exported” to the rest of the world. And same way the weapons, the drugs, and the hookers were exported to the rest of the world. Complimentary trades. Now other countries had to deal with it — whether they liked it or not.

And the inside of the country became a heaven for criminality because when all the best minds, all the scientists, and all the entrepreneurial elements left their country for greener pastures abroad — they were quickly replaced inside the country by the still powerful “old guard” masquerading themselves now as the New Oligarchy based on the Russian Economic Model of plundering the Public Assets from the Old Communist Regime and still maintaining the automatic and reflexive reliance to the old “Mother Russia” and Kremlin the seat of ALL POWER.

But since the old Communist leaders and Cappos, turned Oligarchs needed to Lord it over an extractive resource industry and Ukraine doesn’t have one — they started selling in the Black Market everything that wasn’t tied down, and some things that were. First and foremost they sold their loyalty, their state secrets, and their services to the first bidder from Washington and London. If they had a high rank this made some sense but the majority who betrayed their flag and country, looked East to Kremlin and to Berlin. They became traitors and once they had turned to Berlin and Moscow offering their services, their state secrets, and looking for paymasters — they were lost to Ukraine and Democracy.

Later all other ordinary citizens started selling themselves and anything they could lay hands onto, seeing what their leaders were doing and emulating their examples.

Ukrainian brides, Ak47s, and RPGs, were the easy sellers. You could buy both through the mail system same as it is today through the Internet. The term “Brides by Mail” was born right then and there…

But you could also buy a more sophisticated combination of cannon and women. Or you could buy all the modern war tanks along with howlitzers, and a bevy of blondes to operate these, with enough shells and rockets, to start your own war.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 09.25.10

A real cannon fodder was soon to follow…

Anybody could see this.

You see Karma is a Bitch.

Because back then you literally could uy your own army.

You could really buy enough tanks to outfit and field whole mechanized division armies bigger, better, and far more lethal, that General Rommel or Marshal Molotov ever had…

You could buy warplanes, supersonic bombers, complex radar and high altitude reconnaissance airplanes, and even the first stealth warjets, along with the aerojel fuel to run them. You could buy them all for pennies on the dollar.

You could buy for a few hundred thousands all these along with transporters, and flying tankers, as well as the ubiquitous Kalasnikovs AK47s and the factories that make them.

In a short three year, all the old Soviet war armaments, were quickly sold along with enough munitions to start World War Three.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 08.15.55

Once the army depots started running empty and the military arsenals, and their base armouries were exhausted — the profiteers of the Ukrainian economic collapse, turned their sights to the Public Goods, and started selling the public infrastructure state assets.

You could buy everything that could be removed. From modular buildings, to airport hangars, and airplane shelters, to the vast silos, and the fixed fuel and water tanks of the civilian infrastructure. You could buy electricity generation factories rather cheap. Especially the nuclear generators…

From modular steel bridges and infrastructure elements like factories and assembly lines to military tanks, cannons, bridges, and warships — all wa for sale.

Foreigner flush with cash and promises, came and bought the sophisticated technology factories, and even the helicopter and airplane factories in total for a little money upfront and with abundant swiss and German LOCs. Deal were made at the whorehouses late at night or early in the morning depending on how you count time.

The automobile and tire factories were the first to go. You could see these vast manufacturing works, being quickly dismantled, packaged, and making their way to China and the Far East, in a space of days — not even weeks. This was causing a boom of activity and production of all such industrial things with new names but with the old stamp of manufacture from Ukraine, and with the sophisticated engineering talent from Ukraine that knew how to run them in the first place.

This came to be known as the “Complete Asset Purchase” because the factories were all sold along with the people who operated them and their families. So, the engineers, and technicians, along with those who were traded and trafficed or “force migrated” to China and Pakistan, like the boobsy blonde Godesses found in the heartland industrial centres of China today, like Chengdu and Jiangtsu where there is a thriving community of Ukrainian technologists, whores, and Nuclear Engineers, along with sophisticated nuclear scientists, aerospace and weapons engineers.

Higher value assets like top Physicists and Nuclear Scientists gravitated to the same places and even Teheran and Islamabad but the top echelon moved to the US and Western Europe under special visa agreements like the 300 top physics scientists and PHDs admitted to Washington State overnight. The same provision came from many other states in the US ready to attract top Nuclear talent from Russia and Ukraine at the time of the Soviet Union collapse.

But the middle level scientists were spread out East, and elsewhere where with enough stolen plutonium and an understanding regime — they could start a new Nuclear Bomb making program. The Arab world is still smattered with those nascent programs, but we only hear about Teheran’s race to built nuclear reactors, although Turkey’s and Saudi Arabia’s programs are far more advanced.

And that was the time that with so much nuclear capacity and “materiel” from Ukraine flooding the export markets of the World — we came to be concerned. For God’s sake it was like an open air bazaar. You could buy a ‘Field theatre nuclear warhead” in the semi legal open air “Arms bazaar” taking place every weekend on the muddy outskirts of Kiyv, where you could buy and take home such a nuclear weapon for the folding money that you had in your pockets.

One could buy any number of nuclear armed warheads, and even the “nuclear stuffing” alone.  You could buy raw uranium, and enriched plutonium. You could even buy spent fuel rods from Ukraine’s nuclear factories for a few quid.

The nuclear stuff being exported in the World’s Black Markets from Ukraine was so cheap and plentiful that it came to supplant the Ukrainian “Brides” markets in twofers. “Twofer” being a two for one offer so you could have our plutonium cake and eat it too. Or have a blonde carry it for You to the next destination. Maybe that contributed to a whole new funny industry about the Ukrainian damn blondes being luminous and in radiating good health.

I can see how the Adverts on the Internet could play out if the medium was developed back then:  “Do You want some leggy blondes to go with that warhead you just purchased? Come to Kiyv… for an exotic holiday in Black Market heaven”

Still that was the popular advert of the 1990s in the high level finance and random profit economy of the 1990s.  And all manner of fortune seeking people flocked and drank vodka and made deals, and fucked, and bought all manner of shit from Ukraine… as they still do today.

People came and did business. And that was a new thing for Ukrainians after 50 years of state owned economy. But since the fall of communism, the local leaders did business like crazy and cowboys and entrepreneurial guys came from all over the world, armed with bodyguards. They came to buy “shit.” They ranged from shady characters, to gifted businessmen, and from Mafia types, to Arab potentates and Chinese prince, and middlemen. They all came to Kiev seeking a bargain. Spies and pimps, mixing it up with financiers, and Swiss bankers along with a smattering of German industrialists, came and had a very big party together. They all came to Kiyv and bought machinery, factories, drugs and bridges, whores and nuclear submarines, complex missiles armed with nuclear ICBMs and even nuclear reactors. The Germans also bought vast tracts of arable land and the agricultural machinery that runs these agrobusinesses along with the “Kolhoz” villages of people to work this land. They bought the pharmaceutical factories and whisked them to China overnight. They bought all the munitions factories they could lay their hands on to. They acquired all manner of warships and even modern class frigates and destroyers. They bought the latest military supersonic warplanes and the factories that built them. And they bought them to advance their weapons making export industry and to sell their output product on the World Markets as German made…

Just to give you a taste of the liquidity of this market: You could buy the latest Mig jet plane back then, armed with weapons, for less than a hundred thousand pound sterling. You could buy biological agents and bioweapon for a few hundred dollars. You could procur scientists with their whole families for the price of their airplane ticket and an exit Visa to a “strong” and safe country.

If it was something that fights, flies, floats, or fucks — you could buy it in Ukraine cheaper than anywhere else. And people bought it all looking for an upside. Not a bad market if you can have it…

And all these thing happened in the pace of a few short year, before the world recognized this as a threat and tried to reconstitute a sense of order in the weapons markets of Ukraine and the old Soviet Union through bailing out Russia but not Ukraine. Much later they came to recognize the error of this but it was far too late for Ukraine to be economically salvaged. And we reap the fruits of this vast oversight and diplomatic negligence today. Who can assemble back the winds into the sack once they have been released?

Can you close Pandora’s box once it has opened?

Yet, all these events happened but the way to sort them is not going to be necessarily in that same order a they were unsorted… because the historical collapse of the Soviet Union, created the largest vacuum of power in Europe, since the ending of World War Two, and the thing that mattered most back then, was to save the world from the leakage of nuclear technology and assets. But nobody could stem the tide of fissionable materiel coming out of the collapse of Ukraine and of the Soviet military system as a whole.

Yet when you started tracing plutonium and radiation in all the flights leaving Kiev, and in the European capital airports — people got alarmed. All major governments started installing Geiger counters in the airports and in their entry points throughout Europe far from those bordering the East. And they got plenty of nuclear stuff and plutonium to make them really concerned.

The time that the nasty and dangerous game was up and had gotten discovered by the World’s relevant authorities — came when people getting radiation sickness all over.  Normally sleepy folks in governments got wakened and became seriously concerned when the main bank vaults in Switzerland’s banks started leaking radiation inside the bank basements and inside their buildings. They looked and found that it all came from the Ukrainian nuclear material stored in their vaults, under secret numbered Swiss accounts.

Try to figure this one out now.

People and especially Germans started thinking…

Where is my gold hiding?

Is it safe?

Is it going to kill me once I start fingering it again?

The banker-wankers became alarmed.

Asking the Physicists they quickly found out that the half life of Plutonium is 7,000 long years — they figured they should hold out that long too…

But for mere mortals, we all know that when radiation leaks and starts polluting the gold bar reserves and other valuables laying in these vaults, irradiating them with long lasting nuclear radiation — this devalues the wealth of whole countries…

Now this becomes a serious issue.

But those are the vagaries of stolen wealth, stolen nuclear war materiel, and of history…

On December 1, 1991 Ukraine, the second most powerful republic in the USSR, voted overwhelmingly for independence, which ended any realistic chance of the Soviet Union staying together even on a limited scale. More than 90% of the electorate expressed their support for the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, and they elected the chairman of the parliament, Leonid Kravchuk to serve as the first president of the country. At the meetings in Brest, in Belarus on December 8th, followed by the Alma Ata meetings on December 21st, the leaders of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine formally dissolved the Soviet Union and formed the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

After the dissolution of the USSR, about one third of the Soviet nuclear arsenal, as well as significant means of its design, manufacture, and production, remained within the sovereign Ukrainian territory, and that was a huge threat to the nuclear security of the world.

To turn these nuclear weapons away and make Ukraine a Non Nuclear State, it took a bit of arm twisting on behalf of the big bully, the Russians and by the Americans and the Brits. Gradually the Ukrainians came to see the light. And they agreed under strong guarantees to give up their nuclear arsenal. Thus the THREE POWERS agreed to the Budapest protocol where the same three countries guaranteed the territorial integrity of Ukraine, at the same borders designated at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Guess who these countries are…

At the time they were in a terrible bind because they all desperately wanted Ukraine to return the incredible loads of nuclear weapons stationed at the territory of Ukraine by the former Soviet Union. And thus they coaxed Ukrainian leaders to return all these weapons to Russia in exchange for a guarantee of her territorial integrity by the United States of America, by Russia, and by the United Kingdom.

On December 5, 1994 the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Britain and the United States signed a memorandum to provide Ukraine with security assurances in connection with its accession to the NPT as a non-nuclear weapon state. The four parties signed the memorandum, containing a preamble and six paragraphs. The memorandum reads as follows:

The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

Welcoming the accession of Ukraine to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as non-nuclear-weapon State,

Taking into account the commitment of Ukraine to eliminate all nuclear weapons from its territory within a specified period of time,

Noting the changes in the world-wide security situation, including the end of the Cold War, which have brought about conditions for deep reductions in nuclear forces.

Confirm the following:

1. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.

2. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their obligation to refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, and that none of their weapons will ever be used against Ukraine except in self-defence or otherwise in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

3. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, to refrain from economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise by Ukraine of the rights inherent in its sovereignty and thus to secure advantages of any kind.

4. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to seek immediate United Nations Security Council action to provide assistance to Ukraine, as a non-nuclear-weapon State party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, if Ukraine should become a victim of an act of aggression or an object of a threat of aggression in which nuclear weapons are used.

5. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm, in the case of Ukraine, their commitment not to use nuclear weapons against any non-nuclearweapon State party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, except in the case of an attack on themselves, their territories or dependent territories, their armed forces, or their allies, by such a State in association or alliance with a nuclear-weapon State.

6. Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America will consult in the event a situation arises that raises a question concerning these commitments.

This Memorandum became applicable upon signature. Signed in four copies having equal validity in the English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages is forever binding the signatory nations…

And what of the remaining two members of the security Council of the United Nations?

France and China, also provided Ukraine with assurances similar to the Budapest Memorandum, but with some significant differences. For instance, France’s pledge does not contain the promises laid out in paragraphs 4 and 6 above, to refer any aggression to the UN Security Council, nor to consult in the event of a question regarding the commitments.

China’s pledge takes a different form entirely, dating from 4 December, and reading as follows:

  • The Chinese Government welcomes the decision of Ukraine to destroy all nuclear weapons on its territory, and commends the approval by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 16 November of Ukraine’s accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear-weapon State. China fully understands the desire of Ukraine for security assurance. The Chinese Government has always maintained that under no circumstances will China use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon States or nuclear-weapon-free zones. This principled position also applies to Ukraine. The Chinese Government urges all other nuclear-weapon States to undertake the same commitment, so as to enhance the security of all non-nuclear-weapon States, including Ukraine.
  • The Chinese Government has constantly opposed the practice of exerting political, economic or other pressure in international relations. It maintains that disputes and differences should be settled peacefully through consultations on an equal footing. Abiding by the spirit of the Sino-Ukrainian joint communiqué of 4 January 1992 on the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Sino-Ukrainian joint communiqué of 31 October 1992 and the Sino-Ukrainian joint statement of 6 September 1994, China recognizes and respects the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and stands ready to further develop friendly and cooperative Sino-Ukraine relations on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

Thus, China’s pledge, similar to France’s, does not pledge to involve UN or consultative mechanisms in case of crisis. However, it does pledge to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Yet when Russia annexed Crimea as is now causing the fighting in the East of the country, in order to annex also the vastly important Eastern part of Ukraine — everybody kept quiet.

Nobody raised the issue at the Security Council of the UN. And therefore no UN action was ever taken to protect Ukraine…

So, who is protecting the Ukrainian national sovereignty as they promised to do, and who is honouring their agreement?

Where is the Power of the Trilateral guarantee of the United Nation Security Council members that secured the borders of the sovereign nation of Ukraine?

That whole thing is a significant failure of Foreign Policy and of the UN and it’s Security Council because it is a strategic fact now, when it is evident more than ever before, that WAR is afoot in the heart of Europe.

War is ravaging Europe’s centre. Not her East, because in terms of geography — Ukraine and Kiev are right smack in the middle of Europe. When you measure the European continent from the Atlantic to the Ural mountains, you see the veracity of this.

Can You see World War Three?

Today’s Ukraine is a total victim of the Russian military aggression, and, like it or not, its fate will essentially determine that of Europe’s, because the current crisis will define the rules and principles that Europeans live by in the twenty-first century.

It will define whether we have war or not in total. It will define whether Europe will be governed by the principles of freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and the inviolability of national borders, or will be governed through fear and through the sheer might of jackbooted thugs with machine guns killing civilians all over the place, all over again.

Will Europe get to be governed based on the willingness to use force? And will the mean spirited triumph?

Will a coerced democracy and totalitarian spheres of influence trump the right of countries, large or small, to determine their own future?

Today’s democratic Ukraine is fighting not only for her ground and her people but is also fighting for Europe’s future too.

Despite Russia’s claimed annexation of Crimea, the Government of Ukraine has reaffirmed its decision in 1994 to accede to the Non-Proliferation Treaty as a non-nuclear-weapon state. Nonetheless, some Ukrainians and foreign policy commentators argue that if Ukraine had not removed its nuclear weapons, Russia would have been deterred from aggression against Ukraine. Certain Ukrainian leaders are angered by Western Europe and the United States, who advised and pressured them to remove their nuclear arsenal under the guise of the worthless guarantees they received.

After Yanukovych fled and was replaced, a power vacuum opened and Russia annexed Crimea. Russia intervened through nationalist and cultural rhetoric stating that they were protecting ethnic Russians from attacks in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Therefore the Budapest Protocol Memorandum was violated fully by one of it’s signatories, because the Russian military intervened in Ukraine.

Now Ukraine may have to arm themselves with their own nuclear weapons if the US and the other Guarantor world leading nations of the UN Security Council, do not hold up their end of the agreement. The Ukrainian Prime Minister said “We gave up nuclear weapons because of this agreement. Now, there’s a strong sentiment in Ukraine that we made a big mistake.” He also said that, “In the future, no matter how the situation is resolved in Crimea, we need a much stronger Ukraine. If you have nuclear weapons, people don’t invade you.”

On 13 December 2014 the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated that he did not want Ukraine to become a nuclear power again, but circumstances might demand it…

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a retrograde Communist still living in the last century and now wants to restore a useless international order based on exclusive spheres of influence controlled by major powers who are willing to kill and smote every Democratic wish of the People of this world. Putin wants to turn back the clock and bring back an old school military “machine” and the system that prevailed in Europe’s war-torn eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

A daft idea on anybody’s book. And yet the only thing standing on his way is a European Ukraine and the European Union that together stand in the way of his goal. That is why current Russian policy seeks to destabilize Ukraine permanently, especially territorially, militarily, and financially.

And since the three Signatories of the Budapest Protocol cannot honour their obligations to Ukraine — Europe must step into the breach.

Because it is in Europe’s selfish interest, gain, and profit, that Ukraine must be maintained as a strong independent and vociferous barrier between the progressive Democracies of Europe and the dark Russian bear getting increasingly unhinged…

Yes, fighting against Russia via a proxy war in Ukraine and is fighting in Russia’s own best interests. This, is Europe’s current nightmare. A plausible scenario that is only liked by the war profiteers and by the oil & gas oligarchs, like Putin and his comrades, the fossil fuel companies… They like it because the price of oil will hit the roof and because they are the only ones who are going to benefit majorly from an expanded war in Europe today.

So who is going to stop this?

Maybe the Democratic leaders of Europe must act now in order to not allow this policy drift to prevail. War is diplomacy by other means and as such is a Policy invention too. But we must resist this drift toward chaos, and persist to stop this insanity…

We need to do a few thing quickly: But first things first.

First, we need to foster more Democracy in Ukraine. More Liberty and Democracy — not less. We want more Democracy in Kiev, because despite the war in eastern Ukraine, the country has managed to take important steps toward democracy since the ouster of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych last February.

Indeed, since the “Euromaidan” uprising began in Kiev in November 2013, a new Ukraine has emerged. Free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections have brought to power leaders who, by implementing radical reforms, are determined to realize voters’ demands for a modern economy and an end to corruption.

Nonetheless, the goal of domestic political stabilization is far from reached. Apart from tensions within the Ukrainian government, the main reason is the country’s dire financial situation.

The United States, the European Commission, and the EU’s main member states all agree, at least in principle, that Ukraine needs quick and substantial financial help in order to be able to resist Russian aggression. Likewise, they agree to support the deep social and economic reforms that Ukraine must carry out.

And that is good business, because we will either pay some money now or a whole lot more money later, along with blood, sweat, and tears over the fallen youth coming home in cardboard boxes and plastic coffins when this war escalates and gets to be a Pan-European conflict that grows form the conflagration in the Eastern front…

Yet so far, no economic support package from the European Union to the Ukraine, has been put together, which is deeply troublesome. It is also dangerously late to act, because the IMF is authorized to release the money it pledged only if Ukraine’s financial stability is guaranteed for at least 12 months. The country is facing a severe shortage of money, which could lead to a serious financial crisis, in addition to the ongoing and dramatic military conflict.

The EU’s difficulty in devising a concrete financial commitment stems from its dearth of financial means. A major weakness of EU foreign policy is its lack of versatile instruments for allocating financial aid to neighboring countries. It would be absurd if Ukraine were to slide into a financial crisis because the EU could not agree on how to raise the funds to prevent it.

The way to avoid that outcome is to adjust one of the EU’s two instruments for non-eurozone members to meet Ukraine’s needs: The Macro-Financial Assistance scheme, a versatile instrument that can combine loans and direct subsidies; or the balance-of-payments assistance facility, which could complement an IMF program to EU countries. Both instruments could be subject to conditions designed to ensure that the funds do not sustain rampant corruption, but flow instead to where they are needed most. Moreover, the commitments should be made in the context of a donor agreement that bars the aid from being used to make direct payments to Russia.

Today, it is more important to give adequate financial support to Ukraine than to impose new sanctions on Russia. That is why Russia may also be interested in a donor conference and fresh money from Europe for Ukraine. Indeed, economic sanctions not only exacerbate the crisis in Russia; they also negatively affect other European countries. By contrast, financial aid to Ukraine would clearly signal that the EU will not tolerate the country’s destabilization, while providing economic stimulus in Ukraine and the entire region.

Equally important, if the West’s response to Russian aggression toward Ukraine is effectively limited to economic sanctions, Putin will more easily be able to blame the West and its alleged hostility toward Russia for the collapse in ordinary Russians’ living standards, thus enabling him to double down on aggressive nationalism.

And you know where that leads…

You do know eh?




Today, the only thing needed to convert EU funds into financial aid for Ukraine is political will. The most immediate step should be an initiative by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to get the funds flowing with a minimum of bureaucratic delay. Even if doing so takes some time, initiating the process would send a powerful political signal of the EU’s determination to support Ukraine. The announcement alone would help Ukraine in its acute financial plight.

Many of Europe’s leaders will meet this week at the Munich Security Conference. They should seize this opportunity to start the proceedings needed to repurpose one of the EU’s two available funds. A financial crisis, in addition to the military and political crisis, would be devastating for Ukraine, and there is no good reason why it cannot be avoided.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | February 4, 2015

Is That All There Is?

Q: “Is that all there is? ..”

A: “No. There’s more…

There is far more to strive for…

There is more to achieve…

There is more to buy…

There is more to work for…

There is far more in the storeroom. There is more coming in tomorrow. There is more in the offing. There is more in our catalogue. There is more in the back. There is more in the factory. There is more in stock. There is more coming off the assembly line. There is more being manufactured in China as we speak…

There is always more stuff. ”

This is the answer we have been given for everything.

This is the standard answer.

This is the only standardized answer available.

Work hard to be able to afford it, and then we will fill up your life with stuff.

Durable or non durable stuff has caused a glut in our lives same as the plastic island growing in the middle of the Pacific where the  vortex of the oceans collect all of it’s junk.

And we play along. We work more — and we buy more.

We work and we exchange our lives for the new car, the new house, and the new I-phone, so we can keep up with whatever is coming off the assembly lines of China.

Still we have the banker-wankers to please so we must service this debt that makes us eternal slaves to the mighty machine lubricating our live with bondage.

But in this laboratory rat race we fail to remember that we have lost our moorings to our Real Life.

We have lost the attachment to our families and to our communities.

We have lost the sense of closeness to our children, and we have lost faith in our marriages.

We have forsaken our values and forgotten our principles.

But Why have we lost so much?


All this is coming down the pike simply because we have lost our sense of meaning and purpose.

Because we focused on non durable good and value to pursue. We focused on the fallen idols of wealth and shinny glory, and we work ourselves to death because there will be always more plastic shit and money necessary in order to reach out and buy more of that stuff with which to replace the real values that we’ve lost in our life.

That was the promise…

But now that this promise has evaporated, all around Europe and beyond, the size of this void becomes unbearable.

The realization of the hardships and the benefits of the economic collapse in places like middle America, or middle Europe and especially in those hard hit places like Greece, Spain, and Portugal, has suddenly become deafening and easily intelligible within the hearing range of all of us.

Welcome to our lot.

This is the New World.

It’s not that the old dispensation was necessarily better. Yes it was bad in different ways, but maybe a bit more humane. Hierarchies of class and gender crushed the human spirit as effectively as atomisation. The point is that the void that is filled with the current plastic junk of a throwaway culture — is a void that could have been occupied by a better society, built on mutual support and connectedness, without the stifling stratification of the old order.

Unfortunately the movements that helped to smash the old world and usher in the New World, were misdirected, usurped, and co-opted by the ever growing consumerism.

Individuation, a necessary response to oppressive conformity, is exploitable. New social hierarchies, built around positional goods and conspicuous consumption, took the place of the old. The conflict between individualism and egalitarianism, too readily ignored by those who helped to break the oppressive norms and strictures, does not resolve itself.

So we are lost in the 21st Century, living in a state of social disaggregation that hardly anyone desired, but that is an emergent property of a world reliant on rising consumption to avert economic collapse, saturated with advertising and framed by market fundamentalism. We inhabit a planet our ancestors would have found impossible to imagine: 7 billion people, suffering an epidemic of loneliness. It is a world of our making but not of our choice.

Now it appears that the feast to which we were invited is only for the few. Figures released last week show that wages in the United Kingdom are lower than they were 13 years ago.

A fortnight ago, Oxfam revealed that the top 1% now possesses 48% of the world’s wealth, and by next year it will own as much as everybody else put together.

On the same day, an Austrian company unveiled its design for a new superyacht. It will be built on the hull of an oil tanker, 918 feet long. There will be 11 decks, three helipads, theatres, concert halls and restaurants, electric cars to take the owner and his guests from one end of the ship to the other, and a four-storey ski slope.

In 1949, Aldous Huxley wrote to George Orwell, to argue that his dystopian vision was the more convincing. “The lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience. … The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need for increased efficiency.”

We see this clearly as the German Efficient power in Europe has enslaved all the various Peoples without the benefit of the SS, the Gestapo, the crazed Adolph, the Auschwitzs and the Birkenaus, and the assorted 25,000 death camps and death factories that the efficient German machine created to kill people. People not at all different than you and me…

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 22.14.38

We’ve seen that and therefore I don’t believe Huxley was wrong.

Today’s ever loving Slavery is managed by the Bankers. The nice German, Swiss, American, British, Belgian, Greek, Spanish, and any other BANKER, is the SS guard of the concentration camp, you live in. The number tattooed in your arm is your tax ID and your credit score. Your pass to work and live is your credit card. And your meal ticket is your obedience to the system…

Think of it…

Your number as a Consumer is up and you are led to the gas chamber of isolation when you stop paying and playing the game.

Stop consuming and you are dead.

Dead and discarded…

Consumerism is at odds with common purpose.

But then there is the other side of the coin too.

The giant corporations and the uber-wealthy and powerful 0.01% who not only don’t pay taxes anywhere, and who don’t bother to support their communities — but who also seek to make you a Slave to their view of the world by “buying” the politicians and pre-selecting or nominating by virtue of their wealth, the ones you can vote for.

Running political campaigns is extremely expensive and the few people who put money in political campaigns in any effective way are the bread and butter of all politicians. So a pre-selection filter is applied in all of our Democracies that privately finance Elections, and the wealthy donor CHOOSE and thus nominate those able to LEAD you.

Simple as that.

Money buys elections and in the great US of A, after the Supreme Court decision to treat corporations as people thereby giving them unlimited power of Election finance as a Right to Free Speech — we are royally and not enjoyably Screwed.

Companies now have unprecedented Money and Power and as machines seeking an ever increasing EFFICIENCY they follow the evil German model of extermination of all those that are different here.

“Arbeit macht frei” (German for “Work Will Set You Free”) is the sign that was placed over the entrances to a great number of Nazi concentration … The slogan can still be seen at several sites, including over the entrance to Auschwitz, Dachau, Orienburg, and many more. 

And it set people and especially Jews FREE alright… In a cloud of puffy white smoke up the chimneys of the crematoriums where they were gassed and burned by the Nazis in the millions.

But going back to the everyday tax scufflaws: You could pay your taxes properly, or you could evade your Social responsibility and instead spend the money on a new car.

This division, stifles human feeling, dulling our concern for other people and for our children as well.

Freedom to spend our hard earned money, displaces other freedoms, as pot smoking allows us to forget our losses. Most forms of peaceful protest are now banned, but no one stops us from devouring the resources upon which future generations will depend. All this helps the global oligarchs to rip holes in the social safety net, find relief from the constraints of both democracy and taxation, and enclose and privatisize our common weal.

Just as human society has been pulled apart by consumerism and materialism, pushing us into an unprecedented Age of Loneliness, so ecosystems have been shattered by the same forces. It is the consumerist mindset, raised to the global scale, that now threatens us with climate breakdown, catalyses a sixth great extinction, imperils global water supplies and strips the soil upon which all human life depends.

But nor do I believe that the acceptance of servitude Huxley envisaged is a permanent state. Wage stagnation, the brutality of the new conditions of employment, the breaking of the link between educational attainment and social advancement, the impossibility, for many young people, of finding good housing, all these confront us with the question that could be deferred only during conditions of rising general prosperity: is this all there is?

In Europe, as the growth of the politics of compassion and the political rise of human centred progressive parties like Syriza and Podemos suggests, in Greece and Spain respectively, with all other countries to follow suit — we are lowly awakening.

We become awake to the reality that we cannot build political movements to challenge these issues unless we also build society. And it is telling that thee parties have been building coalitions of organizers of social change to claim the necessary Authority, Gravitas, and the votes necessary, to carry them into power.

It is a potent lesson to all oligarchies out there and to the people wanting to shake off the yoke of their self chosen SLAVERY.

It is not enough to urge people to change their politics — we must create not only communities of interest but also communities of mutual support, offering the security, survival and respect that the state no longer provides.

Only then we can become powerful enough to take over the state and make it HUMAN all over again as Democracy was meant to be in the first instance.

Demos is after all the crowdsourced assembly of the people.

People — not corporations, nor partie, nor PACs, nor PR machines, nor Yesmen, and Lobbies.


Just that.




And along the precipice of what is going to replace today’s bankrupt political parties and erstwhile Ideologies — here come the faint assemblages of PEOPLE of purpose and mission, who care about the issues and who are seriously doing something about it.

Such a brilliant organization is Friends Of the Earth. Let’s examine them a bit now, because they could become like Syriza of Greece, and Podemos of Spain, for England and the United Kingdom. A veritable Changemaker.

FOE has woken up and in a remarkable series of contemplations, extending beyond its familiar brief, the organization Friends of the Earth under a new leadership has begun to explore how we might reconnect, with each other and with the natural world.

FOE is looking, for example, at new models for urban living, based on sharing rather than competitive consumption: the sharing not just of cars and appliances and tools, but also of money (through credit unions and micro-finance) and power.

This FOE idea means not just the idol of “Sharing Economy” but shared political power by community-led decision-making, over transport, planning and, perhaps, rent levels, minimum and maximum wages, municipal budgets and taxation. Such initiatives are not a substitute for government action – like David Cameron’s wordy yet empty Big Society, that are meaningless without facilitation from the state – but they can bring people together with a sense of shared purpose, ownership and mutual support that centralised decision-making can never provide.

Friends of the Earth [FOE] also supports the empathy revolution championed by the author Roman Krznaric, and lifelong education that might counter the ever narrower schooling now inflicted on our children, whose purpose is to prepare people for jobs they will never have, in the service of an economy ordered for the benefit of others.

In these ideas and movements we find the glimmerings of an answer to the question: no, this is not all there is. There is attachment. Despite the best efforts of those who believe there is no such thing as society, we have not lost our ability to connect.

We are still able and destined to win this Society, because COMMUNITY is ingrained in our DNA and it cradles our shaken beliefs in Humanity.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 10.40.43

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